Srishti Creation

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Adiyen Dasan.

In one of your upanyasam’s( Srimad Bhagavatham), as far as i have understood, on how Perumal created the universe, Samasthi sristhi was stating the creation of Prithvi, appu, neer, nilam, aakasham and then the first athma ever created was Brahma. But in vyesthi srishti( where brahma furthers the process of creating) you have stated that svayambhuva manu would get back to brahma since he found there is no place for humans to stay as Bhuma Deva was captured by Hiranyakshan.
My query is, how Hiranyakshan was created.? Though they were Dwara paalaka’s Jayan and vijayan who was cursed by sanathan and sanath kumaran, it prompts me to think that both the dwara palaka’s, Sanatha rishi’s were present before Brahma. But Brahma was the first created Athma as per the previous saying.  Which process they belong with. ? samashti srishti or vyesti shristi. ? If so, are there many such creations paralleled with brahma .?

Can you throw me light on this query. I’am sorry for my inability to grasp the context.


Santhana Gopalakrishna DasanSrishti Creation

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