Vaduga Nambi and Kaikeyi

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Srimate Ramanujaya Namaha!

Namaskaaram Swami,

In Ramayanam, when we look at the point of view from Kaikeyi’s side, she was thinking that she was doing good to Bharathan, but eventually ended up regretting it later on. So both she and her son suffered for this.  Bharathan is a devotee of Sri Ramar.

Now coming to Vaduga Nambi’s story, he carried Udayavar’s sandals in the same bag as the thiruvaradhanam deity, seeing which even Udayavar was shocked. Here also, Udayavar is a devotee of Perumal. 

Both Bharathan and Udayavar didn’t encourage Kaikeyi and Vaduga Nambi to do what they did.

Kaikeyi is thinking of doing sevai to Bharathan (a devotee) but gets a bad name to this day. Vaduga Nambi is thinking of doing sevai to Udayavar (also a devotee) but is being praised.

How do we understand this, swami?

(Adiyen know that this is not a good comparison, but still, this was in adiyen’s mind for a long time. Kshamikka prarthikkiren.)

adiyen dasan.

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Going by your narrative, Queen Kaikeyi’s consideration was not “Bharatha, the devotee of the Lord must become the king”; her consideration was “Bharatha, MY SON, must become the king”. The consideration is based on material attachment, and envy as triggered by Kooni.

In Vaduga Nambi’s case, the consideration was not based on material attachment.

adiyen dasan.

Namaskaram Swami,

Thanks for the reply.

adiyen dasan.

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