Raksha Bandhan

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Namaskaaram Swami !

Today is ‘Yajur Upakarma’ but is widely celebrated as ‘Raksha Bandhan’ in the northern, eastern and western parts of India as a festival to mark the special binding between brothers and sisters. The beauty of this festival is that it is not limited to biological siblings only but can be extended to even ‘maanasika’ sister-brother relationships.

Swami, adiyen’s query is as follows:

We consider the following pramaanams for following certain cultural practices alive until today.

  1. Sruti (primary source of authority)
  2. Smruti
  3. ItihAsam 
  4. PurAnam

While adiyen understand from some of adiyen’s acquaintances that ‘Sruti’ and ‘Smruti’ does not have any reference to this practice, epic Mahabharata does mention about this practice. Is it true ?

If this is true, how come this practice is confined to the northern, western and eastern parts of our country only?





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Brother-sister relationship is given significance on “kanu-pongal” day in Tamil culture.

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