Shravana vratam – procedure / doubt

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Namaskaram 🙏

With Bhagavan’s anugraham and swami’s guidance, adiyen has been able to follow both Ekadashi (for the past 5 years) and Shravana vratam(being Bhagavan’s thirunakshatram).  On both the days, adiyen follows the same procedure – abstain from eating food/grains. (Adiyen partakes milk and/or banana though)

Adiyen has a doubt. Is it to ok to do complete fasting on shravanam?

Or is it necessary to have food but without salt? While any vratam is to contemplate on Bhagavan, does the Shravana vratam emphasize on the control of tongue / taste than doing a regular upavasa (control of hunger)? If so, then Bhagavan also will have to be offered food without salt that day ?

Also, if Shravanam nakshatram falls on a pandigai day, how to follow the vratam ? 

Kshamikkavum if adiyen has asked anything wrong.

Dhanyavadaha 🙏

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A continuation to the above thread. During Ekadesis if all the members of the family follow viratam then is it fine to offer only fruits  to  Bhagwan

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