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Srimate Ramnujaye NAmaha,

Namskaaram to Sri Velukkudi swami and other bhagawathas..

Long time ago I heard from a SriVaishnava Bhagawataa who quoted that “there is a scriptural prediction that as Kali yuga progresses further,  all the 4 vaisnava sampradayas – Sri, Brahma, Rudra and Kumara -Sampradayas will merge into 1 sampradaya” But i don’t remember if the actual reference was quoted. 

If any body has heard or read this kindly share the scriptural reference for the same. Dhanyosmi.




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5 on September 23, 2020

Actually even I heard this in Iskcon followers that everything will become Gaudiya Vaishnavism

I suspect this has no pre 1700’s reference because the concept of 4 sampradaya started then onwards

Because there was no such thing as 4 sampradaya are authorised and rest all are not authorised


on September 29, 2020

Thank you for your thoughts. May i know what are the other sampradayas other than Sri, Brahma, Rudra and Kumara sampradayas.



on September 29, 2020

Also the the source I heard was from a Sri Vaisnava devotee and it was not that all four sampradayas will merge into Gaudiya sampradaya but all 4 will merge into 1 Vaishnava sampradaya.


on October 1, 2020

Radha vallabh Sampradaya

Sakhi Sampradaya

Hit Harivansh Sampradaya

Varakari Sampradaya

Vallabha Sampradaya

Odisha Vaishnava Sampradaya- Different from Gaudiya Sampradaya

Sampradayas in Gujrath, Rajasthan etc

There are many many Vaishnava Sampradaya and the 4 Sampradaya theory is of recent origin. It is created in 1700’s by mainly Gaudiya Sampradaya which they claim to be offshoot of Madhva Sampradaya of Udupi

This Sampradaya theory is cause of friction and hatred within larger Vaishnava community because few are said correct and rest are said wrong! Bad

on October 3, 2020

Thanks Radha krishnan swami. But are these basically different sampradayas or sub branches of the main 4 for example vallabha sampradaya listed above is a sub branch from rudra sampradya..


on October 19, 2020

No. They are not sub branches of different sampradayas. They are own Sampradayas in their right. If you ask anyone who follow them, they claim they are different Sampradaya and independent sampradaya like others.

Vallabha might be different. They are many who are independent. You can find them in North India

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0 on October 1, 2020

Iskcon says all Sampradaya will become iskcon Sampradaya called Gaudiya Sampradaya

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2 on October 19, 2020

Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,

Asmadh Sarva Gurubhyo Namaha,

Namaskaram  to All Swami’s who has similar doubht,

With Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalam and Velukkudi SriKrishnan Swami’s Aasirvadham, adiyen will sharea collective information from Swami’s “Sanatana Dharma” upanyasam and from other SriVaishnava blogs regarding the Sampradhyams,

The four main Sampradayam which are prevailing with the list of branches are as follows.

The four main Sampradayam which are prevailing with the list of branches are as follows.

A) Vaishnava Sampradayam
      1) Sri Sampradayam
                1. Sri Sampradayam i.e RamanujA Sampradayam
       2. Ramanandi Sampradayam (Swami Narayan BAPS considered a part of this Sampradhaya)
      2) Brahma Sampradayam
               1. Brahma Madhva Sampradayam
               2. Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradayam
      3) Rudra Sampradayam
               1. Vishnusvami Sampradayam
               2. Vallabha Sampradayam
     4) Kaumara Sampradayam (Sanatanika Kumaras Brahma’s four sons sampradaya).

B) Shaivaite Sampradayam
       1. Dashanami Sampradaya
       2. Nath Sampradaya.

C) Maharaj Bhuriwale (Garib Dassi) Sampradaya – To preach the teachings of “Holy Granth” of Acharya Shri Garib Das Ji

D) Advaita Vedanta sampradaya – Founded by Adi Sankarar based on Philosophy – Advaita.


Within the A) Vaishanava Sampradhaya, there are four Bonafide Sampradhayas as below per Padma Purana and it is not said it will be merge to one, but it is said that the as per the slokam, the Avarohanam (top to down) indicates the Essence of Upanishads like “ParamAthma, Chits Achits (Three tatvams) is established in Sri SampradhayAm which is TOP MOST which is being established by following the “Kataka Shruthi of vedas” by Swami RamanujAr, where as other sampradhayams used the limited portions of upanishads like Bheda & Abedha shruthi’s verses, but Swami RamanujAr used the Upanishads verses which joins both Abedha & Bedha’s (like Kataka shruthi) reflects the three tavams like “Yasya Athma Shareeram………Yasya Prithvi Shareeram“……means both Chit & Achit are MY Body (ParamAthma’s Body)


