Swami’s“Yen Piranthaen (ஏன் பிறந்தேன் ),Why I was Born” Answers to ALL Questions in CRISP

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,

Asmadh Sarva Gurubyo Namaha,



Dear ALL Bhaktas,


Adiyen would like to keep reposting Swami’s below upanyasam crisp, as the common questions keeps popping-up over and over again.


Many are interested in knowing only one answer to their own particular questions, but they are not listening or going through the sequence of questions before and after their own doubts’ from Swami’s upanaysams. So, one needs to go through step- by step Swami’s answers as below to understand the flow. Not, just focus on the particular questions and skip the rest. If so, the doubt will remain.


Here is a BhagavAt Anubhavam from Swami’s Upanyasam “Yen Piranthaen (ஏன் பிறந்தேன் ), Why I was Born”.

Swami to forgive adiyen for any errors.



Piraviyin payan yaathu ? Goal of birth ?

It is very obvious that birth is not in our hands nor in our parents hands. There are many couples who do not want child still they conceive and there are many couples who want to conceive but they could not. So we do not know what is the reason behind this. 


Tool to find answers to unanswered questions

Adhristam means something which cannot be understood through our senses like seen, felt, smell, touch. To know adhristam Veda is the only way. Veda’s have answers for things which i am unable to find answers otherwise.There are great acharya’s and Rishi’s who have also accepted what veda’s are saying.


Accepting Veda as a Pramanam (source)

It is my choice to accept Veda or not. If i do not accept then that vaatham (debate) is only pidivatham (adamancy). Either i should find it myself, or my ancestors should have found it. I cannot find it myself. Then atleast i need to be ready to accept if some one is trying to explain. Also i understand that there is some force and i am not unable to find it too. If i am not ready to accept and not capable to find it myself then it is big trouble. If the Veda’s have answers to this why not accept it ?


Finding answers to those unanswered questions from the Veda

Sarveeshwaran peruman (Sriman Naryanan) created this world and me too. Veda’s are also talking about the same. Let’s us try to understand this topic of the goal of this birth using the veda’s.


  1. Naan yen piranthen ? (Why did I take birth)

Is it to earn ? Is it to respect elders ? Is it to give birth to children ? Is it do service to people ? — yes these all are good, but is this the ultimate goal.

Going to listen upanyasam (spiritual discourse), or listening any lecture about food, mind, yoga etc., studying, taking care of parents, service to humanity, keeping body in good healthy condition are all goals too, but what is the ultimate goal ? So, we should keep doing these good things, but those good things are not just the ultimate goal of life (piraviyin payan enna?).

let us try to get answer for this. For this we need to get many other questions answered. Let us check more on this.


  1. Was i born myself ? Who was the reason for my birth ? Who created me ?

I was not born myself and i was created by Bhagawan Sriman Narayanan.

It is very obvious that birth is not in our hands nor in our parents hands. There are many couples who do not want child still they conceive and there are many couples who want to conceive but they could not. There is some other super force which decides and dictates this creation. As per veda’s, it is Bhagawan Narayanan who is the creator. 


  1. How does he create ?

During Pralayam (no materialistic worlds exist) only Bhagawan Sriman Narayanan exists. No one was there, full of pralayam, only Narayanan was there, brahma was not there, no sky, no earth and then Bhagawan decides to create.

Bhagawan does a sankalpam (means a wish) that he is going to create this world. He creates this world due to sankalpam and that too in no time. Narayanan is the one who created brahma in the lotus flower from his Nabhi kamalam. brahma then creates shiva etc.. (Please watch “Vishnu Puranam” episodes in Star Vijay TV seperately to know creation etc..Also, Srimad Bhagvatam text or Upanyasam by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami explains details of creation and many more etc..)  



Bhagvan Sriman Narayanan is also called as Brahmam (means Absolute Truth). Please note, Brahmam is different from brahma. brahma is just a jeevathma like us, but Bhagawan (Brahmam) has given extra ordinary powers to brahma to create world on his behalf. So, brahma is just following the orders of Brahmam.


  1. Why is HE (Sriman Narayanan) creating ? Yentha kaarana’thal padaikirar ? yentha payanal padaikirar ? What is the reason & benefit behind this creation ?

