Srimad bhagavatham

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Adiyen, Swami please clarify adiyen’s doubt.. Recently i got to see this sloka
śrī-rukmiṇy uvāca
caidyāya mārpayitum udyata-kārmukeṣu
rājasv ajeya-bhaṭa-śekharitāṅghri-reṇuḥ
ninye mṛgendra iva bhāgam ajāvi-yūthāt
tac-chrī-niketa-caraṇo ’stu mamārcanāya

Like a lion taking away its share (prey) from the herds of goats and sheep, the Lord carried me away, placing his foot on the heads (lit. covering with the dust of his feet the heads) of invincible warrior princes (like Jarasandha, allies of Si^upala) who determined to make me over (in marriage) to l^isupala, stood (ready to fight) raising up their bows (and arms). May those feet of Lord Krsna, the abode of Sri (god¬ dess of beauty and wealth), be available to me for worship, forever.

Swami as we knw. Rukmini devi is sri Mahalakshmi.. In that case why is, Rukmini thayar mentioning as “the abode of sri” whom is she referring? Is it Nappinnai thayar? Swami,
Please clarify my doubt.. 🙏

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She is Mahalakshmi. But incarnated as a human. If She behaved as Lakshmi, then She won’t be sending a messenger to Krishna or get worried whether She would get married to Sri Krishna or not. So all these are done assuming She is a human being. So, She talks Lakshmi as residing in the Lotus feet of Sri Krishna.

on January 8, 2021

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasyai. Adiyen swamin, dhanyosmin for the reply. It really helped with Adiyen’s understanding. Devareerukku Pallandu
Please forgive adiyen for mandha budhi..

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0 on March 15, 2021

Srimate Ramanuja namah
Vellukudi swamiku pallandu,
Adiyen has got one more doubt in Srimad bhagavatham swami, adiyen request to clarify this.
ŚB 10.60.34
यद्वै भवान् भगवतोऽसद‍ृशी विभूम्न: ।
क्व‍ स्वे महिम्न्यभिरतो भगवांस्‍त्र्यधीश:
क्व‍ाहं गुणप्रकृतिरज्ञगृहीतपादा ॥ ३४ ॥

śrī-rukmiṇy uvāca
nanv evam etad aravinda-vilocanāha
yad vai bhavān bhagavato ’sadṛśī vibhūmnaḥ
kva sve mahimny abhirato bhagavāṁs try-adhīśaḥ
kvāhaṁ guṇa-prakṛtir ajña-gṛhīta-pādā

Srî Rukminî said: ‘Well so be it indeed with this what You said o Lotus-eyed One; where, unequal to the Supreme Lord, am I in comparison to the Almighty One who takes pleasure in His own glory, to the Controller, the Supreme Lord of the Three [principal deities] – where do I myself stand whose feet because of her material qualities are held by fools?

Here it says, the Supreme lord of the Three (principal dieties) If Krishna is incarnation of Narayana, why here it is mentioned as Supreme of three principal dieties.
Please tell us Who the principle dieties are, Swami? Kshkamika prathi if there’s any fault in the question.

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