Should vedas teach Bhaktas “How to handle or avoid Atheist or non-believers”?

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2 on September 17, 2022

Dear Swamy/Periyava,

Adiyen ramanuja dasan.

I am getting hurt when our Hindus supporters gets hurt or derogatory comments by an atheist or non-believers in TN. How to face them ? Give the tips . We will share it with Younger generation. TN Media encouraging our Hurts/impact.

Manam vazikarthu.

Adiyen ramanujadasan

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1 on September 17, 2022

Ava nokamey adhudhaney

If dog barks against sun
Why should sun worry?


on September 17, 2022

Adiyen understood swamy ! But Dogs are increased and their Barking is loud our Bakthas are not comfortable with this Darks Barking! “Even in a house if there is a nameboard “Dog’s around ” we stay safe to get in to their houses. Who these Dog’s are blocking my way or distracting my Bhaktas

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