Velukkudi swamy – adiyen’s very big vinnappam

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8 on November 25, 2019

Adiyen has a big vinnappam (in fact, piravi payan adaiya vinnappam). Adiyen has been living the life as directed and guided by our Swamy for many years and I do not do anything beyond what swamy has told. I’m 24 years old and I desperately want Velukkudi swamy to be my AchAryar to do Panchasamskaram. I attended swamy’s upanyasam in Sydney but couldn’t able to talk about this. Adiyen wondering if this is possible at all?
How do i approach swamy and show my AchAryar bhakthi? Adiyen has come to the point where I cannot pass a day without swamy’s voice and incorporating & practicing what is said, even if it is difficult to follow sometimes. With Swamy’s kripa, adiyen want to take this panchasamskaram and become a ramanuja dasan and do all kinds of AchAryar kainkaryams and perumal including thiruavaradhanai. 

Adiyen doesn’t know how long this jeevatma will be in this body. Hence, I need to get my piravi payan by AchAryar sambandam and divya des kainkaryams! Kindly help and uplift this fallen soul.

Uyya orey vazhi Velukkudi swamy thiruvadi !!!

Adiyenukku Adiyen Ramanuja dasan!!!

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0 on November 27, 2019

UPDATE for any other bhaktas who might have the same doubt and willingness. Adiyen contacted our Kinchit trust via email and Swamy has directed adiyen to other bhaktas (who are doing Swamy kainkaryam) and through them, Swamy is sending adiyen to the right place to take Panchasamskaram in Sriranga kshetram.

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3 on November 28, 2019

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

நன்று ராகேஷ் சுவாமி.

Similar scenario happened to Adiyen in the past and adiyongal got PanchaSamskaram (Ramanuja Sambhandham) with Velukkudi Swami’s grace through other Adiyaars guidance🙏.

Velukkudi Swami Thiruvadigalukku Pallandu Pallandu

Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan,
KKC Sholinghur DhoddayAcharyar-VedanthAcharyar-KumaraSingarAchayar-Velukkudi Sri Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam.

on December 1, 2019

Adiyen dasan. Swamy can non bhramins get samasrayanam in swamy doddaiyacharyar’s thirumaligai. If so kindly reply. Adiyen dasan.🙏🙏🙏🙏

1 week ago

Adiyen srinivasa daasan.

Though adiyen born as brahmin, adiyen was away from sampradayam for many years. Divine words of velukkudi swami only changed my life.

Adiyen got samaashrayanam from Koil kandadai chandamarutham dhoddayacharya swami kumara singarachariar. Even after that adiyen was away from acharya thirumaligai and kainkaryam. But one of our thirumaligai shisyar named sowndarrajan who is a non brahmin only initiated me to come to acharyan thirumaligai frequently. swami is very close to our acharyan (kumara singarachariar). Sowndarrajan swami shares with me his anubhavam with swami kumara singarachariar and glory of acharya thirumaligai. There is no words to explain mercy of Kumara singarachariar swami. If we visit acharyan thirumaligai 3 or 4 times, swami will remember us very well and we can be in heart(become so close) of acharyan. After going to swami thirumaligai along with sowndarrajan swami only adiyen got more acharya parichayam.

So no doubt wether samaashrayanam will happen to non brahmin or not in KKC vedantacharyar thirumaligai. All of us will be dearer to swami.

7 days ago

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,


அருமை ஸ்ரீவத்ஸன் சுவாமி.


Please make sure to chant both Acharya Thaniyan’s daily &/or every time, which brings us (anyone who has GRATTITUDE) closer to Acharyan’s heart ❤️.




Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan,
KKC Sholinghur DhoddayAcharyar-VedanthAcharyar-KumaraSingarAchayar-Velukkudi Sri Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam.

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0 on November 28, 2019

Dhanyosmi Swamy

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

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We all know, Sri Ramanujacharya took initiation from Periya Nambigal, so he is his Diksha Guru and he had 4 more Siksha Gurus as directed by Alavandar.

Similarly adiyen’s Diksha Guru is Sri Sriranga Narayana Jeeyar Swamigal and one and only Diksha Guru is our Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamigal.