Let us see this using an example, say coming to an upanyasam (spritual lecture).

Reason (kaaranam) is to listen and to see what is it since we have been hearing about this upanyasam.

After listening what is the payan(use/benefit) ? To follow what we learnt/heard in the upanyasam which in turn gives us the benefit.

VedavVysar in brahma sutram says that GOD is creating for his leelai (divine game). – kevalam thannudaya leelai’kaga perumal ulagai panni vilaiyadugirar.

Andal also says in the last nachiyar “maa malar undi …veetai panni vilaiyadum”

So this creation is just a game for him i.e leela for HIM


  1. If we accept that it is a game for HIM, then what is the answer for all the sufferings that are also there along with this creation ?

Is all the troubles in this world a leelai for perumal ? poverty in africa, bad activities, earth quakes etc..

If that is true, then it will be true to say that perumal is the one who enjoys other’s suffering. Koduramanavar pola irukkum, yen thunbathil inbam kanbhathal.  Does perumal get happiness on seeing me sad ? Is that also part of his game ?

As per the nature of Bhagawan, HE will always be happy during creation, destruction & protection. This is what veda says always aanandam (joy) – form of aanandam. 

So the next question is, when i am in trouble does HE feel happy ? Yes he will be happy during those times too because Brahmam does not have thunbam (sorrow) at any time. 


Perumal has two types of aanandam (joy) – sirikarathu (laugh with joy), sirippa sirikarathu (laugh with sympathy).

example: A servant want’s salary increase. He was waiting for a good chance to ask for this to his master. The master asked the servant to buy oil and the servant took a sack to buy oil. The master started to laugh at his servant. The servant thought that it is right time to ask for salary increase since his master is happy and laughing. He didn’t get salary increase and also his job itself was at risk due to his stupid action.


Perumal bhogathukku naam vishayam agum pothu anandamaga siripaar. This is when we follow the veda’s and we are in bhakthi margam and follows the words of our azhwars, acharyas. At this time perumal laughs due to happiness since we are acting as per his wish.

Perumal leelaiku naam vishayam agum pothum anandamanga siripa siripaar. This is when we act against veda’s. At that time perumal laughs at us since we are causing more trouble for us ourselves inspite of all the tools and aids and rules he had laid to us. Mootal thanathai parthu keliya sirikiraar.


  1. Yes he is creating us and he is creating us for his aanandam. Next is why does he create us and how does he create all of us ? Yetharkaga, yeppadi padaikirar ?

While creating he has many body, achit’s and lots of jeevathma’s. Does he just like that put a jeevathma in any body. If that is so then it is not correct on HIS part.   If this is the case, then it will be apt to say that he feels happy when i am in trouble. But he does not do so. 

When he does the creation he does not just like that give life to a jeevathma as a camel, rich, poor, animal etc just like that. If he does so then perumal will be into problem called vaishanmyam and nairgiryam yendru rendu kutram varum perumalukku. Vedav-vysar explains this in Brahma sutra that if perumal does so then he will get vishama bhuthi.  Vishama bhuthi is when bhagwan creates people with such differences for no reason as per his wish.  Naigrinnatha is when he does not have karunai.  But he does not do so as per his own wish instead his creation is based on something which is with us(jeevathma) and he is also expecting something from us(jeetvathma). 

So if am born dark, rich, poor, animal, human there is something which i(jeevathma) have and that is the reason for the same. The something which the Jeevathma posses and  based on that paramathma decides on what birth that jeevathma need to be given is KARMA. So if we have done punya karma he gives us uyarntha piravi. Papa karma he gives us thazuntha piravi. 


  1. Next question is why should i get a birth based on my karma ?

Will one accept if he does not get salary at the end of a month he had worked hard ? Also will we accept if the salary is less ?

So Paramathma (GOD) need to give a jeevathma a body/birth to experience the karma of the jeevathma. So before sending a jeevathma inside a body/birth, HE checks on the karma of that jeevathma.

