Vishnu Sahasranamam recital by women/ladies

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Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha

Sri Velukkudi Swamikku namaskaram

In recent days i received a message stating some previous acharyas have stated that Women should not recite the complete vishnu sahsranamam, only certain specific parts can be recited , the rest can only be heard when recited by qualified men. I am not sure about how authentic it is . So kindly request you to clarify the same.

The reasons they provide are 1) Gayatri mantra is within the first few slokas of vishnu Sahasranamam 2) VEry intricate intimate details of Perumall’s Shareeram is described in some slokas 3) In sloka ” Parvati uvacha.. “kenopāyena laghunā viṣṇor nāma sahasrakam |
paṭhyate paṇḍitair nityaṃ śrotum icchāmyahaṃ prabho ”  is interpreted as what is the easiest way for women to hear (srotum) this  recital. 

So based on these arguments it is advised that Women should hear but not recite the whole of Sahasranamam.

I am not clear which is the right interpretation and what have previous acharcyas suggested?

Kindly advice.






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