Why Maam EKam Saranam Vraja?

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Namaskaram Swamy

Adiyen listened to these discourses at various instances:

EnPani 103 – Sarva Dharman Parithyaja – True Meaning

EnPani 360 – Why Devas?

Vishnu Sahasranamam 396 & 397 – Thirunamams dealing with why Bagavan created so many Devatas and how jivathmas worship various Devatas as per their ruchi and how these Devatas finally direct such jivathmas to Sriman Narayana

After listening to all the above discourses, this doubt arises in my mind.

Does Bagavan Sri Krishna in charama sloka stress on the point that a jivathma must surrender ONLY TO HIM (maam ekam saranam vraja), since He alone can grant MOKSHAM (Sri Vaikuntham)?

Please consider this doubt and clarify it Swamy.


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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,


Dear BhagavAta,


Yes BhagavAta, that is correct. This is called AnanyaGadhitvam, since Devatas don’t have power to grant Moksham, since they are not ParamAthma. Also, every JeevAthma has Praaptham (RELATIONSHIP) with ParamAtham ONLY. So Devata like Rudra (JeevAthma) don’t have actual Praaptham (relationship) with his Father Brahma (another JeevAthma), So each Devatas or humans or any CHIT (Sentient), all have Praaptham with BhagavAN Sriman NarayanAn only.

Swami explains in detail for the ENTRIE SriKrishna Charama Slokam “Maam EKAM Sharanam Vraja” in “Mumukkushupadi” Upanyasam grantham wirtten by Great PoorvAcharyar Sri PIllai Lokacharyar as well in “Rahaysa Traya Saaram” written by Great Poorvacharyar Sri Vedanta Desikan.

Morever, knowing these are only for BhagavAt Anubhavam, but for இகலோக தேவைகள் present birth neccessities (Neccessary Spiritual Knowledge/Kainkaryam/health/Peacefulness/Shanthi etc..), Plus பரலோக இன்பம் to reach Moksham ‘SriVaikuntam’ in same birth, we ALL based on Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami’s anugraham rely on Swami Ramanujar’s ThiruvAdi only as “Panchomaupaya Nishtai”, since SriRama NamPErumal has given both responsibilities to Swami Ramanujar Jadhacharyar as seen in Gadhya Trayam.


Everything will be alright including BhagavAtas daughters health, since Swami Ramanujar has graced and cured two young girls, one who had a disease and another had BrahmaRakshas with HIS Acharyan’s Arul as seen in GuruPAramparai. So do some Aaradhani on Swami Ramanujar Photo and give Swami’s ShreepAdha Theertham to BHagavatas daughter daily, and Keep chanting “Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha” 108 times daily and whenever possible ANYWHERE. Here is a sample of Ramanuja NoorAndhadhi slokam 94 from a SriVaishana website, but Adiyen would suggest BhagavAta to get Swami’s Upanyasam in “Ramanujar NoorAndhadhi” for Swami’s Arul.




Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam,



Adiyen was combining BhagavAtas another thread question in to this thread as well with Acharya Krupai and Swami’s Arul, since both were same questions, plus Bhagavata mentioned in that thread regarding BhagavAtas daughter health.





Some crisp details from Swami’s Mumukkshupadi upanyasam, if it helps Bhagavata for initial understanding.


In the above RN slokam 94 meaning,
* EmperumaAn (எம்பெருமான்) means Perumal.
* EmperumanaAR (எம்பெருமானார்) means Swami Ramanujar as named by Swami’s Acharyan Thirukoozhtiyur Nambhi.



Swami says, Swami Ramanujar in HIS Kalakshepam to desired devotees says, when ANY JEEVATHMA does Sharanam on ONE and ONLY ParamAthma Sriman Narayanan’s lotus feet, then there are 5 post sharanagathy EASY criteria as per shastram.


Sarvan Dharman………..Maam EKAM Sharan Vraja……….Mokshayisami Maa SUchaha”.

SriKrishna didnot say “Maam Saharam Vraja”. BhagavAn added the word “Ekam”,

“Maam Ekam Saharam Vraja”, means Yennai Mattumaey Sharanam yendru Pattruvaai aaga (No Devatras and no one else, since each JeevAthma either in deva bodies or human bodies gave ACTUAL PRAAPTHAM (relationship) with ParamAthma Sriman Narayanan only).



So, after Sharanagathy, if one goes behind Devantra Poojas, it is DISRESPCTING our HUSBAND SriKRishna, that HE is not CAPABLE when HE IS THE ONLY “SARVA SHAKTHAN, SARVAGYAN”. So, Yen Kanavar SriKrishnar Yennai Kaapar yengira Nambhikkai Vendum. This is called Maha Vishwasam



PoorvAcharyas provide an example as as below.

1) Devantra Pooja: A Bride searching for one Bride-groom. Basically the parents looking many male photos before the women choses one Bride-groom. Which means, a JeevAthma not sure who is ParaBrahmam (final Bride-groom) as per Shastras/Vedas, so goes and prays all Devathas Brahma, Shiva etc.. including the ParaBrahmam Sriman Narayanan.