So it is true that he is playing(leelai) but his game is as per the laws i.e game is played as per the rules of the game. Just because it is a game does not mean it can violate the rules of the game. Even a game like cricket is played following the rules of the game. Once you start the game or part of the game one cannot change the rules of the game and need to abide the rules of the game. Perumal also plays this game abiding the rules of the game.


  1. Next question is where was my karma ?

This karma has been there forever(anandhi kalamaga irukku). The karma has been accumulated by that jeevathma across many births over many yugas.

Example a person goes to a shop keeper to buy rice in credit. The shop keeper first denies to give rice and on top of that he is also asking about the credits which has been accumulated over last 3 months. Our state is also like that. Once we have a piravi (birth) we do accumulate lot of karma in this birth and also the impact of the karma accumulated in earlier births also do impact the way we live this birth. Like how the shop keeper not only denied rice for today and on top of it was asking about the credits accumulated over last 3 months.


  1. Does the karma get destroyed after my birth ?

No it doesn’t. The karma gets accumulated over births and it is tightly linked with the jeevathma. The karma is there with the jeevathma forever. The karma does not even get destroyed during the maha pralayam. The karma is still with the jeevathma and that karma decides which birth the jeevathma is entitled too.


  1. When will the karma get destroyed/nullified completely ?

It gets nullified and becomes zero only when the jeevathma reaches Vaikuntam. Till that time the karma is with me(jeevathma) across many births.


  1. Who carries the karma with the jeevathma ?

The karma is with the jeevathma and it is with the jeevathma forever. No one carries it. Karma goes with the Jeevathma when the jeevathma goes from one birth to next birth. The jeevathma carries the following with it always – Karma, Vasanai


  1. What is the form of Karma ? is it a bag or is it an account ?

The karma is all accounted in perumal’s thiruullam (GOD’s heart) against that jeevathma.


  1. Can that karma account not be destroyed ? will it not get destroyed ? Like stealing chitraguptan’s book and trying to destroy ?

It is not a book which cannot be destroyed. It is in perumal’s memory/ullam.


  1. Will that memory about karma not get destroyed or will perumal not forget them ?

Perumal is sarveshwaran (almighty) and he has all the account of them and he is keeping them all carefully accounted over many many crores/millions of birth of that jeevathma across ages – anadhi kalamaga.


  1. Next big question we all have in mind is as follows. Even if we accept karma, birth etc. In my first birth there would not have been any karma with that jeevathma. In that first birth how does perumal decide on which type of birth to give to that jeeevathma ? If he had given that first birth properly then i would have been proper for ever and would not have got into all these troubles. How is that first birth decided ?

There is no birth called as first birth. We have been taking birth for anadhi kalam. ANADHI means one without ADI/beginning. The karma will begin only when when the Jeevathma had the beginning or birth. Jeevathma is itself ANADHI..it has been there for ever. The karma was also ANADHI with the Jeevathma. Jeevathma NITHYAM like how PARAMathma is also NITHYAM. PARAMathma was not formed. HE existed forever and Jeevathma also existed. Along with the Jeevathma the karma also existed forever.


  1. Should we ask GOD for immortal (Maranam inmai, live forever) or should we ask GOD for no further births(Pirappinmai) ?

By chance if GOD grants the first wish of being immortal then we need to stay immortal along with all the troubles we all are into. We all are living because of the hope that our troubles are not forever and it has to end one day atleast on the day we die. So we should only ask for Piravamai not for maranam immai.

Beeshmar did the biggest mistake of asking a boon, where in he got the power to chose when he wants to die. Beeshmar could not die peacfully becuase all through his life he was thinking let me fix this and then die, let me fix that and then die. He was not able to chose the time of his death peacefully.  One cannot wait for the waves to subside to have bath in the sea. Finally Kannan told bheeshma enough is enough it is time you decide to go and bheeshma chose to die when the uttarayanam started. So asking for immortal will only get us into more troubles. 


  1. What do we take with us from one life to another ?

Like how an insect jumps from one leaf to another with few legs on this leaf and few on the other and it leaves the first leaf when it reaches the second one.

Similarly, when we go from one life to another we go with the karma, vasana. Vasana – this is the mana pathivu(imprints) a jeevathma gets in doing those karma again and again.


