Why male and female hair should not be cut ?

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Adiyen swamy.

Srimate Ramanujaya namaha!!


Adiyen 16 years old. I have a doubt. So kindly clear the doubt Swamy.

My grandma says it is a sin to cut the hair but those who have long hair think it is very difficult these days. Because nowadays mainteinance is very difficult as both men and women are attentive in study or work.

So is cutting hair a sin ( wrong ) Swamy ? Can we cut our hair ? Or Is there some other trick ( way ) ?

Adiyen Swamy !!

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Tulasi-amma Namaskaram.

Yes, sastram has injunctions on not cutting or trimming our hair. For men, there are injunctions on how the kudumi / shika should be , on what days they should not shave the rest of the head and body, and so on. 

Likewise, for women it is prescribed not to cut or trim hair. So, it is better to follow your gramdmother’s advise. (It is also sastric statement that “when you are unclear on what is to be done and what is not to be done, consult the eldest lady in the family; they will guide appropraitely”. Therefore பாட்டி சொல்லை தட்டாதே! 🙂

Why we shouldn’t cut our hair? I have not heard any explanation on this with specific references to scriptures. However, I have heard that in occult practices the hair is the place where one’s ‘energy’ is stored. If the occult practitioners cut their long hair their powers will be lost. (These are just hearsays; I do not have proof or refences to support this). Interestingly even Samson in the Samson and Delilah story also had his powers stored in the hair!

So, I presume, the hair may be important in some mystical way which are beyond our limited understanding.


In anycase, it is not too difficult to follow this one. In ancient days women were far more busier than now, with a lot of responsibilities upon their head! So, hair maintenance should be easier now than it was for the bygone generations.

And above all, it looks so elegant and cammands respect from onlookers! Look at all the models how they show-off their long tresses!

So, please don’t cut. Later on if you want it back, it can not grow back quickly, and may be not to the same length!


By the way, your question reminds me of a story by O Henry “Gift of the Magi” (pronounced as ‘me-joy’. It is a very nice story; you may like it.


adiyen dasan.


In case you are interested in reading ‘Gift of the Magi’: https://americanenglish.state.gov/files/ae/resource_files/1-the_gift_of_the_magi_0.pdf

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1 on July 1, 2021

Srimate Raamnaujaye Namaha,

You are fortunate to have a good paati who is telling you what Perumaal wants to tell (via satras).

I looked for the explanation for your question..

There are some explanations here..They have some  partial truth and explanation. In summary they state that for the type of energy field around woman, long hair( but tied well) keeps the mind protected and helps to focus on the woman’s service- study/ doing kainkaryam to Perumaal. etc.



So if one feels that one can save time by cutting the hair, time will be eventually lost because of uncontrolled mind.

Sastrams are never wrong. For some of the aspects we can understand the reason , some we will understand in future and some may remain a mystery – but we should develop the faith that since Perumaal is the best friend of all, what he has given to us as Saastram must be good for all.

(On the side note, regarding the concern of extra time taken for maintenance of long hair, in our today’s lifestyle, all of us including adiyen spend considerable amount of time per day in activities which are not very useful or essential.. if we carefully trim them down, we will find time for essential activities. so “cutting” is needed somewhere else :)- )

Given that you have taken the effort to raise the question  in this forum suggests you respect your paati and also have lot of respect Shri Velukkudi swamy..many other children would have just done  what they had wanted to without asking anybody. so appreciate  your honesty .

(Regarding the trick part, that you had requested..tell the mind that if i grow long hair without cutting as per sastram Perumaal will be pleased and He will provide me the time to manage everything..!)

All the best






so “cutting” is needed somewhere else :)- )From enpanifan

well said! 🙂

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1 on July 2, 2021

Srimate ramanujaya namaha!!
Thankyou all for your kind reply swamy!!

on July 9, 2021

Adiyen swamy🙏

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