Your are the self and meditate on self?

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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Varaha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam
In one youtube video, Ramana Maharishi was observed saying “You are not the body or the mind, you are the self, meditate on yourself all negative thoughts will go away”.

What is meditating on self? AthmA GyAni or KaivalyArthi?

How can one meditate on self?


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3 on November 22, 2022

It means meditating one’s atma present in heart. Master meditation teaches this method. In that we are asked to meditate on our heart and they tell we can feel the light present in our heart.

But, basically according to our sampradayam it is not adviced to meditate self. We should meditate the divya mangala roopan of bhagavan 🙏🙏

on November 22, 2022


Can we understand or meditate upon bhagawan without knowing our true self?

When we realize our ‘true self’, wouldn’t our meditation upon bhagawan be even more focused and blissful?

So what is the correct sequence?

  1. Meditate upon our ‘self’ to understand that we are not this body, mind, intellect, etc.
  2. Meditate upon divya mangala roopams of bhagawan

or vice-versa? 

– Adiyen

on November 22, 2022

Swamy, I think,

we need to realize that this body is different from atma. I am a jeevatma . I should go to paramatma. Vaikutam is the eternal joy. This much self realization is enough. No need to meditate ourself.

We should meditate the divine lotus feet of our acharya or else divya mangala roopam of bhagavan

Adiyen 🙏🙏🙏

on November 22, 2022

I think sharanAgati mArgam (samAshrayanam and bharanyAsam) supersedes all methods. 

– Adiyen

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