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Sri Sitayai Namaha, Sri Janakiyai Namaha, Sri Vaidhehiyai Namaha

Sri Ramachandrayai Namaha, Sri Janaki Vallabhayai Namaha,

Sri Ramanuja Lakshmana Muneye Namaha,

Sri Anjaneeyai Namaha, Sri Hanumate Namaha,


Sanatana Dharmam Divya Desams and Ancient SriPerumal Temples inside Present India borders are Splendid and well known to all.

Here are some actual Ancient SriRama Temples/carvings/sculptures and some rivers with Ramayana names OUTSIDE Present India borders that shows us the possibility of all the continents together in older yugas, ofcourse which tells HOW SriRama is the RULER for the ENTIRE Boolokam during HIS Avatar as Manushya in Ramayana Period. The present day findings on Ancient Vedic cultures shows us How SitaPiratti-SriRama Parivaar were being Prayed and Respected Globally.


Here is a beautiful article from Sri Sampradhayam website about Sri Rama and Vedic History of the World with actual pictures.


* SriRama in Iraq & Middle East (Ancient Carvings of SriRama & Hanuman)

* SriRama in Egypt (ancient Egyption statue with SriVishnu Tilak and Sandal paste on its forehead, and the famous Egyption Queen name as ‘Sitamen’.

* Egyption God ‘Amun’ is none other than ‘Rama’. See how the Sanskrit word pronuncation has drfited from Rama to Amun.

* Ancient Hittie and Mittani Empires of ancient Iraq, Syria, Turkey regions.

* Sri Rama in Eurpoe (Italian Paintings with Bow and arrows of SriRama, Sita Piratti, Lakshmana

* Sri Rama in ancient Russia with Sita River name, Sriaram river name and Sanatana Dharma river names like kama and Moksha.

* Two headed eagle emblem in Russia (vedic connection)

* Sri Rama in South America, Peruvian potery with Ramayana and Mahabharat imprints; Mayan Civilisation (Red Indians)

* Sri Rama court sculptures in Gautemala

* Trident of Peru (Candelebra creation) still exsiting as referred in Ramayana by Sugreeva. Looks like the Peru, Indonesia, Japan Austraila were together with India east side in the past. Sugreeva says to Vanaras to search for SIta Piratti in teh farthest east. This article shows about Valmiki’s reference of “Ring of Fire” some valconic eruption that caused teh continenst to drift at a later time.

* Vedic names of CITIES or Places or People WORLDWIDE after Sri Rama




[For all Vaidhehas (believers of Shastras/Vedas), we know from Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami’s Upanyasams that Sriman Narayanan ‘SRI RAMA’ is the Ruler of BOTH Nithya & Leela Viboothi. The information that adiyen is sharing from the articles are based on Materialistic findings for those who also like to have some additional Enjoyment with some Physical Visibility (DHRISTAM) on how SriRama (CHAKRAVARTHY THIRUMAGAN) ruled the ENTIRE Boolokam during HIS Avatar period, like how we enjoy the Rama Sethu Bridge by Dhristam enjoyment.

Adiyen also has heard, some Upanyasakars planning Global Yatra tours in small groups to Angkor Wat SriVishnu Temple in Cambodia].


This makes sense as how other Mathams got created from the ROOT Vedic ‘SANATANA DHARMAM’ culture, though other Mathams are not aware of it completely except some who accept it.


We are IMPLICIT Sanatana Dharmis (Following it Knowingly like good behaviour, believe in Thayar-Perumal) and Other Mathams are EXPLICIT Sanatana Dharmis (Following it UnKnowingly that they are also SOtthu of Thayar-Perumal but reflect good behaviour). We just need to make them aware that, they are also Sanatana Dharmis, as WE All are JeevAThmas and Property (Sotthu) of the SUPREME Thayar-Perumal based on what we understood from Swami’s Pravachanams.



Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami during HIS Ramanuja Anu Yatra 2 @ “SriRama Pattabhishekam In Ayodhya” has said that we all should pray to have a Sannidhi of PURUSHOTHAMAN SriRama Parivaar in Ayodhya.


#Rama #Pattabhishegam live from ayodhya
#Ramanuja1000 #yatra #ayodhya #Day11


Meendum Sri Rama Raajyam Vaazhga.

Yella Ulagayum Ongi Ulagalandha Sri Vamana Perumal Thiruvadigalukku Pallandu Paadi Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam.

Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Alwargal/Acharyargal Avatharittha Divya Desams ki Jai,

Sita Mayya Sri Rama BhagavAN ki Jai

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu

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0 on February 15, 2018

Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Dasarathiye Namaha,

Srimadh Vara Vara Munaye Namaha,


Adiyen’s Pranaamam on DEvareer’s ThiruvAdi Sri Velukkudi Swami. Devareer Thiru Ullam pole, adiyen will email. Honestly, adiyen don’t know what to email. Devareer Anugraham and Krupai is more than enough.


