Smartha becoming a vaishnava will it be a problem to get their kids married to a vaishnava

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We are very much interested to get Sri Ramanujar sambandam by getting pancha samskaram from an acharya and do kainkaryam.  We have a concern that we being a smartha after getting panchasamskaram will there be a problem to get our kids married to a vaishanava.   Not sure if a smarta will accept if we get panchasamskaram.  What will be our position at that time.  Please clarify.  Sorry if I asked anything wrong.



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There will not be a problem in getting your son or daughter married to a Srivaishnava. There are already quite a few like that.

on December 25, 2017

Namaskaram.  Thanks a lot for your kind reply.  If possible can you please let us know whom to contact for getting pancha samskaram.


on December 25, 2017

But swamy, our family purohita is a smartha and under him my upanayanam smaskaram was done. Right from sandhyavandhanam,,etc karma there is a slight difference between smartha and vaishnava. Wouldn’t it be a problem? If my question is wrong kindly forgive me. Even I was interested in initiating pancha samskaram and get the rahasya traya upadesha but had these doubts…. Kindly clarify.

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1 on December 26, 2017

Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,


Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,



Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami adiyenai SHamikka Prarthikkiraen for interferring.




Dear ‘Narayana97’ Bhakta,



Adiyen remember Swami mentioning in ENpani about, about WHy Swami Ramanujar Initiated 74 SimhasanaPadhis. When Swami did SHaranagathy on SriRama’s Lotus Feet with THayar SIta-Piratti PUrushakaratvam on Panguni Uttiram (Sharanagathy Gadyam grantham), then BHagavAN SriRama’s granted MOksham for Swami and addtionally said, that “ALL SamBHandhis” of Swami Ramanujar will get MOksham ‘SriVaikuntam’ in same birth by doing PanchaSamskaram to get Ramanuja Sambhandham. So Swami Ramanujar thought, how all future generations will get SWami’s Sambhandham, hence Swami iniated the 74 SImhasapadhis to make BHagavAN SriRama’s final WORD happen for years to come after HIS return to ParamaPadham (SriVaikuntam).




Sri Velukkudi Swami has said that, as of now there are almost 34~35 of these Acharya lineages existing out of the 74, who are spread out in India throught. Each LIneage istself is a big tree with many Acharyas who do Pancha Samskaram, so we can get Ramanuja Sambhandham for Kainkaryam in this birth and further NIthya Kainkaryam in MOksham ‘SriVaikuntam’.




Adiyen believe, KInchitKaram Trust Volunteers should have the list of 74 Simhasana Padhi Acharya lineages, and the VOlunteers should be able to guide BHakta further.





Dear ‘Venkatesh3131996’ Bhakta,


Based on Swami’s Veda MArga Pravachanams, Acharam/Anushtanam is only “CHitta SUddhi”, cleanses our karmas, but doesn’t release ourselves from this Samsaram (Birth-Death Cycle).


So, by doing continuosly the prescribed Acharams/ANushtanams as per Shastras, then we get a clear thinking and start looking for “what should I do with this life”. THen, we realize that we have taken many countless births, and we should reach Moksham in this birth. So, we have to perform &/or FOllow the SHastras/Vedas precribed paths to reach Moksham ‘SriVAikuntam’.


1) Karma-GYana-Bhakthi Yoga Margam, (Good method), takes many JanmAS to reach MOksham, or


2) Sharanagathy MArgam, (Better method), reach MOksham in same Jamna, if we have Maha VIshwasam on Sriman NaraynAN lotus feet, means no second thought or standing at someone’s door for MOksham, or


3) Acharya Abhimaname Uddharakam (Best method), gives MOksham in same birth due to Acharya Krupai and make us follow all the God Aspects of the above two Margams as KAINKARYAM in same birth and we leave SriVaikuntam for Nithya Kainkaryam in same birth.




Even, one who is born as SriVAishanavite by birth doesn’t reach MOkshma, unless they do Pancha Samskaram and surrender the Athma to Sriman Narayanan (Prapatti) and get Ramanuja Sambhandham. Then, they become elevated from SriVaishnavite to a “PRapannan” and reach Moksham.


