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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Varaha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam

While doing shrAddham , suddenly vAdhyAr swAmy wanted to test me because adiyen started questioning because Sankalpam was wrong.

My intention was my appa to get the rice ball because he no longer has a body so Sankalpam should be correct to reach him.

As usual like many Swamies VAdhyAr Swamy got offended I believe.

vAdhyAr asked me,
“Do GAyathri AvAhanam”
and show me…

Adiyen started from

“PraNavasya Rishi: Brahma…”

After finishing, VadhyAr Swamy was convinced but could not take my response because I do SandhyAvandhanam at times 🙏

Swamy said “AvAhanam mantram starts from Ayathu VaradhA Devi ” and laughed at me in a friendly manner.

Adiyen replied we should preceed with NyAsam thanking the rishis isn’t it?

Actually it was an opportunity for me to showcase my Veda Vith Krishna Kumar VAdhyar Swamy’s SandhyAvandhanam teachings. At end we both were happy.

Point here is, VishistAdvaitam by Velukkudi is an ocean.

SvairAlApam channel looks to be a test. Not sure if Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy himself is convinced with responses.

Adiyen appreciate the effort for touching many area.

Adiyen want to know if Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy’s ratings to the podcast?

Adiyen’s feelings and thoughts
1. That Swamy seems to have studied a lot and knowledgeable Vedic scholar but could not answer in mleccha BhAsha Engliah
2. He could not explain his learnings in a convincing way
3. No need to justify VishistAdvaitam in front of Advaitis or Dwaitis. People will anyway put comments, we cannot be good to all
4. Not sure if format is to be blamed?
5. That Swamy is trying to simplify a lot
6. Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy’s teachings are not fully reflected in the podcast.

There were many flaws in that Swamy’s answers.

Advaiti varutha patta umakkenna? Um kadamai VishistAdvaitam. EnPaNi seidhu kidappadhEy.

Powerful statements required. Needs lot of improvement.

One Advaiti commented like this “Swamy explained Advaitam but without hurting beautifully 😂” adhukku love 💖 potrukel.

Adhavadhu moonum bridge panna pakarel Ghatakama irundhu. Avan eppadiyum Umma thitta dhan poran. We should be namakkenna?

Don’t ask me ” Did you do Veda Adhyayanam?”
Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy upanyasam vechu at least therinjavaraikkum answer panniduven.

VishistAdvaitam adhuvey “PramANam” endru

VishistAdvaitam porandhadhey Advaita differences address panna thaney. Difference irukka dhan irukkum.

When we say why they interpreted like that we could have responded

“Their emphasis was on Duality and non Duality so interpretation differencea”

In fact those AchAryAs have explained “EkAmEva Adwitheeyam” and all respective verses denoting other sampradhayas including duality and non Duality in their own way.

Answering Swamy himself felt uncomfortable answering these questions Adiyen beleive.

At one point he said “Self illuminating”
Other point he says “Knowledge gained in Karma” in purpose of creation for liberation.

Knowledge come from external source or jeevAthmA uncovers?

Sari andha rope snake example la there was rope that was momentary truth. Only snake was an illusion. Rope = VishistAdvaitam. Adha solla vendAmA?

Also that hypothetical example of JeevAthmA committing no sin so no pain. Where is PramANam?

What about pleasure? Will jeevAthmA feel pleasure without pain?

Did Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy train them or not?

He says “I don’t know about Advaita” but yet talks about it” edhukku nazhvurAr? Appo adha yen solla try pannanum?

Proficient in VishistAdvaitam na appo “Chith Achith Eeshwara:” mattum solla vendiyadhu dhaney anyway adhu unga prerogative what to tell and what not to tell it’s your wish.

VishistAdvaitam sollanum na Advaita flaws solli dhAn Aganum summa time pass ku Ramanujar interpret pannala.

“Brahmathukku Brahmai PidikkumA?” Nu Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy ketrukkar that is the flaw in Advaitam.

YouTube may not accept this big comment so putting here

Please take this as consuntructive criticism and come well prepared for next podcast please.

Eppozhudhum ethirasar vadivazhagu en idhayathuladhAl illai enakkEdhir nu solla vendAmA?

He also said “Dwaita and VishistAdvaitam both are SriVaishnava Sampradhayam ”

Then what about AdvaitA?

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy’ s basic premise

“All three schools of thought agree Sriman Narayana as Para Brahmam”

If you don’t believe me watch his VishistAdvaitam video in YouTube.

“Dry a irukkum” nu sAdhikirAr

Adiyen not happy. Expected a lot.

Finally he said “Unprepared” then why do this podcast?

Won’t others take this video as a tool to confront our Sampradhayam? Why give room?

Veshti la eppudi white color pirikka mudiyAdhO appadi Vishistam nu solla vendiyadhu dhAney.

Brahmam is self manifested.
Brahmam vera padaippu very alla

Therefor anumAna PramAnam will not work

Adhanala VishistAdvaitam

Relative truth which is a lie “Mithya” cannot expose Absolute Truth.

Meaning a truth cannot come from a lie. Therefore Advaita is falsified theory and VishistAdvaitam was born.

VyAvahArika Sathyamum Sathyam dhAney!!!!

VikAram of Achit is just a transformation and not a false shareeram~shareeri bhAvam

BhOkthA BhOgyam

Poorva Bhagam says Brahmam can’t be comprehended
Uttara Bhagam says Brahmam can be comprehended

Veda cannot contradict itself therefore Ghatakha Shruthi was born. Idhu Velukkudi sonnadhu.

“That is Brahmam can be comprehended as non comprehensible”

Sari indha Kelvikku badhil sollungo
“ParamAthmA avikAram” nu sollitEl appo
“JeevAthmA” adhu vikara paduma?

Enna Swamy? Fulla explain panna vendAmA?

Anu and Vibhu may be size wise difference but there is no difference in swaroopa nyAnam nu solla vendAmA?

Because Brihath Shabdhathukku Big nu sollitEl.

Ennamo Pongo. Manasu oppala.
Advaiti enna kekkaradhu naaney kekkaren sariya prepare pannitu vaango next time.

I don’t think this is going in right direction and giving room to lot of loopholes.


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Swairalapam is highly edited- it is not a discourse but curated to keep the listeners guessing. Social media laws contain lots of false premises – not everything can be learnt by the questions – one needs to do a deeper study through Bhagavad vishaya and other kalakshepams. Expecting to understand the difference in Kalai itself takes hours and how can we expect to understand the difference between mathams in less than an hour?

on April 30, 2024

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Adiyen agree Swamy.


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