There is no doomsday theory in Sri VaishNavam

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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Varaha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam

That’s because neither Karma will end (by longevity of material existence) nor creation will end. Both creation and Karma are as eternal as SriVaikuntam.

Creation and Karma are like conjoined twins. One cannot live without another.

Sorry to say that’s what I learned from Kinchitkaram Swamy.

So chance of course correction in SriVaishnavam is always possible. The end of Karma is the technically the end of creation of an individual soul destined to salvation/Moksham.

See Veda clearly says:
Neither sky knows existence of Earth nor Earth knows the existence of sky

Only you (soul) know both exists.

So the creation itself is typically and individual perception. Not to confuse with Advaita philosophy.

The moment I say Individual it’s Vishista.

So creation perception for an individual soul will be based on Karma.

The end of Karma is the end of creation road for that individual soul.

It’s like Tamil saying
“if cat closes it’s eyes the world will be darkened”

In a way it’s true. The realisation of cat matters. One advocate Swamy told me “Don’t see world through your lens”.

Yes correct. All of us have a retina of some sort through which we see the world.

It’s all made up of senses. A reality made of senses.

Obviously there is no way to sense existence of material existence over and above in an immortal plane (SriVaikuntam).

Even if we do that’s “immaterial” pun intended.

Ideally we will not be engaged in a lower form of life. That’s the idea behind Moksham.

What they say in Moksham?

1. We don’t blink
2. No hunger
3. No old age
4..No death

These parameters are applicable only to creation. So measuring SriVaikuntam with a wrong scale that itself is incorrect.

I will tell you why, Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy has told:

There are 5 levels/stages/forms of existence of Vishnu

In that we JeevAthmAs can’t visit “Viewham” place the Milky Ocean stuff. Those are only for Devas

It simply means creation is also 5 types
1. Srivaikuntam (non material)
2..Thiruparkadal (material/
3..Vibhavam (AprArkutham within Prakruthi)
4. Archai (PrAkrutham stone and AprAkrutham inside stone )
5. AntharyAmithvam (AprAkrutham in both material and non material)
As AntharyAmi should exist in SriVaikuntam as well as per the definition. Challenge me if you can.

Para Vasudevan and Sri Mahalakshmi were hiding themselves inside the heart of Hiranyakashipu when he came to Vaikuntam in search of them – Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimha AchAryAr Swamy used to say.

Coming back, all 5 stages have own relationship with Vishnu.

One can relate to Vishnu in any stage

Veda says all 5 stages of Vishnu are equal.

There is no higher and lower.

That’s the reason Advaitis catch the point “Lower form” and “Higher Form”.

We have made such wrong perception of material creation.

What did alAnanthAzhwAn Swamy say?
“If this body snake wins I will do Kainkaryam on Earth if real snake wins the Kainkaryam will be in SriVaikuntam”

A Kainkaryam here is as good as Kainkaryam in SriVaikuntam or Viewham.

For Vishnu, everything is the same. We just need to relate him to the world he has assigned to us.

If we keep on saying we are lower form of creation we will fall prey in Advaiti’s hands and have to accept them.

We are as equal as Vishnu in our designated form or life. Equal in the sense close not supreme. Don’t get confused.

You can take it as “Ramasya Athma Sama SakhA”

Devas are no greater life form than us. They are designated to be Devas.

In this life I am a human that’s it.

A mere place of existence does not change the nature of who or what we are.

Just like Thenkalai claim Sri Mahalakshmi’s status to be. Their understanding will not change who Sri Mahalakshmi is. She is who she is.

She is omnipresent as Vishnu. A rice is good enough for whole pot of rice.

So, comparing to other religion, there is no judgement day. We are always good. Come back to any time any place you are destined to be. Resume the cycle until you like it. If bored, go back to Vaikuntam.


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0 on May 6, 2024

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Devas have access to Viewham. Why not we?

There is nothing like we should not worship a lord in a particular form or place correct? Why that access restriction?

Why this JeevAthma on the way to Vaikuntam just can’t get a glace of Anantha Sayana Perumal in Milky Ocean?

Who or what is stopping?

What if I want to see Perumal in lying posture in Milky Ocean?

There is nothing impossible right with this power of Perumal:
“AGhatitha GhatanA SAmarthyam”

Or is it a request like TriSangu’s out of syllabus?


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