So, being a SriVaishnavite is not important, but being a Prapannan leads to MOksham ‘SriVaikuntam’ in same birth.


If we understand, our JeevAThma Swaroopam that we are:

1) JeevAThma’s

2) Adimai to Sriman NarayanAN,

3) Sotthu to Sriman NarayanAN”,


then we cross the barrier of the Shareera Swaroopam (Acharam/Anushtanam), varna/kulam etc….If not, BhagvAN Sriman Narayan gives opportunity in next Birth for SHaranagahy/Samasraynam to get Acharya Sambhandham.





Swami says an Example why Acharya Sambhandham is needed for Moksham.


* Sriman NarayanAN is like ‘SUN’

* Ourslef ‘JeevAthmas are like ‘LOTUS’

* Acharya Ramanujar is the “WATER” in the pond.



a) If Lotus is on ground, but not on Water, then the Lotus dies/dries quickly.

THis is is teh state if we JeevathAMs deal with Sriman NarayanAN for MOksham directly. Cannot achive.


b) If Lotus is on Water, then the same SUnlight will make the Lotus BLOSSOM (Reach MOksham in same birth).




THere are many from all types of varnas/kulam and even from other Major Mathams (who are not Veda Margams) have also done Samasrayanam/Pancha Samskaram Veda MArgam all across the globe to get Ramanuja Sambhandham to achieve the purpose of life “PIRAVIYIN PAYAN PIRAVAAMAI“.



THe only criteria is the individual’s PErsonal Interest “AASAI” to reach Moksham, by getting Acharya Ramanuja Sambhandham.




Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Adiyen Acharya Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi Udayar ThiruvAdi,


Praaptha, Praapagan, Prapthiku ugappanum Avan (Sriman NarayanAn),

Adaibavan, AdaiVippavan, Adainthu Aanandha padubhavanum Avan (Sriman NarayanAn).


Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu

on December 26, 2017

thanks for the reply swamy (),

I can understand that initiation is about personal interest but in my case I am the only one who is interested in ramanuja sambandham(as of now in my family). 

For e.g., If I get initiated and my father & mother doesn’t, then wouldn’t there be a confusion in following whose sampradayam. If my question might sound like not interested in getting initiation, please forgive me.

Even while Sri velukkudi krishnan swamy addressing the 2017 ramanuja anu yatra prelim, he told the shraddha karma differs for vaishnava and a smartha, in that case if I get initiated and my parents doesn’t so,which sampradaya should I follow without deviating from shastras.? question like these arise and I get confused whether to get initiated or not.

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0 on December 26, 2017

Namaskaram Swami,

I would also like to get pancha samakaram but, whom should i go with to get it.

please kindly guide us.

Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Thiruvadigale saranam.

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1 on December 27, 2017

Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha,



Dear CHinnadurai Bhakta,


Please check with KInchitKaram Trust Volunteers, if they have the list of 74 Simhasana Padhi Acharya lineages, and the VOlunteers should be able to guide BHakta further with Swam’s Anugraham. THe phone numbers and eamil ID are in below link.




Dear Venkatesh Bhakta,


Bhakta has Thudippu to become Ramanujar Sambanthi, that itself proves Bhakta is already a Ramanuja Sambhanthi.


First of all, adiyen don’t have Thagudhi/Rights to talk about a high level subject Pancha Samskaram.

At the same time, with Acharyar Krupai and Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami’s Anugraham, with positive intention, adiyen would like to SHARE from Swami’s Pravachanams about OTHER means to GET SWAMI “Ramanujar Sambhandham”.


[Bhakta’s situation is delicate, but not a new situation. Swami Ramanujar has FORESEEN such situations and provided an elaborate methods to get Swami’s Sambhandham, so riRama gves MOksham].




Swami says in 2017 KKT CALENDER CD “Ramanuja Vaibhavam”, about Swami Ramanujars AVATARA RAHASYAM,

“Sheshova, Sainya Nathova, SriPathir Vethi Sathvikaihi”

(Is Swami Ramanujar Adishehan Avatar (Sheshova)?, or Swami Vishvaksenar Avatar (Sainya Nathova)?, or SriLakshmi’s Husband, PaarthaSaarathy Perumal HImself (SriPathir)?, who Avatar is Swami………..)


