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NamaskAram SrI vELukkudi KrishNan SwAmy,


AdiyEn hopes this message finds dhEvarIr in good health and high spirits. AdiyEn is writing with utmost respect and humility to seek clarification on a particular statement made during dhEvarIr’s discourse on SrI rAmAyaNam in enpani app. DhEvarIr mentioned that BharathAzhwAn did not consider the proper circumstances while performing SaraNAgathi to PerumAL, contrasting it with ANdAL’s statement in ThiruppAvai, “ArAyndhu aruL,” which indicates a thorough inquiry before making a request. This was interpreted to mean that men are less intelligent than women.

As a devoted follower of the SrIvaishNava sampradAyam and an admirer of dhEvarIr’s teachings, adiyEn felt compelled to discuss this matter in the light of our revered tradition and the teachings of our AzhwArs and AchAryas.

  1. Respect for All SrIvaishNavas: Our sampradAyam teaches us to respect all SrIvaishNavas, regardless of their varNam, ASramam, or gyAnam. This respect is BhagavAn’s foremost expectation from His devotees, and any form of discrimination based on physical or social attributes is contrary to our sampradAyic values.

  2. Equality of JIvAthmAs: The essence of SrIvaishNavam is the inherent equality of all jIvAthmAs, who are all servants of SrIman nArAyaNa. The notion of intelligence or capability based on gender is not supported by our scriptures or the teachings of our pUrvAchAryas.

  3. Context in Scriptural Examples:

    • BharathAzhwAn’s SaraNAgathi: BharathAzhwAn’s approach to SaraNAgathi was driven by his intense devotion and urgency to rectify the perceived injustice. His actions reflect a different context and urgency rather than a lack of intelligence.
    • ANdAL’s “ArAyndhu aruL”: ANdAL’s approach, emphasizing inquiry and request, showcases a different aspect of devotion and surrender. Both approaches highlight the diversity of devotional expressions and should be appreciated for their unique contexts and circumstances.

AdiyEn kindly requests dhEvarIr’s esteemed guidance on how to interpret these examples from SrI rAmAyaNam and ThiruppAvai in alignment with the teachings of our AzhwArs and AchAryas, ensuring that our understanding and practice remain true to the core principles of SrIvaishNavism.

adiyEn thank dhEvarIr very much for dhEvarIr’s time and consideration. AdiyEn looks forward to dhEvarIr’s response.


adiyEn rAmAnuja dhAsan.

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Bhagavan did not discriminate based on gender. He didn’t accept Bharata Saranagati immediately as it was not in line with His sankalpa to protect Devas. He fulfilled after 14 years. “Andal Saranagati is better placed” is an observation by our Acharyas. There are many instances when Acharyas have said Nammazhwar (male ) Saranagati is better placed than dwaya mantra itself.

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dhanyOsmi swAmy,

adiyEn thanks dhEvarIr for dhEvarIr’s time and the valuable guidance provided. adiyEn is grateful for the insights into the nuances of SaraNAgathi and the reaffirmation of the principles of non-discrimination and equality in our SrIvaishNava sampradAyam.

dhanyOsmi once again for the continued support and wisdom swAmy 🙏

adiyEn rAmAnuja dhAsan.

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Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Varaha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam


Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy also told
“Sri Rama says to Hanuman , I will accept even if he comes with imperfections”

“DoshO Yadhyapi”

Context: Vibheeshana SharanAgathi

“En manasa nee kuda purinjukaliye Hanuman, Avan nallavana kettavana endru pAka maten, kuraiyodu vandhAlum Serthu kolven”

Technically this is contradicting with Aaraindhu Arul? I am not sure.

My understanding of ArAindhu Arul is “Na chinna palana ketu vandhuten nu enna odhukadhey neye en nokatha purinjundu edhu nalladho adha sei”

Mannikaradhalua innum greata iru nu AndAl solli irukka.

From my understanding Sri Ram forgives without hesitation in SharanAgathi.


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