Thaaye thandhaiye ennum – Possible to discard relationship?

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31 on November 24, 2016

Is it possible to leave our worldly relationship for Perumal?
Thaaramey kilai makkaley ennum noye pattozhindhen unnai kaanbadhor aasaiyinaal.

Perumal gave this blood relationship patents sisters brothers. A wife enters. Suddenly one baby is born from nowhere calling me appa.

Now we see we are tightly in a family bonding. We have to do our gruhastAshrama karmA no matter what.

Then how can we become like azhwars all of a sudden and discard these relationship all for emperumaan Sriman Narayana?

Even if it’s for moksham?

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0 on November 25, 2016

We cannot become awzhars so easily.. Krishna did not ask to disregard our family and members. He asked us to perform our Varnashrama dharma, Andal says kudi irundhu kulirndhelorempaavai.
Ramanujacharya with ocean of mercy he has given us Saranagathi gadyatrayamn please refer it.
Yathirajar has said those who are my sambandhis will surely attain moksham.. Become a ramanuja sambandhi.. Those who take ashrayam under him has nothing to worry about moksam.
Moksham is greater than any other material pleasure in any world.. How ever we question at the end we have to leave this body! Krishna says do your gruhasthrama karma without having attachment! Do bakthi along with the family engage them if it’s not possible.. Do it alone in the family as days goes they will join you with acharyans kripai.. Our vellukkudi swamin have also told lot of enpani clips regarding these topics.

Krishna never asked us to leave our family all of a sudden.. He asked us to do the least which is possible by everyone! Nothing impractical.

Offering him a leaf, flower, fruits, water with love is what he asks
He enjoys while we recite pashurams..
To accept only prasadam..
Sing dance service to bhagavathas
Visit to all divya desams with your dear family sing pasurams.
Train you kid with pashurams slokams teach him sanatana dharmam.. Which is the utmost responsibility.
If nothing is possible saranagathi from with humility and humbleness is enough.

Please refer Our swamis kannanin aramudhu videos.. How to do bakthi along maintaining materialistic relationships.. In his bhagavad Gita videos he magnificiently clarifies our doubts.

We don’t need to be like azwhar which isnt possible for badhatmas like us without their grace.. we can become their lotus feet dust.. For this samsara sagar Krishna bakthi is only samadhanam.. Only happiness for this dhukhalaam.

This family attachment is not new we have been in thousands of body and we don’t remember any one of those .. Krishna and thayar are with us in all those janmas. And they will be there for us eternally! All we have to do is make everyone God conscious! When there is no option we don’t need to leave the family but do bakthi.

Annamacharya in one of his kirtans says this life is a natakam nanati badhuku natakamu… Just a like movie…

Azhwar says this life is so temporary that maybe an minnal (lightning)can stay for some moments not this human body.

Desikans padhuka sahasranaamam
Ramanujacharya gadyatrayam
Gita bhasyam
Andals nachiyar thirumozhi
4000divya prabhandhams
There are limit less which just says sharagathi is enough to get moksham but it require little thagudhi. Very simple steps if practiced for years we will be successful
Krishna expects the possible from us not the impossible..

Basically bhagavad Gita clarifies every inch of our doubts.. Swami says doubts are very good for our spiritual development so please listen more.^_^

Forgive me if anything said wrongly adiyenin namaskaram.

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10 on November 25, 2016

Nice answer. Adiyen would like to add on.

Azhwars are Azhwars. No one else can become Azhwars. Azhwars appealed directly to Bhagavan. We (don’t need to)/(can’t) do that. We go through Acharyas.

Swamy Ramanuja has promised Moksham for all those who associate with him. Only thing we need to obtain is association with Udayavar.

Naam seiya vendiya anaithayume Swamy Ramanujar senjuttar. why ? because he knew we will not be able to do it. Swamy was already guaranteed Moksham. But that alone wasn’t his wish. He appealed to Piratti and Bhagavan for US only. We should have unshakable faith that Bhagavan will deliver us no matter how perfect/imperfect we are because Bhagavan is not expecting us to be perfect like Azhwars. We can always strive to improve ourselves but with a thought that none of them are upaya except Bhagavan himself.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan  

on November 25, 2016

Sorry adiyen
Na unmaiya soldren
Azhwar, Acharyan, Velukkudi Swami, Ramanujar, Desikan, Perumal

Ivaala Vida enakku en appa amma dhan perusu. I cannot act in front of Perumal.