  1. What is the evidence that these Vasana (past deeds) comes with us from one birth to another ?

A new born baby cries, eats, sleeps, natures call etc. Slowly it is getting into many things and entertainment because of the vasanai (past deeds). It has been used to doing that in earlier births.



So far we have understood the following.

My birth is not decided by me or anyother person. GOD is creating us and creation is part of his leela but however our life is decided based on the karma which we have accumulated over many many janmas. Let us continue further.


  1. I am born because of the karma. Once i am born the karma should have got exhausted. Then why do i get birth again and again ?

To exhaust a portion of the karma one might need many births. One might need many births to experience the fruits of a karma.  So one might need many births ( say 100 ) to exhaust one karma. But the challenge is that during these 100 births we might have also accumulated more karma’s. Like how a frog stuck in a well tries to climb two steps and slips 5 steps. The jeevathma’s while they try to exhaust the karma in a birth they also end up accumulating more karma. 


  1. How do i exhaust my karma ?

One need to take birth according to the karma. One need to experience pain to exhaust the papa karma ( Sin) and one need to experience pleasure to exhaust the punya karma.

As we experience pain or pleasure the respective karma’s get exhausted.


  1. So when i have exhausted all the karma i had during the time of birth, can i get out of this cycle ?

Yes, provided we have not accumulated more karma’s while trying to exhaust the Karma’s in the present janma (birth). Unfortunately, we keep doing many other things which  results in accumulating more karma’s. Also, while we try to exhaust one karma which itself takes many births we end up accumulating many many karma’s which are going to take more more births to exhaust. All these karma get added to the sanchita karma which a jeevathma is carrying with it.  It is like the frog which is taking 1 step forward and slipping 10 steps back into the well. 


  1. Worry of our azhwar and acharyas related to karma.

All the azhwar and acharyas were scared of samsaram because they end accumulating more karma. Ramanujar listed these too. They were scared of all the mistakes(kutram) we are doing knowingly and unknowingly. Ramanuja has listed all these akritya karaNa, kritya akaraNa, Bhagavad abhacharam, bhAgavata abhacharam, asakya abhacharam, kritanu kriyamana karishyamanam and many more. Not following veda’s/sastra’s in the do’s and dont’s, Bhagavad abhacharam, bhAgavata abhacharam, yen abhacharam patten yendru theiryama thappu panni irukken that too in the past, present and future, through all the 3 karana’s – manasaala, vayaala, kaiyaala – manam, mozhi, mei, during the 3 kalam – past present and future, using 3 types of karana’s , to 3 people – bhagawan, adiyar, yellarum, 3 types – Kritanu kriyamananu karishyamananu.So i am doing many types of papams and perumal keeps account of all these and he decides which birth we need to take based on the karma account.

In Saranagati Gadyam Bhagavad Ramanuja prays *manO vAkkAyai: anAdi kAla pravritta ananta akritya karaNa kritya akaraNa* to bear with all types of offences past present and future against God and bhAgavatas and some intolerable offences.


  1. What is the reason behind accumulating more karma ?

After taking birth which is decided based on the Karma, avidhya(ignorance) engulfs the jeevathma. Because of this avidhya more karma is getting added. This is a big cycle – karma-janma-avidhya-karma …..


  1. Is this birth(janma) sad or happy ?

Some might say that life is bad if they are facing lot of problems. Some might say that life is good if their basic needs are fullfilled and they have what they want. But unfortunately everyone in this janma is not really happy.

Example : A tiger was chasing a man and the man fell into a well. While he was happy since he escaped from the tiger he realized that he was falling down into a well where there were black serpants (snakes). He was sad that he will be killed by the serpants and he managed to hold a climber which was on the sides of the well. This saved him from the serpants and he thought he will somehow use that climber to climb up. Neither can he go down nor can he climb up since the tiger was waiting there . While he was thinking that he will maintain status quo, a big wild rat came and started to chew the climber he was holding on to. The man was at a big risk of falling down. Meanwhile, there was a huge honey comb on the tree above the well. A honey bee pierced the honey comb and honey started to drip from that honey comb. A drop from that dripping honey fell into the mouth of that man who was clinging on to the climber.  He started to appreciate how tasty that honey was. If someone in this samsaram (materialistic world) is happy it is equivalent to the happiness of that man after tasting the honey while he was in the middle of deep trouble called samsaram. 

