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Namaskarams To all Bhagwatas

An analogy to Sri Vaikuntam with Vilaku and Bhakti to Yennai.

When an individual lights a Vilaku without Yennai, it will be lit but will be off within few minutes. However, when Yennai is poured into, it glows and lasts uptill the yennai is there or untill the thread is oily.

Similarly, when one hears of Sri Vaikuntam and its Perumaigal, an individual desires for the same, to reach. But this initial bit of knowledge is like Vilaku lit without yennai, as the knowledge is present for some time similar to the oily thread and in order to sustain the rememberance of the Lord and his AAnaigal  it is necessary to pour Bhakti   (Yennai) regularly, with Bhagwad Vishayam Shravanam, Keertanam, smaranam….etc

Actually Mudal Azhwars Thiruvandadigal starts with the same, ( Thiri, Nei and Vilaku), So just an inspiration from what has already been stated, it stuck me when Adiyen was Half way. 

Adiyen just thought of sharing the above mentioned Analogy, if any anything not correct. Kshamika Prarthikiraen.

Adiyen Dasan


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Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha,

Swami, Was just remembering about you today  as did not see any post for quiet some time.. And coincidentally you have posted one today.

I have to think more deeply to understand your analogy well.




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Namaskaram Swami

Yennai ( Oil) -> pouring in, for bright and long lasting Effulgence, Vilaku.

Bhakti ( yennai) -> Shravanam of Bhagwat Kalyana Gunas daily, for long lasting experience, Sri Vaikuntam or Premam towards Sri Hari ( Vilaku).

Seldom hearing of his Charitram ->Like  Oily Thread, ( When Vilaku Lit without Yennai and managing it with what heard long time back, the Vilaku will glow but for a very short time .) will certainly not increase Premam towards him.

Hence, To dedicate time daily in hearing of his Divya charitrams, in order to have the Vilaku( Bhagwan Prati Premam) to glow with Yennai upto the brim ( Bhakti). 

Adiyen Dasan

on October 15, 2020

Dhanyosmi swami🙏

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