Vaa aathukku Polam sevichadhu podhum nu sonna kelambiduven.

Iva dhan perumaala enakku kaamichu kuduthadhu so indha pattrudhal ennai vidathu.

Naanum indha patrudhalukku adimaiyagi than kidakkiren.

Suddenna koorathazhwan pol iru
Azhwargal pol Bhakthi sei

Endraal naidai murai sadhiyam attradhu

Happy Ekadeshi

on November 25, 2016

Vikram Swamy,

“Suddenna koorathazhwan pol iru
Azhwargal pol Bhakthi sei”

endru nammai yaarum solla villai. Nammal irukavum mudiyadhu endru ellorukkum theriyum. 

“Iva dhan perumaala enakku kaamichu kuduthadhu so indha pattrudhal ennai vidathu.”

vida thevai illai. eppo avala perumala kaamichu kuduthadhukaaga vida mudiyadhu endru devareer sonneero, adhu kandippaaga valid reason dhaan. Idhe vera vishayathukkaga vida mudiyaadhu endru sonnal, adhu yosika vendiya vishayam.

Happy Ekadashi

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

on November 29, 2016


Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,

Adiyen Dasanudasan,

Great question and answers.

Adiyen would like to share what adiyen has grasped by hearing upanyasams and append the above said answers.


Swami in Enpani #172 (subject starting as“ Any Reward For….“) says, how one does their duty for the sake of doing the dharmam without expecting a phalam. For those people, the reward is Moksham.


Regarding Attachment/Detachment to do Bhakthi or Alwar’s Bhakthi situation.

Sri Velukkudi Krishna Swami said in an upanyasam that Swami Pillai Lokacharyar says, after we do Prapatti/Sharanagathi, still all Prapannas are not of same thagudhi (state of Bhakthi differs), though BhgavAn grants Moksham to all types of prapannas.

Prapannas after Prapatti are classified in to three categories.

“Prapatti pannum adhikaarikal moovar”.

1) Agyar (Agyanikal) –> Bhakthiyin Iyalaamayaal Mukthi (Namma).

When we say with true panivu (humbleness) to BhagavAn that “Yennaal Bhakthi PANNA MUDIYADHU (I CANNOT do Bhakthi), yeanna yenakku Bhakthi yeppadi pannanumnu THERIYADHU, adhanaalaey thaan bhakthi panna mudiyadhunnu sonnaen“. BhagavAn always likes Panivu/ThannAdakkam (humbleness/humility) and in-addition for the joy of doing Bhakthi, when we utter few words like karmas, no paavam and no punyam gives Moksham, eventhough we don’t know the full details of it, BhagavAn thinks “Paravaillayaey, ivan Agyaniya irundhaalum ivan ivalavu vaarthaikal therinju vatchu irukiranaey appadeennu nenaichu Aanandha pattu, HE stamps the word Bhakthi on us and Moksham yenkira samrajyathayaey kodukkiraan namakku”. Edhu namma nilai.

2) Gyana Vishesha Yukthar –> Bhatkhiyin Aadhikatthaal Mukthi (Acharyars).

Swami Ramanuja Acharyar who has full Gyanam (Knowlegde), Capacity & Ability about Bhakthi and Shranagathy, still says with Panivu and ThannAdakkam to BhagavAn that “naan Bhakthi PANNA MAATAEN (I WILLNOT do Bhakthi)“, since it is the duty of BhagavAn to take me to Moksham “Yennai kaapathuvadhu Kai Piditha Kanavarin Kadamai, appadi irukka, naan yean muyarchi seyya vendum”. At the same time, he continued to do the Acharam/Anushtanam/Kainkaryam for the joy of doing the dharmam, since BhagaVan has said to do it in shastras. Edhu Acharyar’kalin nilai.

3) Gyanaathikar –> Bhakthiyin PaaraVashyathaal Mukthi (Alwars).

