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Srimathe Ramanujaya namah
Vellukudi swamiku namaskaram

Adiyen has got doubt on Ramayana. As had this doubt from long time could not get an answer in and still confused with this. Is it so that Uttar Kanda of Ramayana is later added. Does Alwars mention about incidents happening in Uttarakhand. Kshamika pratikiren for adiyen’s ignorance.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasyai

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha,


Namaskaram Anjali BhagavAta,


With Acharya ThiruvAdi Bhalam and Ammangaar Abhimaanam and Velukkudi SriKrishnan Swami Aasirvaadham, adiyen will SHARE answer from Swami’s Upanyasams regarding devareer’s queries:

“………………………still confused with this. Is it so that Uttar Kanda of Ramayana is later added. Does Alwars mention about incidents happening in Uttarakhand. ……………….”


Total Six Kandaas “Bala, Ayodhya, Aaranya, Kishkindha, Sundara, Yuddha” is what Valmiki Maharishi prescribes for devotees to follow through and read, because Valmiki makes Phala Shruthi at the end of Yuddha Kaanda (sixth kaanda) Sarga 128 in slokas 107,108,112,116 where Valmiki Mahaishi concludes that All Auspicious things will happen to one who reads Srimadh Ramayanam. 

At the same time, Uttara Kaanda is also written by Valmiki Maharishi, but the incidents in this kaanda is not so much ENJOYABLE due incidents like,

  1. Sita Pratti sent to Forest again by SriRama due to civilians/Laundry man feeling doubt on Sita Piratti chastity, though everyone knows Sita Piratti is PURE.
  2. SriRama chopping head of Shambhuka (non-brahmin), since a Brahmin complained to SriRama that is son had a premature death which is due to some Adharma happening in your regime (sarga 73-76).
  3. etc…….

That is the reason why Poorvacharyas recommend to read only till SriRama Pattabhishekam (end of Yuddha Kaanda) and not further, since SriRama took Avatar as Maryaadhai PUrushotthaman and any soft hearted devotee will not be in a position to hear any explanations for these incidents, So just avoid reading it, since it will appear like defaming SriRama. Hence this has lead to the confusion that the Uttraa kaanda was added later since it is not popularly read.

However, Lava Kusha were sons of SriRama-SIta Piratti, and they were born in Valmiki Maharishi Ashramam, but SriRama was not aware they were HIS own Kids. These incidents are available in Uttara Kaanda only. So Uttara Kaanda if denied as a fudged story to Srimadh Ramayana, then these Lava Kusha incidents will be false as well which cannot be true. Since there are 70 Ishvaku Kings ruled teh entire Kritha Yuga and they were kings after SRiRama return to SriVaikuntam. The recent Gautama Buddha in early Kali Yuga belong to Ishvaku dynasty lineage of Kusha, hence many devotees relate this Gautama BUddha as SriRama Avatar and confuse with the “Aadhi Buddha (Sriman NarayanA DIRECT Avatar) due to Gautama Buddha belonging to SriRama Ishvaku dynasty, but this is a separate story, but Adiyen is pointing tis out because Kusha.


Valmiki Maharishi wrote first six kaandas after the incidents happened base don Narada Muni Narration and hence HE made the conclusion with Phala Sruthi at the end of YUddha Kaanda, but later wrote the Uttara Kaanda with His Divya Dhrishti foreseeing the incidents Prior to happening. The interesting thing is, Lava Kusha singing SriRama Katha in Ayodhya streets and finally in SriRama Palace tells how long HE will rule and when HE will return to SriVaikuntam (future incidents).


Swamil Kulashekara Alwar in Perumal THirumozhi 10.8 says about Lava Kusha singing Srimadh Ramayanam to SriRama HIMSELF where they are not aware that SriRama is their Father and they are HIS sons. SriRama heard HIS own story from the coral mouths of his two sons Lava and Kusa [born from SitA of the most auspicious Mythila], “…….தன் சரிதை கேட்டான் “…….; 

So Lava Kusha story as in Uttara Kaandam is True as written by Valmiki Maharishi, so Poorvacharyas recommend to read only till YUddha Kaanda and  don’t recommend us to read the full Uttara Kaandam, since it is tearful, painful sometimes to devotees due to some incidents appears defaming SriRama Maryadhai PUrushotthaman.


Adiyen (ElayaAlwar) Srinivasa (DhoddayAcharyAr) Dasan.

on February 22, 2021

Dhanyosmi swami

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