So one side the samsaram is resulting in cycles of birth, on the other side I do not have “bhagavad vishayam jnanam or swaroopa jnanam” and filled with ignorance. Ad midst this mess, i am celebrating all the petty happiness in this life.

Another example to explain this. A starving dog got a bone which was totally dry. While trying to eat, the bone pierced its gum and the dog’s gum started to bleed. The dog unknowingly thought that the blood was from the bone and it started to appreciate the taste of the blood thinking it was from the bone. This is exactly our state while we are in this samsaram.

Azhwar says “Attrangarai vazh maram pole ..”


  1. What are the root cause for the troubles in the samsaram (materialistic world) ?

Samsaram yennum marathukku(tree) rendu vethai/seed. Ahankaram, Mamakaram

Ahankaram – Naan allatha intha udalai(body) naan yendru ninaithen – Degame athma. Thinking body is athma. Thinking body is ME. Naan athma illai, athma vera udambhu vera.

Mamakaram – Yetha parthalum yennathu yendru ninaipathu.Everything is Mine. Mamakaram is seeing things and thinking it is mine. Seeing and wishing it to be mine is mamakaram. 

We need to differentiate us and body. Intha piraviyil naan yenduthundu irukkum udambhuku thondai kattu. Saying Yen thondai katti irukku is incorrect.

We are not believing on Bhagawan instead we are believing on all other things and on top of it worrying too. We are thinking more on the body and not worrying about athma. This is avidhya – Thinking athma and body is same, everything is mine.



  1. What happens if we do not differentiate between body and athma. ?

One need to understand that athma is different from the body. If this understanding is there then we will work towards the betterment of the athma and not for the body. If we work for the happiness/sugam of the body then we end up doing things against shastram and ending up in more karma.

For example…

After attending to nature’s call there are rules on how many times we need to gargle our mouth, how many times we need to wash our hands and we need to wash our legs. One need to wash the legs before going to bed. Also one need to wipe and dry before getting on to the bed. All these are told in the shastram.  These rules are challenging to practise if we stay in a cold place.  


Here we are taking care of our body but unfortunately the athma has ended up accumulating papam because of not washing the hands and legs before going to bed. The focus was on the body and not on the athma. If i had focussed on the athma then i would not have violated the rules which impacts the athma.  Sappidum pothu yechil parkanam, acharam parkanam, need to do pithru karyam, should not eat everywhere. If we do not follow these we are accumulating more and more karma.  Kuliru was for the body not for the athma. 


  1. What is this athma and how does it look like ?

ME/Athma is true. Athma sukshumama irukkum, ananthama irukum, anu mathiram, jnana mayam, no kurai, no thunbam, perumal patthi ninaichindu irukkum.



Finally we will understand that a birth is not true happiness. So samsaram is  not inbham. 

Alavandar in Stotra Rathnam says that – “aparadha… ” – I am stuck in this samsaram and bhagwan nu neer than yennai kapattanum.

So why is bhagawan creating ? It is his leelai. But he is doing it based on the Karma of the jeevathma.


  1. Is there something HE is expecting us to do when he is giving us this Janma (birth) ?

YES. What is that ? HE is expecting us to use the birth he has given us based on the karma and reach him finally. 

So we need to get rid of the karma which are the cause for the birth and if we exhaust all the karma then bhagawan will not give us any birth.


  1. What happens to the jeevathma when there is no Karma attached to it ?

No karma means no birth. If there is no birth what will happen ? The jeevathma will be in its natural state. Like how a bird flies from the cage as soon as we open the cage, like a balloon which is filled with gas goes up high in the sky, like how a cow goes for grazing when we release the knot, similarly when the Jeevathma gets released from the bondage of birth cycle/ Janma’s by releasing the rope called Karma then that jeevathma gets into the natural state which is “jeevathma joining paramathma (GOD) and experiencing paramathma (GOD)”.


  1. So what we need to do to attain HIM ?

To reach HIM the karma need to be exhausted and exhuasting Karma through our efforts is challenging since we end up only accumulating more Karma.