BhagavAn’ai ninaithalaaey “oru paravasam, oru pada padappu, eppadi irukkira nilayil naan mayangi mayakkam pottu vidukiraen, appuram Bhakthi YEPPADI PANNUVAEN (I COULD’NT do Bhakthi). So, Bhakthi ParaVasathaal Mukthi Alwar’galukku. Edhu Alwar’galin nilai.

So, Rishis says with Ahambhavam that naan Bhakthi Pannuvaen, Alwars says Yeppadi Pannuvaen, Acharyas says Yean Pannanum with panivu and we say Panna Mudiyathu with panivu.

Like, all passengers (prapannas) in an International double deck airline (Sharanagathi plane) has same destination (Moksham), still the Seating (State of Bhakthi) in the plane differs:

1) 2nd deck First Class Suites (Alwars Bhakthi nilai),

2) 2nd deck Business Class Suite (Swami Ramanujar Bhakthi nilai; UDDHARAKA Acharyar),

3) 1st deck First Class seats (All Acharyars except Swami Ramanujar; UPAKARAKA Acharyars),

4) 1st deck Business Class seats (Pandithargal/Vedhathikal like Sri Velukkudi Swami Bhakthi nilai).

5) 1st deck economy class (Namma nilai).

PoorvAcharys didnot say that “Attachment or Detachment is a means to Moksham”. If adiyen says so, then it becomes dong business with Perumal, like “I did what I could do (muyarchi), “Koyilai pradhakshanam vandein, Archanai seidhaen, ellam thurandhein (I left everything for you), so “YOU please give me Moksham“. This is the biggest BhagavAt Apacharam. Mukthi is given by BhagavAn, for the only reason that we are a Saranagathan with Panivu & ThanAdakkam under HIS lotus feet which is nothing but the Acharyar ThiruvAdi and not for any other reason.

There are two instances in “GuruParamparai pravaham”.

1) Incident 1: Swami Nanjeeyar who is a shishya of Swami Parasara Bhattar, one day got Sanyasa Ashramam. Swami Thirumalai AnathAzhwan Pillai who is another sishya of Swami Ramanujar came to know about this and advised Swami Nanjeeyar that “Pasikkum podhu pusithu, Viyarkkum podhu kulithu, Bhattar Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam yendru irundhaal, Unga Perumal umakku Moksham kudukka maataaro”, means, “After prapatti, if you eat when you are hungry & take bath when you feel sweating, and say Bhattar Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam, won’t your Perumal give you Moksham”. That is the power of Acharyar ThiruvAdi, so where is question about “Attachment & Detachment”.

2) Incident 2: Swami Nanjeeyar’s shishyar was lying in bed in his last days to leave to Moksham. At that time, he asked Swami Nanjeeyar that “he has Detached himslef in last few years from family clutches, and then Attached himself in service to BhagavAn and Acharyas, so is this enough to get Moksham”. Swami Nanjeeyar became upset after hearing this and said to him, “so far after listening to all Kalakshepam and Upanyasam, is this the understanding that you got in the last minute while you are in bed“.

Swami Nanjeeyar said” Unnai Vida vaithu Pattra vaitha Avan ThiruvAdigalaey Upaayam”, means Detachment or Attachment is not the means to Moksham, but the ThiruvAdi of Perumal which we got through Acharyar Sambhandham is the only means to Moksham.


Let “Acharyars be Acharyars” & “Alwars be Alwars” and lets all be in Alwars/ Acharyars ThiruvAdi Nizhal and continue our Acharam/Anushtanam and Kainkaryam for just the joy of doing it in the rest of this life with YATHA SHAKTHI (to the capacity of whatever we possess) without Apacharam, we will get Moksham under the category as Agyar.


The Paasuram by ThiruMangai Alwar “Thayee Thandhaiye ennum….” is meant for anyone with kaama, krodha, lobh, moha, madha, matsarya whose focus is just materialistic pleasures and will do anything  to satisfy the body, Immoral behaviour, Naasthikam & Shastra virodha seyalkal. They are named as Apaasa Bandhus who doesn’t accept “we are Perumal Sotthu and the the purpose of birth is to reach SriVaikuntam and do Nithya Kainkaryam to BhagavAn and ALL”.