This state is “future SriVaishavaite” situation.


2) ParamAthma Poojai –> A Bride finally filters and decides/understands her One-and-Only bride groom and get married to HIM and Trashes the remaining photos, since it in not necessary to keep the other male photos while the bride was deciding whom to get legally married as a Pathi-Vratha Sthree”.


This state is “SriVaishavaite” lakshanam, which is the True “JeevAthma Swaroopam”, which means Parathantran (Adimai to our SriKrishna BhagavAn).



So, after Sharanagathy, every Devates like Brahma,Shiva understands that, the particular JeevAthma is a Sharanagathan, so if one goes behind Devantra Poojas After accepting the truth Sriman Narayanan as their Husband/Rakshagan, then it is same as DISRESPECTING other Devatas and BETRAYING our HUSBAND SriKRISHNA, that HE is not CAPABLE when HE IS THE ONLY “SARVA SHAKTHAN, SARVAGYAN”.  Will any wife look at other men in the same way as how she looks at her husband. No correct.  So, Yen Kanavar SriKrishnar Yennai Kaapar yengira Nambhikkai Vendum. This is called Maha Vishwasam. A husband will do everything for his wife.

BhagavAn will give both “Material needs plus Moksham“, since we are Sharanagathan. No need to go anywhere else.




So the five Post Criteria for this Sharanagathy Margam needs to be followed by anyone if we are ParamAthma’s SriKrishna Bhaktas and need Moksham in SAME birth. These 5 are are breakdown explantion of SriKrishna Charama Slokam by PoorvAcharyas.


1) Anukoolyasya Sankalpam –> Do only what SriKrishna Likes.

* Be good person, Satvik,

* Eat MY Ucchistam as Prasadham.

* Unmai paesanum (Talk Turth)



2) Prathikoolyasya Varjanam –> Don’t do anything that SriKrishna DON’t Like).

* No Praani Himsai (NO eating non-veg, or animal Bali should be done).



3) MahaVishwasam

BhagavAn Sriman Narayanan meedhu Aparaamaana Nambikkai. Yedhu nadandhaalum BhagvaAn nammalai kaapathuvaar yendru nambikkai. Don’t go anywhere else.



4) AKinchanyAm.

Not even take a single effort (Muyarchi like Karma-Gyana-BHakti Yoga Margam) to reach Moksham. Believe in BhagavAn THIRUVADI (Sharanagathy Margam). Avaraey namma kaapathuvaar because we are BhagavAn sotthu (property).


5) AnanyaGathitvAm.

Don’t have a place to go except BhagavAn ThiruvAdi. All places like Demi-God worship (Brahma, Shiva etc..) Will not yield Mokshsm, since they themselves need to go to Moksham at some point from this Samsaram after getting rid of their Brahma Post or Shiva Post etc….as seen in Upanishadh vaakhyam. So Perumal-Thayar ThiruvAdiyai Thavira vera GADHI yenakku illai, adhu naalaey AnanyaGathitvAm].




Only Interested person who wants to reach Mosham in same Birth, through the way that SriKrishna has showed us (the above 5 steps) will reach Moksham.



Let’s try these with Acharya Krupai and Swami’s Anugraham, if we don’t need another Janma. One small step by us is enough for BHagavAN to take countless step to HELP us. So, DOn’t worry.



Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,



Additionally BhagavAta from Swami’s Upanyasam on “Sharanagathy Questions and Answers”, Swami says, the Essence of SriKrishna Charama Slokam is, if we do the above SIMPLE 5 post criteria, “Yennaiye Dharmamaaga Pattri Iru”, then “We DON”T have any rights to Worry (சோகப்பட யோக்கியதை இல்லை)“ which is what SriKrishna BhagavAn says in the slokam as “………Maa Suchaha”.


Swami says Sharanagathy yenbhadhu Yenna? , Sharanagathy yenbhadhu “ORU ARIVU”/ சரணாகதி என்பது “ஒரு அறிவு (Naan Unnudayavan/ நான் உன்னுடையவன்)”. Since BhagavAta has already understood Sriman NarayanAn as PramaBrahmam the Supreme, then BhagavAta is already a Sharanagathan, so BhagavAta not to worry.



After listening to Swami’s upanyasams, anything that adiyen hear or see reflects sampradhayam vishayam only. Like, adiyen was listening to the “Petta” movie song, though lyrics were meant for the movie intent, but adiyen was able to relate the actual lyric content to sampradhayam only as below which fits the situation, as if SriKrishna is singing towards all Sharanagatha JeevAthmas in latest colloquial Tamil language.