Sampradāyavihīnā ye mantrāste niṣphalā matāḥ|

ataḥ kalau bhaviśyanti catvāraḥ sampradāyinaḥ||

Śrī-brahmā-rudra-sanakā vaiṣṇavā kṣitipāvanāḥ|

catvāraste kalau bhāvya hyutkale puruṣottamāt||

rāmānujaṃ śrī svicakre madhvācaryaṃ caturmukhaḥ|

śrīviṣṇusvāminaṃ rudro nimbādityaṃ catuḥsanāḥ||

All mantras which have been given (to disciples) not in an authorised Sampradāya are fruitless. Therefore, in Kali Yuga, there will be four bona-fide Sampradāyas. One of them were inaugurated by Śrī Devī  (Sri MahaLakshmi ThayAr) and known as the Śrī Sampradāya, one by Lord Brahmā and known as the Brahmā Sampradāya,one by Lord Rudra and known as the Rudra Sampradāya; one by the Four Kumāras and known as Sanakādi Sampradāya. Śrī Devī made Rāmānujācārya the head of that lineage. So too Lord Brahmā appointed Madhvācārya, Lord Rudra appointed Viṣṇusvāmī and the four Kumaras chose Nimbāditya (an epithet for Śrī Nimbārkācārya).


A 1) Sri Sampradayam / Ramanuja Sampradayam based on Philosophy – Vishistadvaita :
Sri is the beloved of Narayana. She is His disciple as well. Her wonderful activities are elaborately described in all the Sastras. Sri is another name of MahaLakshmi. Her disciplic succession called the Sri sampradya has unlimited branches and subbranches. After Ramanuja became the acarya in this sampradaya it took the name Ramanuja-sampradaya. Ramanujacharya
(Incarnation of Adhi Seshan) earlier known as Laksmanacharya is the author of the Ramanuja-bhashya on Brahma Sutra called as Sri Bhashya. Groups are

• Ramanuja sampradaya
• Rāmānandī Sampradaya is a branch of Sri sampradaya founded by Sri Ramanandacharya and very prominent in north India. Tulsidas, who composed the Ramcharitmanas, was a member of this sect

Acharya lineage of Sri Sampradayam:
• Ramanuja Sampradayam – Sri Sampradayam Acharya Lineage (Please listen to Sri Velukkudi Swami’s GuruParamparai upanyasam)

• Ramanandi Sampradayam – Ramanandi


A 2) Brahma Sampradayam / Madhva Sampradyam based on Philosophy – Dvaita :
Lord Brahma is the leading disciple of the supreme Lord Narayana. His sampradaya is known as Brahma sampradaya with disciples all over the world. In this sampradaya, Sri Madhva(Incarnation of Vayu) significantly contributed by writing a commentary on the Brahma-sutras. After this the sampradaya became known as the Madhva-sampradaya.

• Brahma Madhva Sampradayam by Madhavacharya
• Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradayam / Chaitanya Vaishnavism is a branch of this Brahma-madhva sampradayam founded by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu based on Philosophy “Achintya Bheda Abheda” or “Achintya”. Iskcon Founder-Acarya Swami Prabhupada comes in the brahma-madhva-gaudiya disciplic succession.

Acharya lineage of Brahma Sampradayam:
• Brahma Madhva Sampradayam:
◦ Krishna, Brahma, Narada, Vyasa, Madhva, Padmanabha, NaraHari, Madhva, Jaya
Thirtha ……………….. till today’s acharya’s of various Madhva Mutt.
◦ Further details refer – Raghavendra Mutt Guru Parampara & Madhavcharya
• Brahma Madhava Gaudiya Sampradayam :
◦ Krishna, Brahma, Narada, Vyasa, Madhva, Padmanabha, NaraHari, Madhva, Jaya Thirtha, ……….,
◦ Lord Chaitanya ( Incarnation of Krishna)
◦ Six Goswami’s:
 Srila Sanatana Goswami,
 Srila Rupa Goswami,
 Srila Gopala Bhatta Goswami,
 Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami,
Srila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami,
Srila Jiva Goswami,

◦ Acharya’s
Srila Jagannatha Dasa Babaji Maharaja

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura
Srila Gaurakishora Dasa Babaji Maharaja
 Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura
Srila Prabhupada
◦ For more details check ISKCON