Also the truth is we are not going to reach HIM by our efforts and i am not going to do anything for it too.

It is not me but it is bhagawan.

Bhagawan is going to reach me and he is going to take me to HIM and he is going to feel happy that i have reached him.

Yennai adayaporathu avar than, adaivikka porathum avar than, adainthu anubhavikka/santhosapada porathum avar than.

என்னை அடையப்போறது அவர் தான், அடைவிக்க போறதும் அவர் தான், அடைந்து அனுபவிக்க/சந்தோசப்பட போறதும் அவர் தான்

So we are not making any efforts to reach HIM, we are not reaching HIM and we are not getting happiness in reaching him. It is all the other way.

Bhagawan is going to reach me and he is going to take me to HIM and he is going to feel happy that i have reached him finally.


Bhagawan avar soththai (property) avare adaya pogirar. This is moksham.

Jeevathma is sothu (property), paramathma is swamy. The master is going to get back his sotthu.

So it is the swamy who need to make the effort and not the item.

Also it is the swamy who is going to enjoy the item and not the item who is going to enjoy.


HE is the creator and HE is the master. So the master will eventually act to get back his sotthu.

so perumal padaikarthu, thann sotthai thaan adaya vendum yenbatharkaga.


All these while we were thinking that we are going to reach him which was ofcourse an herculean task to do and all the karma were hindering as obstacles.

Now that we understand that it is perumal who is going to take us to him then all the obstacles just vanish.

The perspective matters.


Me reaching HIM is difficult with my capability.

But HE taking me to HIM is possible and HE is capable to do it.



  1. Now the next question is what should i do for HIM to take me to him ? Why has he not taken me all these janma’s ?

This is because we the jeevathma’s have not accepted that he is our master, we are his sotthu. Ony then he will take us to him and will enjoy us. 

We are not agreeing to these three things due to Ahankaram, mamakaram.

In Bhagavad Gita’s 16th chapter krishna explains about who is a deva and who is an asura. 

We were behaving like asura’s and not deva’s. We need to accept that HE is our sotthu for him to take us with HIM.

All we need to say and agree is that “Naan un sotthu, neeye yennai rakshipai.” (I’m your property ONLY, you have to rescue me)


There is a beautiful sutram.. in Sri vachana bhooshanam Pillai lokacharyar says.. “thripathi … pithru hridayam …”.

Bhagawan who is in the SriVaikuntam is sad. He is sad saying “The jeevathma’s in the bhoomi are also equally entitled to all the rights like the nithya soori’s (jeevathma’s in SriVaikuntam who has never been in samsaram) but why are they not coming to vaikuntam.” Bhagawan wishes that all the jeevathma’s are also with him in SriVaikuntam.Like how a mother wishes for the third son who is not in town to be in town during a festival, inspite of the first two sons being with her. Like a mother, bhagawan wants all the jeevathma’s to be with him. But he finds that the karma of the Jeevathma is not allowing to do that and is an hinderance for the jeevathma to come to him. So to get rid of the karma Bhagawan is suggesting us to do Jnana yogam, karma yogam, Bhakthi yogam. For a jeevathma to do these yogam to get rid of karma, jeevathma need to be given a piravi. Without a birth one cannot do those yogam. Need a body to do those yogam to get rid of the karma. THe other simplest route to get rid of karma is “Saranagathi”, total surrender to Perumal, accepting that I (jeevatma) is HIS sotthu (property)


  1. Reason behind this leelai.

Bhagawan could have maintained status quo as in pralayam without giving a body to the jeevathma. But he does not do that and instead does this leelai and gives us this birth/body so that we can get rid of the karma and eventually reach him.


  1. Examples to show this relationship with God and Why he protects us and what should we do ?

Huge Whale gave birth to a baby whale. The big whale stays at the bottom of the sea and the baby wanted to go to the top and play. While the baby is playing a sea turtle comes to eat the baby whale. The big whale looking at the situation tries to come up to rescuse the baby and on seeing the big whale the turtle just goes away. It is the big whale who came and rescued the baby whale. The baby didn’t do anything. It is the big whale which is happy on getting back the baby. The baby might not even at times be aware of the danger it was into. The big whale is happy because it is its baby. All that the baby need to do is to keep quite and not jump outside when the big whale is trying to come and save it. 


