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Adiyen Namaskaram,
My humble request to velukkudi swamy is, in upanayanam please take reference of Bharati for qick understand,for those born between 1970-1990 had a chance to listen bharati songs in kutcheeri so it is in memory of so many people and touched heart,we can catch immediately what alwar says,veda says along with Bharati song ,example pacchai maa malai pol meni ( parkum edangallam nandalala ninthan pachai niram thondrudada)

swami having some hesitation to say about Bharati சாஸ்திரம் மீறியதால்!!!! (he conducted fourth varnam person yagopavitham)he was nurtured by thiruvallikeni srivaishnavas,he translated geetha,kanan pattu,etc my request,in one full Enpani swami will say about Bharati

This below pasuram from Thiruvoimozhi 4 8
resemble alavandar sthotraratanam and Bharati

மேகலையால் குறைவில்லா மெலிவுற்ற அகலல்குல்,

போகமகள் புகழ்த்தந்தை விறல்வாணன் புயம்துணித்து,

நாகமிசைத் துயில்வான்போல் உலகெல்லாம் நன்கொடுங்க,

யோகணைவான் கவராத வுடம்பினால் குறைவிலமே.

உடம்பினால் குறைவில்லா உயிர்பிரிந்த மலைத்துண்டம்,

கிடந்தனபோல் துணிபலவா அசுரர் குழாம் துணித்துகந்த,

தடம்புனல சடைமுடியன் தனியொருகூ றமர்ந்துறையும்,

உடம்புடையான் கவராத உயிரினால் குறைவிலமே

Same thing resemble in Alavandar sthotraratna malai 57th slokam

ந தேஹம் ந ப்ராணாந்ந ச ஸுகம் அஶேஷாபிலஷிதம்
ந சாத்மாநம் நாந்யத் கிமபி தவ ஶேஷத்வ விபவாத் |
பஹிர்பூதம் நாத! க்ஷணமபி ஸஹே யாது ஶததா
விநாஶம் தத்ஸத்யம் மதுமதந! விஜ்ஞாபனம் இதம் ||

ஸ்வாமியே! உன் விஷயமான கைங்கர்யச் செல்வத்துக்கு வெளிப்பட்டிருக்கும் என்னுடைய
தேஹம், ப்ராணன், எல்லோராலும் விரும்பப்படும் சுகங்கள், என்னுடைய ஆத்மா ஆகிய எதுவாக இருந்தாலும்
அவற்றை என்னால் பொறுத்துக்கொள்ள முடியாது; இவை எல்லாம் ஒழியட்டும்.

Same thing resemble in Bharathi

மோகத்தை கொன்று விடு அல்லால்
எந்தன் மூச்சை நிறுத்தி விடு…
தேகத்தை சாய்த்து விடு அல்லால்
அதில் சிந்தனை மாய்த்து விடு…
யோகத் திருத்தி விடு அல்லால்
இந்த ஊனைச் சிதைத்து விடு…
ஏகத் திருந்துலகம் இங்குழனைதையும் செய்பவளே.
பந்தத்தை நீக்கி விடு அல்லால்
உயிர் பாரத்தை போக்கி விடு…
சிந்தையைத் தெளிவாக்கு அல்லால்
இதை செத்த உடலாக்கு…
இந்த பதர்களை ஏன் எல்லாம்
என எண்ணி இருப்பேனோ…
எந்த பொருளிலுமே உளேன்நேன்று இயங்கி இருப்பவளே.
உள்ளம் குளிராதோ பொய்யாலவா
ஊனம் ஊழியதோ…
கள்ளம் உருகாதோ அம்மா பற்றி
கண்ணீர் பெறுகிறதோ…
வெள்ள கருணையிலே இன்ன சிறு
வேட்கை தணியாதோ…
விளர்கரியவளே அனைத்திலும் மேவி இருப்பவளே.

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namaskAram swAmy,

adiyEn’ thoughts are as follows:

When we were a child we would have heard about a biology experiment on how a plant would grow, following the sun.

The experiment suggests to keep a plant near a window, and after a few days the plant would bend itself following the sun and grow.

This experiment is based on Phototropism. (dhEvarIr can refer this)

So similarly we are like the plant, and SrI vELukkudi krishNan swAmy is like the sun. It should be our duty (the plant) to bend ourselves to the sun (our swAmy’s teachings). The opposite situation wouldn’t be true.

Moreover AzhWars’ and AchAryas’ teachings are complete themselves. That’s the beauty of them.

adiyEn dhAsan.

Velukkudi-dasan swamy, namaskaram. nice name.