A 3) Rudra Sampradayam / Vishnusvami-sampradaya based on Philosophy – Shuddhadvaita:
The SUPREME Lord Narayana also has Lord Rudra/Shiva as His disciple. Vishnusvami was a leading disciple in the Rudra Sampradaya. Vishnusvami was very influential and a learned scholar of all the scriptures. After him this disciple succession came to be known as the Vishnusvami-sampradaya.
• Vishnusvami Sampradayam by Vishnusvami
• Vallabha Sampradaya/ Pushti Sampradaya is a branch of this Vishnusvami sampradayam by Sri Vallabhacharya based on Philosophy called “Shuddhadvaita”. He wrote a commentary named Anubhasya, which is highly respected. Eight disciples of Vallabhacharya are called the ashta-chaap (eight reprints) – Surdas, Krushnadas, Paramanand, Kumbhandas, Chaturbhuj, Nanddas, Chhitswami, Govinddas.
Acharya lineage of Rudra Sampradayam:
• Vishusvami Sampradaya – Vishnu, Shiva, …15th in line is Vishnusvami
• Vallabha Sampradaya – Lord Shrinathji(Krishna), Vallabha, Damodardas Harsani…………Refer PushtiMarg


A 4) Kumara Sampradayam / Sanakadi Sampradayam / Nimbarka based on Philosophy – Dvaitadvaita:

From the supreme Lord Narayana appeared the Hamsa-avatara. In this disciplic succession came the four Kumaras of Brahma- Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanātana, and Sanat Kumāra. In this line Nimbaditya / Nimbarka was a leading disciple. The name Nimbaditya sampradaya was thus established.
Acharya lineage of Kaumara Sampradayam:
• Narayana
• 4 Kumaras of Brahma – Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanātana, and Sanat Kumāra
• Narada
• Sri Nimbarkacarya ( Incarnation of Sudharsana Chakra)
• Sri Srinivasacarya
• Sri Dvadasacaryas
• Sri Astadasabhattacaryas
• Sri Harivyasadevacarya
• Sri Svabhuramadevacarya
• Sri Parasuramadevacarya
• Sri sri ji maharaj
• Sri Sri 108 Ramdas Kathiababaji Maharaj
• Sri Sri 108 Santadas Kathiababaji Maharaj
• Sri Sri 108 Dhananjaydas Kathiababaji Maharaj
• Sri Sri 108 Rashbeharidas Kathiababaji Maharaj (Present)


D) Advaita Vedanta Sampradayam based on Advaita Vedanta Philosophy

This Sampradyam is based on Advaita Vedata Philosoiphy and profounded by Shankaracharya (avatar of Shiva(Shankara)).
Shankaracharya is responsible for founding many punyakshetras along the length and breadth of India, by taming avatars of Parvati and imprisoning her essence in Sri Chakras.
Acharya lineage of Advaita Vedanta Sampradayam:
Acharya Lineage of this Sampradayam with lineage from God, then Rishi to the Guru’s is as follows
• Daiva-paramparā (God) – Nārāyaṇa, Padmabhuva (Brahmā)
• Ṛṣi-paramparā (Rishi) – Vaśiṣṭha,Śakti,Parāśara,Vyāsa,Śuka
• Mānava-paramparā (Acharya)
       ◦ Gauḍapāda
       ◦ Govinda bhagavatpāda
       ◦ Śankara bhagavatpāda
       ◦ Sankara’s four disciples who are also head of 4 Mutt’s as:

            – Padmapāda – Head of Govardhana Pitham
            – Hastāmalaka – Head of Sringeri Sarada Pitham
             – Toṭaka – Head of Dvaraka Pitham
             – Vārtikakāra (Sureśvara) – Head of Jyothirmatha Pitham
• Also refer Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham Acharya Lineage & Kanchi Peetham


As informed above, within the A) Vaishanava Sampradhaya, there are four Bonafide Sampradhayas as per the above Padma Purana verse and it is not said it will be merge to one, but it is said that the as per the slokam, the Avarohanam (top to down) indicates the Essence of Upanishads like “ParamAthma, Chits Achits (Three tatvams) is established in Sri SampradhayAm which is TOP MOST which is being established by following the “Kataka Shruthi of vedas” by Swami RamanujAr, where as other sampradhayams used the limited portions of upanishads like Bheda & Abedha shruthi’s verses, but Swami RamanujAr used the Upanishads verses which joins both Abedha & Bedha’s (like Kataka shruthi) reflects the three tavams like “Yasya Athma Shareeram………Yasya Prithvi Shareeram“……means both Chit & Achit are MY Body (ParamAthma’s Body)



Nirai Irundhaal, adiyenudaya Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalatthaal, Sri Velukkuid Swami Aasrivadhatthaal.

Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayaAcharyar) Dasan,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam

Acharyar ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam.