The big mistake we are doing is that we are thinking that we will rescuse ourselves. Swaprayojanam, swapravirthi yaiyum nivarthi panni kolla vendum. So when the bhagawan is trying to rescue us, we just need to accept him as our master and just need to be quite.


  1. Piraviyin payan yaathu ?

To exhaust the karma

To exhaust the karma one need to ensure that he is doing nothing against shastram. We need to let go things which are not needed. We need to stay away from things which are hindering us in this journey towards Bhagawan. Yogi is one who stays away from all things impacting things.

Bhagwan in Bhagavad Gita also gives us a way to get rid of our Karma “Sarva dharmanam…”. To exhaust the karma, Krishna himself says that he will help us in getting rid of the papa/karma and for that, all we need to say is “un thiruvadigale thanjam”. We need to understand and look at the things from his perspective.

All we need to do is, accept HIM as our master and keep quite.

So perumal created us to help us in exhausting the karma so that he can get back his sotthu.


Naan piravi yeduthathin payan yenna ? thann sotthai thaan adaya padaikirar perumal.

What do we need to do ? we need to accept that we are his sotthu

All these are part of his Leela.

Leela played as per rule of the game i.e based on Karma of the jeevathma’s.

So birth/Piravai is based on karma.

Piravi is sorrow.

Thann sotthai thaan adaya padaikirar perumal.

We need to accept that we are his sotthu.



The goal of this piravi is to work towards getting out of this samsaram. Piravi Piravamaikagathan “பிறவி பிறவாமைக்காகத்தான் “. Moksham (Paramapadham) poga than piranthom.

Peruman sotthu perumal adaya pogiran and i should not stop it.


Praptha, prapagan, prapthiku ugapanum avan

ப்ராப்த்த பிரபாகன் ப்ராப்திக்கு உகப்பனும் அவன்

Adaibavan, adaivipavan, adainthu aananda padubhavanum avan

அடைபவன் அடைவிப்பவன் அடைந்து ஆனந்த படுபவனும் அவன்


“It is all HIS effort, All i need to do is keep quite for Moksham (Bhagvaanai Kelvi Kettku Avar Muyrchaiyai Naam Muttalgal Thadukka Koodaadhu /பகவானை கேள்வி கேட்ட்கு அவர் முயற்ச்சியை நாம் முட்டாள்கள் தடுக்க கூடாது), instead we need to Continue the Kainkaryam with ‘Yatha Shakthi’ till this  Sthoola Shareeram falls down.”


Perumal is taking this effort by giving veda’s, azhwars, acharyas, and as Maha’s like Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami etc.. and HE himself takes avatharam’s (Sri Vishnu, Sri Rama, Sri Krishna etc..) so that we get rid of the karmas and get back to him.


So piraviyin payan piravaamai. MOKSHAM ADAIVATHU PIRAVIYIN PAYAN. Moksham adainthu perumanai anubhavikarthu piraviyin payan.

பிறவியின் பயன் பிறவாமை.

மோக்ஷம் அடைவது பிறவியின் பயன்.

மோக்ஷம் அடைந்து பெருமானை அனுபவிக்கறது பிறவியின் பயன்.


So during this life we need to do all the other good activities/goals as per shastram too but the ultimate goal is MOKSHAM (Paramapadham) for Nithya Kainkaryam for BhagavAt Preethyarttham with Acharya Krupai

“Naam avar sotthu(wealth) yendru unarnthal pothum”.

“Avar muyarchiyil, Avar sotthai , Avar adaya pogirar”.

நாம் அவர் சொத்து (வெல்த்) என்று உன்னர்தால் போதும்?

அவர் முயற்சியில் அவர் சொத்தை , அவர் அடைய போகிறார்?.



Hope the above is useful to all to some extent from Sri U.Ve Velukkudi Krishnan Swami’s Upanyasam. Please listen to Swami’s audio on this topic for better clarity.



Any Credits are due to Swami’s Anugraham,

Any Errors are due to adiyen’s karmas.


