Supreme goal – BG and Five types of glories

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It is understood that a liberated atma gets five types of glories (salokyam, sameepyam, sarupyam, samyapatti, sayujyam) on reaching Srivaikuntam without any discrimination.  

adiyen was going through Bagavat Gita Bashya by Ramanujar edited by U.Ve. Sri Rama Rāmānuja Achari and published by srimatham. I was specifically looking for the supreme goal / glories as indicated in Gita through various means (such as bakthi yoga, gyana yoga, karma yoga, saranagati).

The supreme goal / destination are used by various terms in that reference such as:

  • become Brahmam
  • enlightenment is supreme
  • attain the bliss of the Brahmam
  • never separated from Me
  • attains immortality
  • enters into Me

Whether all these indicates same and falls under the five types of glories?.

In other words, regardless of the means one follow, will one get same five types of glories? (except the case of  kaivalya motcham).


SriVaishnava dasan

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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Even If adiyen wish for Kaivalyam (agyAnam), Perumal will give what is good for me (sarvagyan)

So samAdhi sthithi can be anything as designated by Perumal. Whatever the name may be BrahmAnandam is the same.

In deep sleep what you know what you are?


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