Why strong minded people lose to weak minded?

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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Varaha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam

EllAm okay Swamy,
Is it ok to follow practices blindly?
Is it not good to know why we do certain things to take it to future generations?

My forefathers did so I am doing.

“Enakku enga vAdhiyAr ipdi solli kuduthAr, idhu sariyA, adhu sariyA unga mudivu…”

“PAta Bedham”

This is what opposition is questioning. You don’t know what you are doing yet you are doing so it is superstitious!

Their question has some validity. We ought to know why we are doing, if not everything but at the most. It’s possible that opposition starts appreciating too.

For instance, why early morning Brahma muhuratham wake up? Why kolam etc everything is being scientifically told today. People do engage.

One Krishnan Iyengar mAmA on jyothisham
“You all are learning jyothisham by various means but pArambariyam is important, that is the basics”.

Unfortunately, this won’t sell today, everybody started learning jyothisham..

One has to emphasize.”WHY PArambariyam is important”

Else today’s generation will say

“I will learn from AI why need Guru”?

Not passing this message whose fault it is?
Not learning the adippadai whose fault it is?

Kattral Karpithal is our duty correct?

https://youtu.be/ONF2hdo engage.KlCang


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