When did Aazhwar went to Vaikuntham?

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Srimathe Ramanujaya nama:
Srimad Varavara munaiye nama:

We understand from Guruparampara and Swami’s upanyasangal that Aazhwar’s Archa thirumeni was made by Madhurakavi Aazhwar by boiling the Thamrabarani river water.
We celebrate Aazhwar’s Archavathara utsavam on Masi Visakam as Aazhwar’s appearance day in the form of Archai.

During Adhyayana utsavam, on the day of thiruvaimozhi Satrumurai we celebrate Aazhwar thiruvadi thozhal which usually fall in the month of margazhi or thai.
Does that mean on the day of thiruvadi thozhal, Aazhwar actually went to vaikuntham and as per Madhurakavi Aazhwar’s request, Perumal gave back Aazhwar to this world and after staying here till Masi Visakam (the day when Aazhwar appeared in the form of archai), Aazhwar went back to vaikuntham?

Kshamikkanum if there is any mistake in the question is asked.


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Adiyen understand that Vaikunta Ekadasi is the day on which Nammazhwar was granted Moksham by Lord in the form of Appakudathan of Thiruppernagar.

Please forgive if Adiyen’s understanding is wrong.

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