Though the word Aapaasa Bandhu can lead to wrong interpretations, instead we can also say as non-prapannas, but Swami uses more refined word in upanyasam as “Varungaala Prapannan (Future Prapannan”, which is more appealing and true, since we were also a Future Prapannan in the past janmas before we became a Prapannan in this janma.

On the other side, when family members and/or relatives have same thinking that “we are Perumal Sotthu and goal is to reach SriVaikuntam to do Nithya Kainkaryam to BhagavAn and ALL”, they are “ATHMA BANDHUS” and this paasuram doesn’t apply for them. If the same thinking prevails outside the family, then they are BAGAVATHA BANDHUS, like how we are in this Dharma Sandeha Satsangam.

Thirumangai Alwar though says in the paasuram as “Thaaramaey (wife)……….noye paatozhindhen……”, it is not true for himself. We have heard that, Alwar’s name was Kaliyan before doing Sharanagathi to Perumal. He was doing stealing, bad karmas etc…, but when he saw Kumudhavalli Nachiyar, he fell in love and wanted to marry her, but She agreed only upon a condtion that, He should do Pancha Samskaram and keep doing food feast to SriVaishnavas. He got Pancha Samskaram and Thirumantra Upadesam from Perumal and finally became an Alwar. So, is this Paasuram true for Thirumangai Alwar himslef, adiyen thinks that the answer is NO, because Kumudhavalli Nachiyar is Athma Bandhu who guided him and showed the path towards Perumal ThiruvAdi. Thirumangai Alwar is the only Alwar who gives Sevai to all Bhaktas along with his wife.


Kurai irundhal, adiyennai shamikka prathikkiraen.

Acharyar ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam.

Adiyen Srinivasa Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam.




on November 30, 2016

Azhugai dhan varudhu
Evlo azhagana vilakkam
Ithanai bhaagavathA vilakkangal padaikka
Athanai janmangal podhadhu
Line by line padikkanum
Word by word anubhavikkanum
Moksham endru ondru thaniyaaga irukkiradha?
Idhai anubhavithaal iruppidam Vaikuntam thaney
Ithanai bhaagavathA paatha dhuliyum
Adiyen siram Mel vaithu kolgiren
ElayaAlwar Swami Thiruvadigaley Sharanam
Venkatesh Swami thiruvadigaley sharanam
Srinidhi bhaagavathA Thiruvadigaley Sharanam

on December 8, 2016

Elayalwar swamy,

Where would Rama Bhakthan Hanuman fall in the above mentioned classes ?

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

on December 8, 2016

Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,

From Swami’s upanyasam, adiyen’s understanding is Sri Hanuman is Acharyar stanam.

Sita represents JeevAthma caught up in wrong place. Acharyar Hanuman is the bridge between SriRama (BhagavAn) and Sita (Jeevathma). Finally BhagavAn rescues.

AH-UO-MA (BhagavAn-Acharyar-Jevvathma)

Adiyen Srinivasa Dasan.

on December 9, 2016

Thank you Elayaalwar swamy.

A question that Adiyen has is how do we see Sri Hanuman’s Bhakthi nilai in contrast to Azhwargal’s Bhakthi nilai. Sri hanuman also is one of the greatest Bhaktas of Bhagavan.

Absolutely selfless. Possesses immense strength,intelligence,humility,obedience and all that is needed for a perfect example of a Bhakthan. Never uses his strength or any of his other attributes for his own self. Lives on Rama Naama. Thinks about Rama 24 X 7. Wherever Ramayana is told, hanuman immediately goes there and with folded hands listens to it as tears start rolling down his eyes. rejected even vaikunta praapthi saying the eyes which saw Bhagavan as Rama will not even see Vaikunta naathan. 

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

on December 10, 2016

Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,

Venkatesh Swamy,

Honestly adiyen don’t know the answer to Devareer’s query. Adiyen only regurgitate what adiyen hear from upanyasams.

Adiyen is not sure about Sri Hanuman rejecting Vaikunta Prapatti because of the above said reason or SriRama assigned task to Sri Hanuman to be in Kali Yuga to help us out (as Yoga Aanjeneyar with 4 hands Shanghu-Chakkaram in Sholinghur) which shows Paratantryam instead of Sheshatvam to BhagavAn.

