Upside Down Swamy Phone Stolen From Hand Auto driver cheated Rs 1100

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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Srimathe SriVarAha MahAdesikAya Namaha


22-Nov my english birthday pillion rider of bike stole mobile phone Rs 15000 from hand. Approached E1 police station Mylapore thrice. Including my tamil nakshatra birthday on 23-Nov-2019. There seemed to be hesitancy in filing CSR. So filed online cyber crime complaint and received acknowledgement. Not sure if that is sufficient.

Yesterday Friday 29-Nov-2019 ate Pav Baaji (Fast food) at office usually I don’t eat such food but forgot to eat lunch due to work so hunger forced me to eat something and driven by instincts. Tried to return at around 10:30 PM the meeting room was locked. I could not open the door. Called security. After 15 minutes of back and forth communication someone opened the door saying “Sir, door not locked but it was shut tightly due to the wood and you don’t have strength to open it”

My elder sister died in fire accident while she was locked in the house once upon a time. It was at the back of my head. 

While returning home it rained heavily. Had to board share auto till a point, drenched in rain, took another share auto, auto had holes and again got wet. Full fever, stomach ache, body pain, head ache due to that paav baaji gravy completely out of control. Reached bus stand. No bus plying so took normal auto. He called me “Sami” “Sami”. I thought he was genuine. First I said Rs 60 he refused. Again he said there are no buses and you have no options.

I enquired again the rate, he said no problem let’s go home. After reaching home I had Rs 1000 for taking MTC bus pass. Two 500 rupees. Unfortunately bus pass is only available from 1st of every month it seems so could not get the pass from bus stand. While riding I narrated my cell phone stolen story. Auto driver said I have a spare phone I will give it to you.

I said even though I have problems at home God has given me enough I can manage I can buy a new phone. Give the phone to someone needy. After me getting down, I gave Rs 500 note and said “You seem to be a good person please take Rs 100 instead of Rs 60 and give me back balance Rs 400”.

He took the Rs 500 note and said “Sami I asked Rs 400 and you have given me Rs 100”. I said if you had told me this rate I wouldn’t have boarded the auto. Suddenly he returned Rs 100 and told “Sami you have mistakenly given Rs 100 and saying Rs 500”. It was pitch dark. As he talked so genuinely during the ride I trusted him and gave another Rs 500 note. He again gave back Rs 100 and said “Sami what is this again you are giving Rs 100. We agreed for Rs 300 finally” and he kept repeating “Iyappa”, “Shiva shiva shiva shiva shiva shiva shiva”.

When I opened wallet I found only Rs 200 (returned) + Rs 60 maximum. Auto driver said go to home and get it.. I went to home and gave Rs 300 again.

So 1000- 200 +300 = Rs 1100 I lost yesterday. Adiyen remembered devareer’s speech that we should not bargain with daily wagers, auto drivers, vegetable vendors etc. Are people taking advantage of my mindset or was I cheated so badly in dilemma between ethics and business? Adiyen still cannot believe I am fooled so badly. I should have kept my mouth shut during the ride.

Due to smartphone loss, I could not participate in dharma sandeha, book uber, book ola, use office application to log on to my client network, had to deal with police as if I was the thief. Also surprisingly the the camera not working exactly at the place where thief stole my phone from my hand. How come? The next day of theft I saw a same “Pullingo” (spiked) hair styled guy in front of my house laughing at us while going to Madhavaperumal temple to do archanai.   

Life has become dangerous, adiyen need to take different route to office daily and adiyen cannot enjoy Thayar’s brahmOtsavam in SVBC2 channel to the fullest thinking of all these. Not sure if adiyen can focus on work as these thoughts keep hindering my mind.

Please bless adiyen


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Swami, adiyen will pray to Sriyapathi for giving you the strength to pass through these tough times 

on December 15, 2019

Bhagavatha devareer thiruvadi bhalam

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