A lot of fleecing at tirupathi

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1 on November 16, 2018

This week we had a very good dharshan at Tirupathi with our family. A view of Lord Shri Venkateswara was very much heart warming and we were really blessed to have his sight.

My husband had booked the tickets and he had to spend a lot only for booking tickets close to 10000. I was shocked and was wondering why so much of fleecing is been done that too in a divya desam such as Tirupathi.

Is this right? is Lord looking at this? For a second I thought why such things are happening at Lord’s place.

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0 on November 18, 2018

Namaskarangal swami, adiyen,as per sri acharyar u ve velukudi krishnan swami’s pravachanams ,the Lord sri hari himself loves and enjoys when bhakthas join the same queue of all class of society, let it be a billionaire or layman , status or fee does not matter to him, if all bhakthas are in same queue , no need for high price tickets 🙂 pls forgive me if adiyen said something wrong out of ignorance

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