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Namaskaram seamy What is connection between varahar swamy and thiruvidaVenthai kshetram and inform about moolavar thirukkolam

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Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,


Dear BhagavAta,


Swami says in 108 Divya Desams CD. Please listen to it for details. Here is some short details from Swami’s CD.


108 Divya desams is classified in to 6 Naattu Thirupathigal

Chola Naattu (40), Nadu Naattu (2), Thondai Naattu (22), Vada Naattu (11), Malai Naattu (13), Pandiya Naattu (18). Then outsode Bhhoomi is Thirupaarkadal (1) and outside Leela Vibhoothi is SriVaikuntam (1). Total 108 divya desams.


ThiruEdaVendhai is the 62nd divya deasma belonging to Thondai Naatu Thirupathigal Sthalam,


Varaha Perumal Keeping Thiru (Thayar) on HIS left (Eda’dhu) thigh, so ‘ThiruEdaVendhai’ name for the Kstheram

Kshetram –> ThiruEdaVendhai

Moolavar –> Aadhi Varaha Perumal (Nithya Kalyana Perumal as Urchavar)

Thayar –> Komalavalli Nachiyar (AkhilaValli Thayar)

Theertham –> Kalyana Theertham

Vimaanam –> Kalyana Vimanan

This temple is primarily famous for GruhaAshramam people. Successful marriage happens by worshipping Divya Dampadhis.



Story 1:

Meghanadhan was a Asura and he had a son Bali Chakravarthy.

During Asura & Deva yudham, asuras called Bali Chakravarthy to support them, but he did not support them and did not go for yudham. Devas won, and again asuras pleaded to Bali, then he agreed and Bali won the yudham with Devas.

By winning the yudham with devas, Bali Chakravarthy got Dhosham. So, he came to ThiruEdaVenthai place (no Kshetram at that time) to get rid of his dhosham.

At that time, Perumal appeared as Varaha Perumal and gave dharshan to him and his dhosham was gone. Then on this place became as Kshetram and Varaha Perumal as Moolar giving sevas to all devotees.


Story 2:

A Maharishi named Kuni wanted to arrange marriage for her daughter to another Maharishi named Ghalavar.

They both married and got 360 daughters. When Ghalavar wanted to arrange marriage for their 360 daughters, he did not have money.

Then, based on other Rishis advice, he went to ThirEdaVendhai and did tapas on Varaha Perumal. Perumal came in the form of a a human as Maapillai, and asked the Rishi, can I marry your daughter. Rishi asked, out of 360 daughters, which one you want to marry. He married one of them in 1st day, then again came as Kalyana Perumal and married 2nd daughter and son 360 days, he married all of them.

Each of them were consolidated as one Nachiyar, so the Thayar is called as Akhila Valli Nachiyar

Since Perumal is marrying everyday, he is called a Nithya Kalyana Perumal

[As per shatras, 1 year is actually 360 days only, so Nithya Kalaya Perumal marries every day (full year). Swami says, the Sookshma artham is that, Nithya Kalyana Perumal is ParamAthma (only Purushotthaman) and all of us are JeevAthmas (Females), so HE marries each of us].

ThiruMangai Alwar Paasurams for this Temple:

1021, 1108-1117, 2673 (73), 2674 (119).


Please listen to Swamis ‘108 divya desam’ CD for details.


Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.

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