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Srimate Ramanujaya Nemaha

Namaskaram Swamy

Sriman Narayanan is the Paramathma and He is vibu in nature and is Sarvavyabagan.

Jivatma is anu in nature. Sri Mahalakshmi Thayer is a Jivatma with special status.

It is known that Sri Mahalakshmi Thayer and Perumal are inseparable. In such a case, does Jivatma of Sri Mahalakshmi Thayer alone vibu in nature and have the quality of Sarvavyabagathvam along with Bagavan?

Adiyen kindly request Swamy to clarify the doubt.

With respects and regards,
Adiyen Venkhatesh

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1 on August 5, 2021

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

If Sri Mahalakshmi thAyAr is beyond creation and aprAkrutham as well , how can she be considered special jeevAthmA?

Is jeevAthmA aprAkrutham (as it is state without Karma)?

Let’s decode.

Then we will conclude how special thAyAr is.

Mahalakshmi thAyAr is ParamAthmikA 🙂

The creation itself happens out of her mercy.

So Moksha Pradhathvam should also be her powers but she always prefers to be Daasa Bhootham to PerumaL.


on August 5, 2021

Thanks for your reply, Swamy

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