Ritual for renovating house

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Namaskaram Sri Velukkudi Swamy Avarglukku,

I have a question regarding renovating a house.  My brother is living in an apartment and now doing false ceiling for the entire apartment except kitchen.  One bedroom at a time and so on.  It is going to take around 1-2 months I think.  They are living in the same place, they have not moved from the apartment.  Going to use the bedroom which was renovated while the other bedroom is being renovated.

My concern is whenever we renovate a house we have to do homam and preethi before using the place after renovation.  Since they will be using the bedrooms in turns after renovation before doing any preethi, will it be a problem.  How to avoid the sin.  Should they move to another place and once the whole apartment renovation is completed do homam and come back or is there any other alternative.

Please advice.  I will ask my brother to do as per your advice.

Thank you




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