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Adiyen wish to know about for what this navarathri festival Why it is more important for women ?

This festival is mainly said for goddess Durga ma as she killed mahisasura for his evil thoughts ! But some say that this navarathri pooja is not only for Durga ma but also other two shakti (goddess lakshmi and saraswathi) This asura vadam is done joinly by three shakthi as in one form (lakshmi , durga and saraswathi).

Though three shakthi jointly killed mahisasura in one form , why the credits only go for Durga ma and they celebrate navarathri specifically for her ?

Or navarathri is also for goddess mahalakshmi and saraswathi ?

Also adiyen would like to know what does navarathri mean ? Why it is done ? How to do and what it is for ?


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3 on September 30, 2022

I look forward to the answer on this question too. Maha Vishnu also offered his Sudarshana chakra to Durga to kill Mahishashur. Some staunch srivishnava visited my golu to receive tambulam but declined to take sundal that was offered as they said my golu had one durga devi in it. Though I would like to respect their sentiments is it ok for me to offer them tambulam and gifts as I offer them also to the golu before distribution? Also how am I to properly understand their limitations without feeling offended? 

The varnas I hear are for purushas only and sthri is a whole varna by themselves in that case should we try to keep Durga out just because we are Srivishnavas? I am very confused! 

Trust you have had pancha samskaram. Pls approach your Acharyan. He would clarify

on October 4, 2022

Dhanyosmi swamin. I will do that. 


on October 7, 2022

Adiyen Swamy !!

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