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Adiyen swamy. This week, due to the association of some Sydney Bhagavatas, adiyen also got inspired to do a Kinchit seva for Perumal. For the very first time in adiyen’s life, adiyen tried “ThiruppAvadA seva” (Thursday seva in Tirumala) and Nethra Dharshan within adiyen’s very small rented room. Adiyen managed to make a Very small “annakototsavam” using Puliogare (Just like in Tirumala Thursday seva Which is gigantic there) and since adiyen have a small photo of Nethra seva Perumal, this seva was done this Thursday.
Adiyen really missed the Tirumala Nethra Dharshan so much that day but Perumal prepared something which adiyen realised just this morning. On Friday evening, adiyen went to Helensburgh and saw the Perumal’s Abharanam which were taken off from the thirumeni. Perumal was giving nethra dharshanam. The Thiruman was also very thin, with open lotus eyes. Adiyen asked bhattar Swamy if the Perumal is still in Nethra Dharshan seva and Swamy said yes. I wondered it was Friday but still Perumal was in Nethra seva. Adiyen somehow understood this morning that Perumal himself might have arranged this! ? there were no other bhaktas at that time when adiyen was praying.
Evalo dhayai? For the first time adiyen tried to perform thirupavada seva for Perumal at home and really wanted to see Perumal giving Nethra dharisanam. The next day, even when it is a Friday, Perumal was still in the same Thursday Nethra kolam and gave adiyen this Maha bhagyam of Nethra dharisanam. I cannot even accept that I’m eligible to get this much dhayai from Perumal and this much krupai from our acharyar & devareer. Adiyen did not even interpret this dhayai/leelai until I came back home. Perumal is always karuna sagaran and that too Our Sydney Helensburgh Perumal is extraordinarily special.

Just Wanted to share with Close local Bhagavatas, Bhagavatas in this forum and devareer who are all the main pillars of adiyen’s growing Bhakti & kainkaryam. ??

Kshamikka prarthikkiraen, for not using the site for Dharma Sandeham but posting personal experiences. Adiyen already shared few experiences in the past and so, just wanted to share this with the regular Bhagavatas here, who are all like an unknown family for adiyen.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan
Sri Mahapurna Gurave Namah
Sri Velukkudi Swamy Gurave Namah

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