Reference materials for 4000 Divya Prabandham

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Are there any reference materials available in Hindi/Telugu/Kannada/English for understanding the word-by-word meaning of the 4000 holy pAsurams? Since many AsthikAs are not native Tamil speakers, a BhAshyA or ShabdakoshA in other languages will be helpful. I’m asking this on behalf of a friend.

Kindly excuse my ignorance.

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If you are looking for reference materials in net, here are some useful websites:
This website covers entire dhivya prabandham. Meaning is provided in English.

From this website you can download many reference materials as pdf. Translation is done and meanings are in English. You can select dhivya prabandham under search category or search for any particular topic like ‘Amalanathipiran’. For spelling variations better search from google like “ amalanathipiran”. It will show the result from which you can download the pdf.


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