That there are “15 methods” by which ANYONE can get “Acharya Ramanujar Sambhandham” for the future years after SWami’s return to ParamAPadham (SriVaikuntam), so BHgavAN SriRama (NamPerumal) the SUPREME gives us Moksham ‘Sri Vaikunta Prapatti” in same BIrth with Swami’s Krupa Kataksham.



1) Doing Samasrayanam/ Pancha Samskaram with any Acharyas of 74 Simhasana Padhis lineages is one method,


2) Swami Ramanujar VIgrahatthai Thozhuvadhu/Sevippadhu “Daily with Sneha-BHakthi” is another way to get Swami’s Sambhandham,


3) Swami Ramanujar VIgrahatthai Pradhakshanam varuvadhu “Daily with Sneha-BHakthi” is another way to get Swami’s Sambhandham,


4) Swami Ramanujar VIgrahatthai Dyaanam Seivadhu “Daily with Sneha-BHakthi” is another way to get Swami’s Sambhandham,


5) Swami Ramanujar NAAMA Vaibhavatthai therindhu kolvadhu.

Basically chanting “Ramanuja Noorthandhadhi”, (saying “Srimatae Ramanujaya Namaha” 108 times) “Daily with Sneha-BHakthi” is another method.


6) Geting Swami Ramanujar SRIPAADHA THEERTHAM “Daily with Sneha-BHakthi” is another method,


7) ……………………….15)




Case1): Many from ANY KUlam/Varna/Other Sampradhayams within Sanatana DHarmam or outside Sanatana DHarmam, who has AASAI and are ABLE to do the 1) Pancha Samskaram method, is ideal situation, great.



Case2): Many from ANY KUlam/Varna/Other Sampradhayams within Sanatana DHarmam or outside Sanatana DHarmam, who has AASAI but are NOT ABLE to do the 1) Pancha Samskaram method, follows any ONE of the remaining 2 thru’15 methods or some of the remaining methods as much as possible or all of the remaining methods, to get Ramanujar Sambhadham. THis is EASY to DO by ANYONE and shouldn’t affect their existing Sampradhayams.

Later, when the family situation or circumstances prevails Good, then the BHakta or the whole family can get the 1) Pancha Samskarama method at the earliest chance, but still BHakta is already a Ramanuja Sambhandhi by following any one of the 15 methods daily, with which SriRama will MOksham, if we have “Sneha-BHakthi” towards Swami Ramanuajar.



Ramou Dvir naabhi BHaashathe” (SriRama Oru Thadavai SOnna, Maru Peachu KIdayadhu)

SriRama’nukku Oru Soll (speech), Oru Vill (arrow), Oru Ell (Wife), no second thought or words. Kandippa Kuduppaar.


THis is Poorvacharyars words via SWami’s PRavachanams, if we have “Sneha-BHakthi” towards Swami Ramanujar daily.




SWAMI Ramanujar THiruvAdi POkkishatthai nammakku Thandhu Aruliya, Sri Velukkudi Krishnan

SWAMI THiruvadigalaey Sharanam,


Thayar-Perumal-Alwar-EmperumanaAr-Jeeyar-Acharyar THiruvadigalaey SHaranam,


Sita Maatha Samedha Sri Rama BHagavAN ki Jai,

Rukmini Thayar Samedha Sri Krishna BHagavAn ki Jai,


Sarvam Sri Krishna KUdumbham,

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu.

on December 27, 2017

Namaskaram Kongil Piratti Avargalukku,

Thanks a lot for the detailed information on how to get Sri Ramanujar Sambandam.  Really appreciate the time you have given to answer our concerns.  We will contact the volunteers.

By Sri Ramanujar’s grace we will get his Sambandam to attain Moksham.


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Thanks a lot @KongilPiratti for a detailed description. Got a clarity at my doubt.

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0 on December 27, 2017

Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sarvam Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami ThiruvAdiyil Samarpayami,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrishna Kudumbham.

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0 on December 27, 2017

Srimathe Ramanujaya namaha,

Thank you very much KongilPiratti for the information and i will be in contact with the volunteer.

Adiyen dasan.

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