Just to let Devareer know, adiyen don’t check email. adiyen just created an email ID for the sake of the 1st time resgistration and never checked after that. So, adiyen need to dig through to reset password, if adiyen need to email.


The reason is, many years before, adiyen used be in old social media websites, which many of us are not even aware like Orkut, Hi5, Friendster etc…So adiyen’s POORVA PRAPATTI Vaasanai is not so great. Hence, after Prapatti, adiyen GOT RID OF (Anishtam Thavirkai) these social websites and emails due to Junk/Spam emails popping-up, and hence adiyen didnot register in the new social medias like facebook, twitter, whats App etc… and adiyen dont have these as well. The Pure reason is, Adiyen try to stay away from these, is due to the fact that , adiyen has fear that adiyens Poorva Prapatti Vaasanai will drag adiyen into padu kuzhi, since adiyen dont have “mana adakkam”. So, adiyen is just doing some SHravanam, some Acharam, some Anushtanam, some Aaradhanai, some Dyanam on Acharya Ramanuja Thirumeni based on Devareer’s Pravachanams, and adiyens PErumal Ull itself is Divya Desam for adiyen and adiyens Athma Bandhu to whom adiyen is married.


At one point in adiyens’ life, adiyen found Devareer Dharma Sandeha forum, and adiyen wanted to utilize adiyen’s Poorva Prapatti Vaasanai in a productive way (Ishtam Seikai).

Hence, for questions that DEvareer would have missed due to Devareer’s busy Sath-Karyams schedule, adiyen started sharing DEvareer Pravachanams AS IT IS as much as possible, if adiyen remembers with adiyens Yatha Shakthi memory with Acharya Krupai/DEvareer Anugraham (though with errors due to adiyens karmas) , so that, it will be useful to all other Bhaktas.



If adiyen has committed any Apacharam to DEvareer or any other Bhaktas, then Adiyenai Shamikka Prarthikkiraen. For any Apacharam committed by adiyen, then adiyen also consider Perumal’s Kalyana Gunam ‘Nigraham’ is also a ‘Anugraham’ to adiyen.

Swami Ramanujar is Karunayin Kadal and Devareer has the same Guna as Swami Ramanujar, if not, how will this Neetchan get Acharya Ramanuja Sambhandham.


Devareer’s continuous NirAnkusa Anugraham as “NALAM ANTHAM ILLATHOOR NAADU PUGUVEER (நலம் அந்தம் இல்லதோர் நாடு புகுவீர் , SriVaikunta Praapthi in this Janma ASAP) first for adiyen’s married Athma Bhandu, then adiyenukkum, PLUS Yella Saka Bhaktargalukkum YEPPAVUM Irukkanum Swami.

[FDI, Adiyen’s married Athma Bandhu is the one who showed Devareer’s Pravachanams/ThiruvAdi first to adiyen and Devareer showed Acharyan ThiruvAdi next].



Honestly again, adiyen need to dig through to reset password, if adiyen need to email as adiyen never checked emails since registration for the above said reasons. Also, adiyen don’t know what to email to Devareer except what adiyen has listed above and requested, but adiyen will email Devareer Thiru Ullam pole.

Devareer’s Anugraham and Krupai itself is more than enough.



Adiyen is a JeevAthma and SheshAn/ParathantrAn to Thayar-Perumal-Alwar-EmperumanAr-Acharyar-Devareer.

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu

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0 on February 15, 2018

Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha,

Adiyen has sent email to Devareer from

Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrisharpanam Asthu

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1 on November 11, 2019

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,


Adiyen believe, this thread topic is very apt for the present  Peaceful  Harmony situation between everyone about SriRama Rajyam and future path forward for Global Sanatana Dharmam same as in the past.


Adiyen would like to add Swami’s latest Enpani #1555 இரமனால் அயோத்தியா?  அயோத்தியால் இராமனா? to this thread posted by Adiyaar KongilPiratti Swami’s in last year Feb’2018 which includes Velukkudi Swami’s prayer at Ayodhya Temple during last year Ramanuja Anu Yatra.


Looks like, Velukkudi Swami’s plus all global peaceful devotees  dream/wish/prayer have come true.


Sri Rama THE TRUE MASCULINE PERSONALITY as in the picture,

Sarvagjyan, Sarva Shakthan, Anaitthu Sotthukkum Athipathi’aaga Irukkumm NAAN….


Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan.


on November 15, 2019

SriRamaJayam SriRamaJayam ramar irukayil yedhu bayam?

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