This is adiyen’s own thinking.

Kurai irundhaal Adiyen’udaya Agyanathinaal.

Adiyen’ai shamikka Prathikkiraen.

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam
Sri Anjeneyar ThiruvAdigalaey sharanam.
Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam.

on December 10, 2016

Elayaalwar Swamy,

Sri Hanuman rejected Vaikunta. That is for sure,

sneho me paramo rAjan! tvayi nityam apratishThitah |
bhaktiSca niyatA vIra! bhAvo nAnyatra gacchati || (uttara.40.15)

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

on December 12, 2016

Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha

Thank you Venkatesh swamy for clarifying. Adiyen is clear now.

Shree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram

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1 on November 29, 2016

ElayaAlwar swamy thiruvadigaley Sharanam.

on November 29, 2016

Adiyen yella Prapannar’kalukkum Charamavathi Dasan

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam
Acharyar ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam
EmperumanaAr ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam
Alwar ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam
ThayarPerumal ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam.

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2 on November 29, 2016

A question not related to the above question.

Was swamy Ramanuja Adiseshan himself or an amsam of Adiseshan ( Adiseshan’s powers invested in a jivatma )?

If he was Adiseshan himself, will we be able to see him in Sri Vaikundam because he will be in the form of Adiseshan ( serpent ) right ? (or) even if he was Adiseshan himself, we can still see Swamy Ramanuja too in Sri Vaikundam as being a nityasuri, he is capable of exhibiting that ?

Adiyenudaya arivirku ettadha pala vishayangalul idhvum ondru. Adiyen thavaraaga yedhuvum kettirundhaal kshamikka praarthikkiren.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

on December 1, 2016

Srimatae Ramanuajya Namaha,

Adiyen Dasanudasan,

Venkatesh Swamy,


Adiyen will try to list down what Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami says in Ramanuja Noorthandhadhi upanyasam. Please pardon if any errors.


AadhiSheshan: AdhiSheshan nature is Only thondu thondu thondu (Kainkaryam) to BhagavAn (Nintral kudayaam…..). So Swami Ramanujar blesses us with the gunam of sheshatvam to Perumal.

Chakkaram: Removes our Paapam & Theeya gunangal (kaama, krodha, lobh, moha, madha, matsarya)

Shangam: Provides Gyanam to us about BhagavAn’s kalyana gunangal and our relationship with HIM and echos everywhere (Swami Ramanujar yella thikkilum SriVaishavathai yeduthu sonnar like Sangha Muzhakkam)

Vil: Naermai’yaana nadavadikkai (Honesty as SriRama).

Gadhai: Drives away all our virodhis (let it be how much powerful they are), like Swami Ramanujar drove away Brahma Raakshas.

Vaal: Sword splits anything into two pieces, like when the bad and the good in us are visibly split/distinguished, then the vivekakGyanam is automatically revealed. Veda’thukku virodhama paesupavarkalai thannudaya Soll (speech) ennum Vaal’al ventraar.

To uplift us from this Leela Vibhoothi, BhagavAn orders AdiSheshan himself to direct Avatar (not amsam of AdiSheshan and not invest powers of Adisheshan to a Jivatma). Additionally Perumal orders to HIS PanchAyudham to give their FULL Shakthi (not portion of Shakthi) to AdiSheshan.


Also Swami says, Kesava Somayaji Swami & Kaanthimathi Maami did not have children for a long time. They prostrated to PaarthaSaarathi Perumal. He granted the boon and asked them, how they want their child to be. They said, they want a child like BhagavAn himself. Then BhagavAn imagines, there is NO ONE EQUAL OR ABOVE ME. In this situation, ONLY I have to be born as a child. PaarathaSaarathi is GitaAcharyan and Swami Ramanujar gave GitaBhashyam.


Swami Ramanujar was born in Thiruvadhirai Nakshatram. In Sanskrit Thiruvadhirai is “Aardhra” which means nanaindhu irutthal (wet). So, Swami Ramanujar’s ThiruUllam is nanaintha Ullam (full of Karunai and Krupai & Dhaya and always think everyone is BhagavAn’s sotthu and everyone should reach SriVaikuntam).

