Free advice for others only ?. Muni’s didn’t control anger right when tempted?.

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Dear Swamy,

Adiyen ramanuja dasan,

When I tell others don’t be angry please be Shanti! Shanti! Shanti it’s very easy to advice. But when we are in Tempting angry situation same is not easy to follow. Similar situation we see with puranam Munivar’s where they are known for Sabam to common citizen. How it’s easy to follow don’t get don’t get anger for normal citizens?.

Adiyen ramanuja dasan

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5 on August 4, 2023

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

One can give shabham only if they have Rajasik and Tamasik gunas with some amount of Sathvik guna.

All munis who does tapas are not Sathvik. So they giving shabham is no wonder

It depends on who does Satvik practice.

Adiyen ElayaAlwar Srinivasa DhoddayacharyAr Dasan

on August 4, 2023

Some of the Sathvik muni’s who can be relied on are:
* Naathanuni,
* Yamuna muni (Swami Alavandar),
* Lakshmana muni ( Swami RamanujAr),
* Vara vara muni ( Swami Manavaala maamunigal)
These Sathvik Muni’s only give Moksham with their Karunai and no shabham like the puranic Rajasik/Tamasik muni”s.

Swami graced us with his answer in Enpani 2908

on August 5, 2023


on August 12, 2023

Tirumalai Venkateswara Swamy seems to have given shapam. Is Venky Rajasic/Tamasic. He is considered YogEshwaran


on August 12, 2023

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

It is interesting to note Sri .MaNavALa mA Muni Swamy in AchArya Hrudhayam has relied more on Perumal’s SwAthanthriyam rather than KAruNya.

While Swamy Desikan has relied on “PerumaL’s DayA” more therefore reliability on

Swamy Desikan as a muni is comparatively higher.

I hope the forum takes the answer in the correct sense.

It’s based on my observation.


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0 on August 5, 2023

Thankyou swamy for your advice. Understood kastmo nastmo Shanti Shanti Shanti nu perumal namama solavendum adhuve solution

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