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Generally all srivaishnavas own salagrama emperuman as aradhana moorthy. We can find 2 or more, sometime 12 srimoorthy.
But, usually elders advice not to have numerable emperuman with us rather have Small one. Is it fine to have extra salagrama emperuman(provided one perform regular thiruvaradhanam as kramam with proper kovil azhwar for perumans etc) or should we restrict ourselves to fewer ones?

Also, as extension of this, we could find small thirumeni of peruman, a small kannan etc found in aradhana peruman alongside salagrama( but many has left practice of kovil azhwar and thirumeni etc in recent times).

Say one with acharayan anugraham does thiruvaradhanam, is it fine to retrace these practices of having kovil azhwar, having small kannan/peruman as thiruvaradhana peruman and having more than 12 salagramam etc with dedication towards it?? Or in our lifestyle change does it lead to apacharam?

Please clarify this swamy

Adiyen dasan

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You can have 12 Salagramams if you are to do tiruvaradhana. Small tavazhda Kannan can be also be had. But bigger moorthis – Check twice before you start.

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Adiyen dasan🙏

on November 13, 2020

Dhanyosmi 🙏

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