Overall, Swami Ramanujar is a FULL package (direct Aadhisheshan avataram plus Full shakthi of PanchaAyudham plus PaarthaSaarathi Perumal amsam plus Karunai Ullam) for us to cherish with by saying “ADIYEN RAMANUJA DASAN”, which is what we were looking for long time, someone Powerful and at the same time who has Sympathy on us and take us to Nithya Kainkaryam. That’s why Swami is UDDHARAKA Acharyar. Sorry for getting excited.


In another Upanyasam, Swami has said about Acharyar Swami Parasara Bhattar. He is so devoted to Srirangam Azhgiya Manvaala Perumal. Later when BhagavAn said HE will take Him to Moksham, Swami said to BhagavAn, He knew that BhagaVan provides sevai as ParaVasudevan with 4 hands in SriVaikuntam, So He is not interested in such sevai unless BhagavAn can give Him the same appearance/sevai as Azhagiya Manavaala Perumal as in Srirangam, if not He will make a hole in Srivaikuntam and jump back to the Srirangam in Leela vibhoothi. BhagavAn was astonished by Swami Parasara Bhattar’s Bhakthi. BhagavAn said yes to His wish. Swami in upanyasam further says, “till now Parasara Bhattar did not return to Srirangam, it means BhagavAn is providing the same sevai as Swami Parasara Bhattar wished”.

Relating to this context, Adiyen think that we can always request Swami Ramanujar to provide same sevai as Thridhanda Sanyasi form instead of the AdiSheshan form in SriVaikuntam as well.

Parasara Bhattar Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam.

Eitherway, endha Prakritha shareerathil iruppadhaal, namakku paampai kandal bhayama irukku, aanal SriVaikunta’thilaey Aprakritha shareerathilaey namma irukkum podhu, endha bhayam’ikira gunamaey angu kidayadhu. So namma viruppapadi, yeppadi vaenumnaalum namakku Swami sevai saathippaar.

Kurai irundhaal Adiyennai shamikka Prarthikkirean.

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam

Adiyen Srinivasa Dasan,

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam.

on December 1, 2016

Thank you Swamy. Yes its clear from Swamy Parasa Bhattar’s example.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

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0 on December 6, 2016

Namaskaram….how to get mukthi??

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10 on December 6, 2016

Pattu aruthu iruka ninainthalum mudiyalai….kadavul ah manasara orunilaya dhyanika mudiyadhu maatikardhu….Samsaramngra Kadal lendu meela vazhi enna..adiyen Oda kavalai…idhuku vazhi enna.mukthi adaya vazhi yadhu

on December 8, 2016

Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,

Namaskaram Gayuram Bhagavata,

Perumal kittae poi neeyagavaey vandhu yen manathil kudi kondu vidu yentru sonnalaey ozhiya, namma muyarchiyal Dhyanam varumaanu theriyadhu.

We all are in the same boat in this samsaram. Sri Velukkudi Swami says in upanyasam to do Swami Ramanujar Thirumeni Dhyanam. There is no meaning doing dhyanam with closed eyes, since we are NOT Bhakthi Yoga Margam. In Sharanagathi Margam, nalla kannai thirandhu vaithu, evalavu neram sevikka mudiyumo seviyungal.

Swami Ramanujar Arulaal, yendha pattru vilaganumo adhu vilagum, yendha pattru irukkanomo adhu irukkum. Naama AASAI mattum vaichu irundhaal podhum.

Yella nerathillum “Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha” solluvatharku yendha theetum thadayum kidayadhu. Entha samsara kadalil irunthu meezu’vatharkkum, Mukthi adaivatharkkum, oraey upayam “Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi”. “Ramanuja Yennai Kaapaathu” appadeenu manathalayo illa koopaadu pottaalo, kandippa palan alikkum.

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam
Acharyar ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam
Adiyen Srinivasa Dasan
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi
Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam

on December 8, 2016

Thank you sooo much…shreematae ramanujaya namaha……udayavar thiruvadigale Saranam…..!

on December 10, 2016

Ladies Vishnu Sahasranamam sollalama

on December 10, 2016

Srimatey Ramanujaya Namaha,

Adiyenuku therindha varai Bhagavan naamathai solla sarvarum adhigaarigal. There are certain restriction for ladies. But Nama sankeerthanam is not a restriction. 

