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Lord Narayanan has abundant knowledge, power and so on., Then why He chose to have consorts from jeevatmas?.

There are innumerable andams in Leela vibudhi. From the description of the universe, I presume each andam can have one bhulokam and also one parkadal. Hence, will there be one Lakshmi and one Bhudevi in each andam?. Since there is only one leela vibudhi, Leeladevi may be only one.

Srivaishnava dasan

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As there is and there can be only one Svatantra Paramatma, consorts have to be Jeevatma only.
Yes. In every Parkkadal Sri Mahalakshmi and Bhoodevi would manifest and be present.

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Resp. Sri. Velukkudi Krishnan swamy,

Thanks a lot.

adiyen has not clearly put forth my thought in the first part. adiyen wanted to ask, Lord Narayanan has distributed many of the jobs to Nityasooris, to get relief and for easy management. Similarly, He could have entrusted the job assigned to His consorts to other Nityasooris, instead of having jeevatmas as consorts. Or He could have simply retained His consorts only as Nityasooris and not as consorts. Is there any reason why He chose to have consorts rather than Nityasooris.

On second part of the query, whether jeevatmas can manifest and be present at innumerable places simultaneously?. Is that due to the special power provided by the mercy of Narayanan?.


to get relief and for easy management.From pd_jayaram

Jayaram swamy, namaskaram.

Perumal distributes the many services to His devotees (both nithyasooris and us) just for the purpose of giving us the pleasure of serving Him. He does not do so to ‘get relief and for easy management’. He can accomplish anything and everything just by His iccha (thought/ desire). He doesn’t get tired by doing any kind of work. Even when He lifted the mountain on His back or on the tip of His little finger, or when He lifted the whole Bhu-loka on the tip of His snout He didn’t feel a tinge of tiredness / exhaustion or fatigue.

This He has demonstrated through one particular game He played with none other than Lord Garuda himself. One time Garuda in a friendly challenge expressed to the Lord “I am the one who carries You around; will I not be able to do this simple task”. Immediately Perumal said “Oh, you think you are carrying me? Well, come on, support My hand for a while” Saying so, He placed the hand on Garuda’s shoulder; immediately Garuda’s leg buckled because he could not support the weight! This event is depicted in the form of a shilpam in prakaram of Thiruvellarai temple (near SriRangam).

adiyen dasan. 

On second part of the query, whether jeevatmas can manifest and be present at innumerable places simultaneously?. Is that due to the special power provided by the mercy of Narayanan?.From pd_jayaram

Please hear En Pani 1869 for answer to this question.

And this link for some info on Sri.

ENPANI 1869, not 2091!

on April 29, 2021

Kambandasan swamy,

Thank you for the details.

Your First Post :: adiyen do not want to digress from the main query.

Video on spiritual devt program :  My query is that why the services of Sri mentioned by swamy in this video are not assigned to other Nityasooris. Why Narayanan preferred to have consorts?. This point is not addressed in the video.

Your Second post : Yes. In Enpani audio #1869, swamy mentioned about other jeevatmas which took multiple form. adiyen have a doubt, the example mentioned here are for a very very brief period. In the case of  Lakshmi and Bhudevi, it is for entire duration of  kalpa and repeats innumerable times. Hence, there may be some other factor, may be His grace, so that the requisite service can be done.



Jayaram swamy. I understand your query. Let us wait for our Swamy to respond.

adiyen dasan.

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