A dasan can request his swamy “what service I can do for you?” . If a dasan requests the swamy “please do this service for me” , then the dasan-swamy relationship is disrupted.


Usually vaishnava-acharyas / upanyasakas quote only references from acharyas and saintly persons. The words of saintly persons have a power of imparting spiritual feelings in us even if the composition may be less poetic. On the other hand, compositions of those who are not saintly, even if composed elegantly, they do not have the spiritualising power. 

In case of our dear Bharathiyaar, it is not because he did not follow some rules; rather it is because he was a confused person! Some of his poems do match with acharyas’ teachings so beautifully. But there are others which do not match! Furthermore, his songs are epression of his feelings; not a representation of parampara knowledge.

At an individual level we can definitely connect Bharathiyaar’s song to our acharyaas’ teachings and derive spiritual inspiration from that. At the individual level the acharyas and upanyasakas may also appreciate the connection Bharathiyaar’s poems have with poorvacharyas’ teachings. But they are unlikely to quote it often in the public. Because, the public may not have the discrimination to distinguish between his ‘çorrect’ songs and misleading songs.


Secondly, today if someone quotes Bharathi, tomorrow it will be Kannadasan and eventually vairamuththu and hip-hop tamizha. This will dilute the parampara knowledge and people will be confused.

Anyways, as kaliyigam progresses what you are suggesting will happen; but I don’t think our swamy will do so.


Once again for emphasis: it is not wrong to connect mundane poets’ songs to acharyaas’ teachings and derive spiritual inspiration; but it is not good to use that in a public platform, because the public are not aware of the acharyaas’ teachings and they will easily be carried away by the mundane poets; they will remain confused. Hence we should avoid it.

adiyen dasan.

on March 20, 2023

Kambadasan swami
Nice reply

on April 18, 2023

Vellukudi Dasan swamy

adiyen was baffled after reading devareer quotes
Its a very deep understanding

Yes adiyen also have the same view

Great tamil poets like Thiruvalluvar, Mahakavi Bharatiyar, Nayanmars,Alwars etc all have tried to explain the non dual reality from the perspective of duality, All these works praise about only that one which is everything

yes the works of Mahakavi Bharatiyar are simpler and easier to understand than Divya prabandham , that is its greatness , because of the simplicity and clarity yet with deep meaning, his works have reached all over the world, thanks to Mahakavi Bharatiyar , but Divya prabandham is not that easy – one needs a teacher to learn correctly, maybe that is the reason majority of the population are not even aware of Divya prabandham, but the works of Mahakavi Bharatiyar has reached to everyone because of easier understanding – Mahakavi Bharatiyar is a manifestation of divine TAMIL for this purpose.

Yes it will be great if vellukudi Swamy can explain these verses – adiyen can understand devareer thirst for Gnana

But there are many other ways to learn about the works of Mahakavi Bharatiyar , hope devareer will be knowing that

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1 on March 20, 2023

Shravanan of Swami’s Upanyasams
Swami thanks for your explanation
In tamil there is one saying
Anjula valayadhadu( actually vilayadhadu) ambhadula vallayadhu category, these are the difficulties( vasna) stopping me,yes alwar and achsrya are great

தெருளுற்ற ஆழ்வார்கள் சீர்மை அறிவாரார்

அருளிச் செயலை அறிவாரார் – அருள் பெற்ற

நாதமுனி முதலாம் நம் தேசிகரை அல்லால்

பேதை மனமே உண்டோ பேசு

on April 18, 2023

Vellukudi Dasan swamy

Nothing can stop devareer
Devareer have deep insights





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2 on April 17, 2023

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

“A dasan can request his swamy “what service I can do for you?” . If a dasan requests the swamy “please do this service for me” , then the dasan-swamy relationship is disrupted”

A new definition to Guru-Sishya relationship!!!

So dasan cannot request to Swamy?

The whole point of Dharma Sandeha is requesting Swamy.

While current TN politics will take only BhArathiDasan due to B group allergy what is wrong in requesting Bharathi who belongs to B group?

Why Velukkudi Swamy and Andavan Swamy referring to Thiruvalluvar in their upanyasams? They do not want to lose their Tamil identity or what?

Allow people to be themselves and don’t restrict people from their creativity.

Live & Let Live. .


on April 17, 2023

Thiruvalluvar = 13th Azhwar


Dharma Sandeha


on April 18, 2023

Vikram inside swami

Yes correct “it is Vikram inside” really

Hat’s off to devareer brave statement

“Allow people to be themselves and don’t restrict people from their creativity”

Live & Let Live. .

How PURE, INNOCENT and OPEN devareer is when it comes to express devareer thoughts without PRETENDING

Well said swami

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