Alwaar Emperumanar Acharyar thiruvadigale saranam

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0 on December 3, 2019

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,


Namskaram Prem Kumar Swami,


In General, adiyen will share from Sri Velukkudi Swami’s “Sharanagathy Q&A” Upanyasam with Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalam and showing gratitude to the SriVaishnava Blogs who translated Swami’s Upanyasams.

Swami Manavaala Maamunigal in ‘Upadesa Rathinamalai’ says “before Swami Ramanujar avataram, all acharyas used to examine the knowledge of the people before doing upadesam of the manthiram and meanings. Ramanujar was the one who provided the actual meaning of Shastras and he started to do upadesam of the manthiram based on the interest that individual had.

Adhikaram (Eligibility for Moksham) was changed from “Kulam and Knowledge” to “Aasai (desire)”


For Sharanagathy/Panchasamskaram/Prapatti/Samasrayanam for Moksham via Ramanuja Sambhandham,

Q1: Are there any ELIGIBILITY requirement (Yogyathai/Niyamam)

Ans: There is “NO” Desa, Kaala, Adhikari, Prakara, Phala niyamam:

  1. a) Desa Niyamam (Place constraint?): Persons from ANY Desa/Place globally can do Sharanagathy,
  2. b) Kaala Niyamam (Time constraint?): There are NO rules on what time/date one should do Panchasamskaram, Sharanagathy.
  3. c) Adhikari Niyamam (Who is eligible?): Anyone can do Sharanagathy. There is no difference due to birth, scholar, human or animal, men or women belonging to all varnas, since we all are JeevAthmas (property of BhagavAn Sriman NarayanAn)
  4. d) Prakara Niyamam – There are No special ways/or manner like sankalpam etc.
  5. e)Phala Niyamam (Result constraint): There is no phala niyamam for sharanagati. Saranagati can be done for any phalam, but we should not do it just for any simple phalam, instead we need to do it only for Moksham and Bhagavadh kainkaryam resulting.


Q2: Are there any Pre-requisites for Sharanagathy.

Ans: Yes, Vishya Niyamam is needed prior to Sharanagathy. What are those?

  1. a) Sharanagathan need to have Swaroopa Gyanam (I’m Sheshan/Parathantharn/Not-Independent, but dependent on BhagavAn Sriman NarayanAn “Thayar-Perumal”),
  2. b) Sharanagathan need to have Fear about samsaram. The eligibility for Sharanagati is fear and the fruit of Saranagathy is to get rid of that fear. Saranagati’s adhikaram – Fear/Sogam/Bhayam about over countless births that we have taken and suffered a lot in this Samsaram.
  3. c) Sharanagathy’s phalan – Soga Nivarthi, becoming fearless,
  4. d) Or, Instead of Q2 b)&c), if Sharanagthan has the Aasai towards BhagavAn’s Lotus Feet and NOT because of Fear of Samsaram, then no need to worry about b) & c), we can skip b) & c) process, because BhagavAn Sriman NarayanAn is Brahmam Aanadham (Always Happy, so when we are doing Sharanagthy just for the joy of doing it, then we also will be Happy like BhagavAn due to Acharya Krupai),
  5. e) AnanyaGathithvam – No other place to go except BhagavAn Sriman NarayanAn’s lotus feet (பெருமாள் திருவடி தவிர வேறு புகழ் இல்லை. Vera Gadhi illai)
  6. f) Aakinchanyam – Aakinchanam means one who does not have anything – சிறுதுளி கூட இல்லாதவன். For a Sharanagathan, there is nothing which he has or nothing which he can do for attaining Moksham and Perumal is the only option.


All Acharya Thirumaaligai’s or Matams of Swami Ramanujar Sampradhayam in the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE follow all the above rules as per Shastras.

So, if devareer has all the a) thru’ f) pre-requisites as in Q-2, then devareer’s question “…..can non bhramins get samasrayanam…….. ” is answered in Q-1 c) under Adhikari Niyamam by Sri Velukkudi Swami in “Sharanagathy Q&A” Upanyasam.


Kurai Irundhaal, adiyenai kShamikka Prarthikkiraen,

Nirai Irundhaal, adiyenudaya Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalatthaal, Velukkudi Swami Aasirvadhatthaal.


Adiyen Srinivasa (DhoddayaAcharyar) Dasan.

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