Ramanujan Yennai Aandananey,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.

on October 20, 2020

Sarvam KKC Sholinghur DhoddayAcharyar-VedantacharyAr-KumaraSingaracharyAr-Velukkudi Swamigal ThiruvAdigalil Samarpanam.

on October 21, 2020

Another masterpiece by ElayaAlwar Swami. Adiyen very fortunate to be contemporaries amongst great bhagavataas. Azhwar Acharyar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam🙏

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4 on October 21, 2020

Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha,

Dhanyosmi swami, it was like a mini Phd thesis :)-. thanks for the time and effort in answering the question.

The topic of discussion was only whether there is prediction of whether all 4 Vaishnava sampradayas will merge? Would have been good if we could limit it to that, instead of branching out on which is top most? 

(I am not saying what you have stated above is incorrect i am not knowledgeable enough to reach to that conclusion and i think this conclusion is also not necessary.. we need to bring in harmony and not division.)

Also I have another doubt/clarification .. the shloka quoted above is from padma purana? in that case it should be eternal or very very old.. But how does the sloka give reference to names of acharyas who appeared few hundreds or (may be 1000’s in some cases ) of years ago? I have heard of references in terms of qualities etc.. but the explicit name is something i have not seen before.




on October 22, 2020

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

Namaskaram Enpani Swami,


As said by Poorvacharyas as mentioned above we have to state only the FACT as “Avarohanam” means from top to bottom in sequential order as said in Padhma Puranam similar to “GuruParamparai slokam” starts with Lakshmi Natha Samarambhaam, Naadha-Yaamuna Madhyamaam, Asmadh Acharya Paryandhaam Vande GuruParamparam” means from top (Lakshmi Nathan is Perumal), in sequence middle is Naadha Muni and Yaamuna Muni then continue till our Present Acharyan (Asmadh). This is “Avarohanam (top to bottom sequence on order). Same way Padhma Puranam slok in top to bottom sequence “Avarohanam” from Sri Sampradhaya and below since Vedas Final Philosophy is being brought to light as Achit, Chit, Paramathna. So this FACT in Padma Puranam cannot be altered due to our affinity to any sampradhaya. This answer that adiyen posted is based up Velukkudi Swami’s “Santana Dharma upanyasam” as mentioned. So it does answer the question, that when Padhma Puranam Is Eternal and shows FOUR Sampradhayas are existing, then these four Sampradhayas will exist for each Kali Yuga, so it does DIRECTLY IMPLY CLEARLY that there is NO MERGING TO ONE”. So it does answer the initial question and additonally the Padma Puranam does show the Avarohanam sequence with Sri Sampradhaya on the top. This is not our slokam, it’s Eternal. That doesn’t lower other Sampradhayas respect. It’s based on Philosophical classification as what is closest to Vedas. So any Satvik readers understands the harmony in Padhma Puranam.


Also in the above post, Adiyen did mention as “Namaskaram  to All Swami’s who has similar doubht” which means Adiyen is sharing from Swami’s upanyasams to all who has same dhoubht, so the Answer needs to be  a complete one though devareer portion of dhoubht is a smaller section, since interested devotees need to be aware of FACT, since answer is not based on ones own thinking, it is based on Pramaanam (Velukkudi Swami’s Santana Dharma upanyasam).


Regarding the supplementary question extracted from the above answer can be answered separately.

Does this help clear devareer’s mind Swami?


Adiyen (ElayaAlwar) Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan

on October 22, 2020

Srimate Ramanujaye namaha,
Dhanyosmi swami.
Can you please provide the link to the sanatana dharma upanysam if available.

My concern was because when all 4 sampradayas are starting from Bhagawan , in spirituality there is no place for comparison like material logic as one is better than other..
(I am not raising it due to my personal affinity).
Also the avoharanam top to bottom approach in guru paramparai is only indicating chronological sequence not quantitative descending order..all the acharyas in the paramparai are transmitting the mercy of Bhagwan..we cannot say one is best than other like material logic.

Probably if i hear swami s upanyasam may be i will understand better..let me hear then continue the discussion

Yes the separate question can be answered separately or in this thread. Dhanyosmi.

“Does this help clear devareer’s mind Swami?” This statement assumes that your views are already correct..
Swami this is not a healthy debate. I have not seen a single thread where you have accepted that you do not know something..or your understanding was incorrect..this is not a healthy debating practice.

When we use the word devareer it means respect..but the following words ” clear your mind” does not match with devareer…😊

Kshamikka prathikkiraen.


on October 22, 2020

ElayaAlwar swamy,


Neatly explained about sampradayams of sanadhana dharma.

I am starting a new thread for further discussion. (enpanifan swamy mentioned about the purpose of this thread).



on October 23, 2020

Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha,

For those who come here in future, the discussion of this thread has moved to a new thread.


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