Draupadi when she was insulted by kauravas, shouted “Dwaraka nilayachutha Govinda pundarikaksha rakshamam sharanagatham”.

If we do not say Bhagavan nama, after death we go to naraka. There Yama dharma raja will ask us ” How long did you live in Bhulokam “. We would say 60/70/80 years. he would ask, ” can’t you utter Bhagavan nama once in your lifetime. had you done so, you would have not come here and I need not trouble you”. So ladies will not be able to answer this question if they did not utter Bhagavan nama.

Andal Naachiyaar in her Thirupaavai uses Bhagavan namam ( Narayanan, kesavan, Madhavan, Vaigundhan, Govinda etc.) in many pasurams. 

Since there are already some restrictions for ladies/certain varnas with respect to vedas, Bhagavan thought that he should give something for them and that was the reason sahasranama was born so that all of them can utter Bhagavan nama.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

on December 16, 2016

Perumalidam edha ketalum vyabaaramnu Swamy solirka..appo pettrorukko illa mathavaluko arokiyathukaga vendindalum vyabaram aaguma…..adiyen Oda sandhegam idhu…thavara edum ketrundha manikkavum

on December 17, 2016

­­­Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,

Namaskaram Gayuram Bhagavatha,

Adiyen would like to share what adiyen has understood from Upanyasams and experience. Please disregard if not appealing or any errors.

Though Sri Velukkudi Swami says “Perumalidam yeadhai kaettalum Vyabharum’nnu” in upanyasam, Swami also says in another upanyasam that, “if we keep Vyragyam that, I will not ask anything related for lowki’ka life (materialistic benefits) to BhagavAn and ask for only kainkaryam, then this also means we are sticking to our own pledge rather than accepting BhagvAn’s actions is always good. BhagaVan doesn’t like even a single drop of swathantriyam in us, so BhagavAn will do some activity and certain incidents will happen in our life which will shake this pledge. Then, He will make us plead to HIM to ask for materialistic benefits. So, Vyragyam is good if we do it for the joy of doing it, but it is not good if we think, “See I’m able to do Vyragyam” with little swathantriyam.

Example: If we are Thirsty (AASAI to have Permanent Happiness/Nithya Kainkaryam which is available only in SriVaikuntam), then we need Water (Karunai Ullam of BhagavAn) to drink (BhagavAt Anubhavam), but the Water is available in Plenty in the Ocean (BhagavAn’s Thiru Ullam). But Ocean has both Water and SALT (NIRAANKUSA SWATHATRYIYAM with which HE can punish for our mistakes or applaud for our good deeds). Hence, we cannot drink Water directly from Ocean due to Salt (means we can/cannot ask or reach BhagaVan by our efforts directly), unless we are an EXPERT (Alwars and Acharyars) to extract salt from the Ocean directly, so water can be drank. But, we are Agyani, we don’t know that process (Bhakti) of this Salt extraction from Ocean.

So SriLakshmi Thayaar is the SUN which extracts the Water (Karunai Ullam of BhagavAn) from the Ocean through vapour and put in the CLOUDS (Alwars). Then, the clouds when hit the two mountains (Naatha-Yaamuna Muni’s), and get converted to Water falls (Lineage of Preceptors) and finally gets accumulated in big Yeri (Swami Ramanujar), then the Water is distributed through many river channels (all Acharyars) to the respective places all around the globe and finally we receive the Pure Water with no salt (Only KARUNAI ULLAM of BhagaVan).

So, when BhagavAn has already given us Swami Ramanujar, Why we need to disturb Perumal asking all these things. If we go and ask anything to Perumal directly, at that moment by any chance, If HE looks at our Paapam, then there is possibility that HE may do something, but if HE looks at our Kainkaryam, then HE will Applaud. But, we cannot judge in which mood HIS mind is swinging. Even if, we need to ask anything to Perumal, we need to ask ONLY Kainkaryam through Acharyar “Manadhaal, Mozhiyaal, Vabhushathaal”, so there is no chance that HE will look at our paapams. Like, before we do ThiruvAradhani, we say the above three things, then ONLY BhagavAn accepts the ThiruvAradhanai, otherwise, HE may either accept or reject. Let HIM be in Sayana kolam and enjoy the Kainkaryams that we do. Why unnecessarily disturb HIM and confuse HIM by asking materialistic things. So, where do we go and ask?


