Soul’s return to same body after death

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Chitragupta is maintaining the ledger of ‘papa and punya’ of every atma. He is maintaining the ledger perfectly without any mistake. There are some instances, wherein the departed soul comes back to the same body. Generally, it is narrated that they are taken by mistake and sent back stating that there is still some more time left for him on the earth.

There are several such instances under the category ‘near death experience’. I understood such as incident, in one of our relative’s family, happened quite some time back. He vomited after got up and said he is sent back by yama, stating there is still some more time left for him on earth and he ate food there which he vomited. On the day of his departure, he called his family members, informed that he is going to leave.

What does such incidents indicate?. Is there any error in Chitragupta’s ledger?.


SriVaishnava dasan

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namaskAram swamy,

It is quite interesting to read this. I am saying this because even in adiyEn’s family they talk about a similar incident which apparently happened to adiyEn’s great grandfather.

The main details of the story said by dhEvarIr matches with the story of adiyEn’s great grandfather. Particularly the part where the person calls everyone on the day of departure.

Perhaps these incidents could indicate that they were saved by emperumAn’s mercy. They were given a second chance to purify their consciousness at the time of death.

In adiyEn’s great grandfather’s case, apparently he asked everyone to read a part of Sri rAmAyaNam so that everyone could hear (in this way the yamadhUtAs cannot come inside the house) . When they finished reciting, he died at that instant it seems.

adiyEn dhAsan

on July 19, 2022

Interesting to note.

I would like to rule out the remote possibility of both of us referring to same incident. This incident I believe took place in Kanchipuram. I can enquire about the name of the person. If you have these information, kindly post them.

namaskAram swAmy,

The incident which adiyEn highlighted probably happened about 80-100 years ago in Coimbatore. The person adiyEn is referring is adiyEn’s grand mother’s grand father. (So perhaps I have to use the term ‘great great grandfather’?)

Some extra information:

It seems during the nighttime before his death, yamadhUthAs came and tried to drag him to narakam. But somehow he resisted and said that he would like to meet vishNudhuthAs instead of yamadhUthAs.

Interestingly, the next morning he had some heat burns in his legs. He said that those burns were done by yamadhUthAs.

So he instructed some people to read ‘vAli mOksham’ part from SrI vAlmIki rAmAyaNam. And of course the rest of the information adiyEn believe that adiyEn explained in the previous post.

adiyEn dhAsan.

on July 19, 2022

Thank you for the information.

In the case quoted by me, the breadth was lost and people already gathered. It probably happened 60+ years back, was told by my grandmother. But not remembering whether she witnessed it.

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Interesting but why he ate vomitted food? Kasakkumey!!!

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