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Hare Krishna! Aneha koti namaskaram to the lotus feet of Sri Velukkudi Swami!


Is Sambradayam an identity (of Bhagavan himself) OR a channel (through which the lord is reached) OR both ? Different Sambradayam’s have different approaches (even if the changes are delicate, still there are differences) and in Adiyen’s opinion, these are created by different Acharyas at different point of times. If this understanding is correct, Is it right to say even Acharyas have applied their own ‘thinking’ (in addition to what their Guru/Acharyas have taught them) ? In which case, how, for common people like Adiyen, simply ‘repeating’ what Acharyas / Gurus teach is possible ? Antha oru ‘pakkuvam’ varuthu sathiyamaa ?

Adiyen requests Swami to please clarify and forgive if there is anything wrong / if the question is inappropriate in any way.

Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanamastu!

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2 on August 31, 2017

AchArya parampara balam Vera self balam Vera. That’s what Velukkudi Swamy explained in one of recent En PaNi. We are prone to mistakes they aren’t . So own opinions are avoidable unless there is divine intervention.

Eg: Muni vaahanar
Perumaley vandhu sollanum Appo dhaan approve pannuva in sampradhayam


on August 31, 2017

Hare Krishna! Aneha koti namaskaram Swami!


Correct Swami, but its not a question of getting it right or wrong. Is it ‘swatantra’ of certain acharyas that has led to subtle differences in the sambradayam (for ex. take even vadakalai and thenkalai) or lord’s will ? So the question is, if even acharyas have exercised ‘swatantram’ after surrender, would it be possible for common people like Adiyen to choose one sambradayam and follow it with heart without distractions.


After posting the question Adiyen also got reminded of Swami’s one more important point in the same En Pani, that we need to ‘exhaust’ first the knowledge available before thinking of personal opinion. But in Adiyen’s opinion, its the other side of same coin that the mind has to be submissive enough to ‘exhaust’ available knowledge before applying its own thinking.


Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanamastu!

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Hare Krishna! Aneha koti namaskaram!


Manikkavum Swami, Adiyen takes back the question with the answer from our Sri Velukudi Swami that Acharyas have only ‘simplified’ the veda and the Bakti itself in a way that it is ‘reachable’ for common people like Adiyen. And it would be not be right to question with the trivial knowledge gained through such mercy of Acharyas.


Aneha koti namaskaram to the lotus feet of Sri Velukkudi Swami. Request lord’s, Acharya’s and Guru’s mercy to forgive Adiyen’s mistakes if any.


Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanamastu!

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