<Here we go for Song Lyrics>


ஹே, எத்தன சந்தோஷம்
தினமும் கொட்டுது உன்மேல,
நீ மனசு வச்சிப்புட்டா
ரசிக்க முடியும் உன்னால


நீ சிந்துர கண்ணீரும்
இங்க நிரந்தரம் இல்ல,
இதை புரிஞ்சிக்கிட்டாலே
இங்க நீதாண்டா ஆள 


கண்ண கட்டிக்கிட்டு
எல்லாம் இருட்டுனு
நீ கூவாத

வட்டம் போட்டுக்கிட்டு,
சின்ன உலகத்தில்
நீ வாழாத


என்ன பார் நான்
கைய தட்ட
உண்டாச்சு உலகம்.
ஹே, நான் சொன்ன பக்கம்
நிக்காம சுழலும்


டேய், என் கூட சேர்ந்து
கூத்தாடும் நிழலும்
உள்ளார எப்போதும்
உல்லாலா உல்லாலா


ரிப்பரே ரிப்பறிரப்பாரே



<Now the Meaning of the song based on Swami’s Upanyasams>

This is specifically for ALL those Sharanagatha’s who has said by Mind “Un ThiruvAdiye Sharanam” to SriKrishna BhagavAn. SriKrishna is singing towards those Sharanagatha JeevAthmas.

ஹே, –> Hey Sharanagatha, look at me,

எத்தன சந்தோஷம், தினமும் கொட்டுது உன்மேல, –> I’m showering my Karuunai on you All the time

நீ மனசு வச்சிப்புட்டா, ரசிக்க முடியும் உன்னால, –> If you Believe in ME by Mind, then just remove the Sogam (Worry), then you will be able to realize how much Karunai I’m showering on you All the time. Like we holding Umberalla (Sogam/Worry) is a barrier for Rain (Karunai) to drench us. So, remove the Umberlla (SOgam) and get drenched in Rain (BhagavAn’s Karunai).


நீ சிந்துர கண்ணீரும், இங்க நிரந்தரம் இல்ல, –> The Tears that we shed in this Samsaram is NOT Permanent for anyone, Just say Sharanam on MY Lotus Feet and Live Worry Free, I will TAKE CARE of YOU.


இதை புரிஞ்சிக்கிட்டாலே இங்க நீதாண்டா ஆள  –> If you understand this, then you are the True Devotee and no one can confuse you or overrule your thoughts.

So on for other lines……BhagavAta can fill in based on BhagavatAs understanding from Upanyasam.


என்ன பார்…… –> LOOK AT MY EYES. I’m The Supreme BhagavAn SriKrishna. Sarva Shakthan, Sarvagyan, Poornan YENNUN NAAN (சர்வசக்தன்m சர்வஞன், பூர்ணன் என்னும் நான் ).


நான் கைய தட்ட, உண்டாச்சு உலகம். –> With Just MY Sankalpam (Wish), I ‘The Supreme’ Created this Whole Andam/Universe Effortlessly, like when I clapped MY hands, it got created. [References as seen in Sriamdh BhagavAtam and Vishnu Puranam about BhagavAn’s creation].


ஹே, நான் சொன்ன பக்கம் நிக்காம சுழலும் –> Hey Sharanagatha, All universes revolve around me without stopping and the Kaala Chakkaram runs without stopping UNTIL I say STOP.


டேய், என் கூட சேர்ந்து கூத்தாடும் நிழலும்  ––>Here டேய் means, SriKrishna calling the ‘Future Sharanagathas (all JeevAthmas who are in Sensual pursuits) to come and join and Dance with HIM  like how HIS Shadows (Sharanagathas) always move/tied along with BhagavAn’s movement/Dance. A Sharanagathan can NEVER be separated or Kept away from BhagavAn like how a Shadown always follow/tied together with the person.

உள்ளார எப்போதும் உல்லாலா உல்லாலா –> Inside MY mind I’m ALWAYS HAPPY/JOYFUL (as Swami says in Enpani “Brahmam Aanandham”), and those who have Maha Vishwasam on ME, I make them HAPPYY (உல்லாலா உல்லாலா).


ரிப்பறிரப்பாரே ரிப்பரே ரிப்பறிரப்பாரே ரிப்பறிரப்பாரே. –> This is a new type of language which we are yet to learn. For now, adiyen’s version is ரிப்பரே in English means RIP, means BhagavAn keeps RIPping Ripping Ripping Rippare (Erases) a Sharanagathans Sins/Paapams and Takes HIM to Moksham in SAME BIRTH with HIS KARUNAI as Swami says பேற்றுக்கு உபாயம் நின் பெரு அருளே (‘Pettrukku’ means SriVaikuntam; ‘Upayam’ means Route to Moksham; ‘Nin Peru Arul’ means BhagavANs’ Pure Kaataksham/Arul/Krupai is the ONLY Route to Moksham).



With this understanding, if BhagavAta listen to the below Ullala song from Petta Movie, then BhagavAta will enjoy like adiyen (SriKrishna’s “Maa Suchaha” meaning in colloquial Tamil language……)




Overall, Swami says, the Essence of SriKrishna Charama Slokam is, if we do “Yennaiye (Kannane) Dharmamaaga Pattri Iru”, then “We DON”T have any rights to Worry (சோகப்பட யோக்கியதை இல்லை)“ which is what SriKrishna BhagavAn says in the slokam as “………Maa Suchaha”.



Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu


என்ன பார்……….(SriRama in Ayodhya)…

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