Let’s keep chanting daily “Velukkudi Dvayam”:

“Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigalaey Sharanam,
Swami ThiruvAdiyil Kainkaryame ParamaPurusharttham”.


Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi Udayavar Thiruvadi,

Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu

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0 on April 5, 2020

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,


Beautiful compilation Kongil Swami from Velukkudi Swami’s “Yen Piranthen” Upanyasam. Everyone one of us should get a grip of this ACTUAL TRUTH, especially the present prevailing issue globally helps one to understand why BhagavAn creates this world and Why there are sufferings and what is purpose of Life?

So Adiyen would like to add Swami’s today Enpani #1702இந்த பூமி என் விளையாட்டு களமா இறைவன் விளையாட்டு களமா” to this thread especially it details out the point 4, 5 & 6.


4.Why is HE (Sriman Narayanan) creating ? Yentha kaarana’thal padaikirar ? yentha payanal padaikirar ? What is the reason & benefit behind this creation ?

So this creation is just a game for him i.e leela for HIM

5.  If we accept that it is a game for HIM, then what is the answer for all the sufferings that are also there along with this creation ?

Is all the troubles in this world a leelai for perumal ? poverty in africa, bad activities, earth quakes etc..

Perumal has two types of aanandam (joy) – sirikarathu / சிரிக்கிறது (laugh with joy), sirippa sirikarathu / சிரிப்பா சிரிக்கிறது (laugh with sympathy).

Perumal leelaiku naam vishayam agum pothum anandamanga “siripa siripaar சிரிப்பா சிரிப்பார்”. This is when we act against veda’s. At that time perumal laughs at us since we are causing more trouble for us ourselves inspite of all the tools and aids and rules he had laid to us. Mootal thanathai parthu “keliyaga sirikiraar கேலியாக சிரிக்கிறார்”.


6.Yes he is creating us and he is creating us for HIS aanandam (Enjoyment). Next is why does he create us and how does he create all of us ? Yetharkaga, yeppadi padaikirar ?




Kulashekara Alwars below paasuram fits for present global situation, and adiyen wish with Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalam and Velukkudi Swami’s Aasirvadham that everyone globally gets this mind set to get the One & Only Almighty GOD grace,

வாளால் அறுத்துச் சுடினும், மருத்துவன் பால் மாளாத காதல், நோயாளன் போல், “


நாம் ஒரு வியாதி என்று மருத்துவரிடம் செல்லும் போது, அவர் நம்மை கத்தி மற்றும் பிற உபகரணங்களை கொண்டு, கீறி, நம் உடம்புக்கு தற்காலிகமாக துன்பம் கொடுத்தாலும், நாம் அதை பொறுத்துக்கொண்டு, அந்த மருத்துவரிடம் தொடர்ந்து மரியாதையும், விருப்பதையும் கொண்டு உள்ளது போல், ஆழ்வார், வித்துவக்கோட்டு அம்மானிடம்  சொல்வது என்ன வென்றால், அவர் தனக்கு தொடர்ந்து துன்பங்கள் தந்து கொண்டு இருந்தாலும், அவருடைய அருளையே எதிர்பார்த்து கொண்டு இருப்பேன் என்பதே.   இது இந்த பதிகத்தின் மிக பிரசித்தி பெற்ற பாடலும்,  நான்காவது பாடலும்  ஆகும்




Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu


Adiyen (ElayaAlwar) Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan.

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Arumai Swami🙏

on April 6, 2020

Adiyen Charamavathi Dasan Badri Swami.

Actually Velukkudi Swami picks an enpani topic based on Swami’s that day Upanyasam or Kalakshepam sometimes. So in the “Acharya Hrudhayam Day 73 (AH_day73)” kalakshepam, Swami orates in detail about “This Leela Vibhoothi is HIS game place and not ours”, and Swami’s every topic, some or the other way fits for ones own personal life situations or surrounding situations or global situations or it could be coincidence as well. One such is this enpani 1702 from AH_day73 kalakshepam, so adiyen fitted it to this thread, which matches aptly.

Adiyen (ElayaAlwar) Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyar) Dasan
Achit-Chit-ParamAthma Sukhino Bhavanthu

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