For “Materialistic life necessities (health, money, home, family etc..) and more importantly Kainkaryam”, ask both to Swami Ramanujar, since BhagavAn has given FULL Rights to Swami Ramanujar as named by BhagavAn NamPerumAl with the title “UDAYAVAR”, which means Swami is IN-CHARGE for both Leela Vibhoothi & Nithya Vibhoothi. Swami Ramanujar is Karunai Ullam. HE will full-fill, if we fall on this ThiruvAdi with helplessness.


BhagaVan is responsible for giving us BOTH “PIRAVI” due to our karmas and further punishment/atonement to get rid of our karmas as well as grant “MOKSHAM”, but Swami Ramanujar is NOT responsible for our Piravi. Swami is responsible ONLY for Saving us from this Piravi Kadal and at the end of this life grant Moksham. So, anything we need, we can go and Prostrate to Swami Ramanujar.

What we should ask Swami Ramanujar is, I’m an Agyani, so please do or make me do what is HITHAM (that is good for my situation) for me. Swami will provide the necessary good things that is needed for our survival in this life, plus more importantly kainkaryam in this present life & finally give Moksham (Nithya Kankaryam) at the end of this Piravi, since HE is the UDAYAVAR (Both Vibhoothi Nayagan).

We can only prostrate to some extent about health, money etc.. Since, we need to keep in mind that, if there is a start date, there should be an expiry date, so we should remember this is applicable for ourselves as well as for our loved ones. It is difficult to digest, but that is the truth and we all are in the same situation in this samsaram. However, reaching SriVaiKuntam and doing Nithya Kainkaryam should be our goal and our loved ones goal as well, since the purpose of life is “PIRAVIYIN PAYAN PIRAVAAMAI”.


Nirai Irundhall Adiyenudaya Acharyar Krupai’yaal.

Kurai Irundhaal, Yennudaya Agyana’thinaal.

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam,

Acharyar ThiruvAdigalaey Sharanam,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi

Alwar Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam.

ThayarPerumal Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam.

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu

on December 19, 2016

Srimate ramanujaya namaha…..Will u send me d Swamy’s nama velvi title song…Kesavan Madhava Narayana…..Naamangal aayiram konda Narayana… Please..Am waiting for the long time for this song to download

on December 20, 2016

Srimate ramanujaya namaha…..Will u send me d Swamy’s nama velvi title song…Kesavan Madhava Narayana…..Naamangal aayiram konda Narayana… Please..Am waiting for the long time for this song to download

on December 20, 2016

Srimate ramanujaya namaha…..Will u send me d Swamy’s nama velvi title song…Kesavan Madhava Narayana…..Naamangal aayiram konda Narayana… Please..Am waiting for the long time for this song to download

on December 21, 2016

Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,

BothRaamaanuja Ashtottarashata Naamaavali” song and “Raamaanuja AshtottaraShatanama Stotram” by Swami Vaduga Nambigal (Aandhrapuurna) are same and is available in both Mp3 & PDF in below link. There are more about Swami Ramanujar SriSookthikal as well in this link.

Also, all the SriSoothikal about Swami Ramanujar with simple meaning is available here under link “Various Slokas on Sri Ramanuja” in the below web address.

Other links about Swami Ramanujar songs

Hope this helps,

Adiyen SrinivAsa Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr THiruvAdi,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.







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0 on December 7, 2016

What a conversation! Ellam Perumal leelai. So beautiful. Adiyen should read this page 100 times as it consists full of anubhavam. It’s not easy to logically digest anubhavam. We should be part of the experience.
Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanam Asthu

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0 on February 17, 2019

Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Arumai Arumai Srinidhi Bhagavata, Venkatesh Bhagavata and ElayaAlwar BhagavAta by sharing the apt references from Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami’s Upanyasams like ஏற்ற கலங்கள் எதிர் பொங்கி மீதளிப்ப……………..

Adiyargal Vaazha Araanga Nagar Vaazha Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamiye Innum Oru Nootraandu Irumm.

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam

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