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ElayaAlwar swamy,

This has the reference to the posts of the thread

I am neither knowledgeable nor  competent enough for discussion on such topics. My post is based on my understanding and interpretation of your post. Kindly excuse me and quote, if there is any misinterpretation / mistake in my post. I am mentioning my comments.

You have mentioned about 4 sampradayams viz., A (A1, A2, A3 and A4), B, C & D.

  1. I do not know whether the details mentioned for these 4 sampradayams are the general one accepted by the followers of respective sampradayams.
  2. In (A) Vaishnava Sampradayam, Lord Narayana / Krishna is mentioned at the top most of the acharya lineage. Acharyas are there for all these sampradayams i.e., for A 1, A 2, A 3 and A 4. In such case, I believe the ultimate aim for these four sampradayams will be Narayanan and His blessings will be there to get the objective. Then, regardless of philosophy or process or whatever, how can one say one Sampradayam is better than other?. What is important is the ultimate to be achieved.
  3. (D) Advaita Vedanta Sampradayam, under the Daiva-paramparā (God) , Lord Nārāyaṇa is quoted. In this Sampradayam, who is ultimate?. Your details gives the impression that Narayanan is their ultimate aim. (Am I seeing it wrongly?). If it is so, the point mentioned by me at (2) is applicable here also.
  4. There is no details given for the sampradayams B and C.
  5. I understand Avarohanam is used in music. I do not know about it’s use in spirituality. More so, whenever few details are listed, one of them has to be mentioned first. I don’t think it will indicate the order of grading. It can be accepted if such gradings are explained explicitly, esp., in topics of such great importance where the faith of millions of people are involved.


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2 on October 23, 2020

Srimate Ramanujaya Namaha,

I requested the link for “Santana dharama” upanayasam which Elayaalwar swamy cites as his reference for his earlier post. While waiting I came upon one part of the video as indicated below. But could not get access to part 2 and part 3.

After hearing the part 1 , it is very clear that Swami has very explicitly mentioned not to go into the minute differences between different paths of sanatana dharma .

28th minute: Swamy explains that “the different sampradayas are 99 percent same in the basics ( about difference between body and soul, values to follow, truthfulness, honesty etc..), only the last 1% has difference.. we should not draw too much attention about the 1%.”.
“First the 99% common principles, should be read and accepted, instead of focusing on the 1%. The difference in 1% should be focused only when we have read, mastered and adopted the 99% common principles”

I am surprised how Elayalwaar Swamy cited this video for his conclusion.

In a recent nyaya shastra course taught by Ranganathan swami, he had explained that the pramaanam called shabda (shabda bodha) to be effective one needs to know the intent and context of the speaker, else one may misunderstand the meaning and may take what one wants.

(Also as per nyaya sastam, for the conclusion to be drawn,  pramaanam mush show the proof  explicitly) , In this case, one sloka from padama puranaam which does not quote/talk about  “if the all sampradayas will merge in future” is quoted and concluded that since this sloka does not talk about it, the hypothesis is not correct. This is not a consistent argument. On the other hand for the hypothesis to be true , we need a concrete pramanaam , which i don’t have it as well, so i left it as a Samshaya (doubt) instead of claiming that it is the case. )




on October 25, 2020

enpanifan swamy,

The link for this upanyasam on sanatana dharmam by Sri. Velukkudi swamy is

I observed totally 12 parts. You will get the other parts on this title as you play.

I listened to 4 parts so far. It reminded me about my mental status during late 1980s. I used to criticize / blame (mentally) Him, mentioning that it is He who appears before a devotee when the devotee worships Him as X. To another devotee He appears as Y etc., Since, He appears differently to different people, we are confused and have many sampadayams / religions. (Swamy has put the onus on acharyas in the upanyasam.) He happily created us, while we are suffering, He is simply lying in ocean and rests.  Such were the thoughts. I had a very strong belief that all the routes of various sampadayams / religions should reach Brahmam. Even though I was going to temples of Vishnu, Siva, Amman, Muruga, I worshipped the Supreme Being through the idol. Swamy mentions in the upanyasam that all the roads lead to same destination. The concept of sanatana dharma strengthened my views and thoughts I had those days. I always respected people of other sampradayams and would like to continue the same.

Yesterday, I happened to listened to these three enpani audios, which gives further details.

                 enpani audio #985, enpani audio #1175 and enpani audio #1633


on October 25, 2020

Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha,

Dhanyosmi swami for giving me the link for the subsequent parts. Will hear them.


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