Procedure to be followed while visiting Tirupati

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Our family is planning for a Tirupati trip for offering. Until my marriage I’ve been visiting Thaayar first and then only we go meet swami. But after marriage this is the first time I’m going with my in laws and husband. They insist that we should give our salutations to perumal and then visit Thaayar.

Which procedure should I follow or is there any procedure followed while going to TirumalaTirupati.

Thank you

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1 on September 12, 2018

Swamy often mentions in his pravachanams thar Thayar kadatsham will yield (recommendation)Perumal’ anuhgrakam easily without fail. That means visiting Thayar first will help to gain Perumal’ soft corner kadatsham- He wont consider our Paabhams.
He will grant you the desired without considering any of your phabhams.

Adiyean always get Alarmel mangai thayar’s dharshan and kadatsham before proceeding to Perumal.

Ramanuja dhasan

on September 12, 2018

Thank you swami

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4 on September 13, 2018

Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,

Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruve Namaha,


Excellent response Srinivasan Bhagavata about Thayar Purushakarathvam (recommendation) prior to visiting Main Shrine Sri Venkateswara referring to Swami’s Pravachanams.


Adiyen’s observation.

Looks like Bhagavtas In-laws and Husband are Bhagavata-bandhus to BhagavAta, since they are devotees of Perumal, so adiyen is not comfortable in resisting elders (In-laws) and husband wishes. At the same time, adiyen would recommend below suggestions, same as Srinivasa Bhagavtas suggestion with added two more things, to maintain the family harmony especially if Bhagavata is newly married.



Sri Varaha Swamy Perumal is the owner of the 7 hills before Sri Venketeswara Perumal Swamy did “land grabbing (just joking)” from Sri Varaha Swamy due to HIS costly affair marriage with Princess PadmavAti Thayar, though both Perumals are same Sriman NarayanAn Poorna Avatars.

So the practice is, every devotees FIRST visit the Sri Varaha Swamy Perumal Temple Shrine before vsisitng the main shrine Sri Venkateswara temple, since THIRUMALAI belongs to Sri Varaha Swamy (Owner).

Adiyen believe, this will also help BhagavAta to satisfy BhagavAtas In-laws/Husband by visiting Perumal first (Varaha Swamy).




Then visit JagadhAcharyar Swami Ramanujar shrine.

Adiyen has heard from Swami’s pravachanams that Swami Ramanujar is called as

Appanukku Shangu-Aazhi Alittha Perumaan“, because one day Sri Venkateswara was standing without his Chakkaram/Counch Aadhaar card, since HE handed it over to HIS pure devotee Thondaimaan Chakkaravarthy. So everyone thought, this is some god and not Supreme Sriman NarayanAn. So, Swami had to resolve the issue by keeping all the Ayudhams of Perumal plus all the other demi-god ayudhams inside the sanctume and closed the door, so that the god inside the sanctum could pick HIS favorite ayudhams and reveal to the world who HE is.. Later, when Swami opened the sanctum, Perumal took HIS Aadhaar card “Shangu-CHakkaram” and left the remaining on the ground, and stood like “திண் தோள் மணிவண்ணா “. Then on Swami Ramanujar is called as “Appanukku Shangu-Aazhi Alittha Perumaan”. Also, Swami Ramanuajr due to HIS Krupai, is the one who surrenders oursleves (Athma) to the lotus feet of Swami NamAlwar and hence we get Moksham in same birth due to Thayar-PErumal Kataksham.



Then, as Srinivasan BhagavAta has referred from Swami’s Pravachanams, go to Thayar Sanctum first and get Thayar Kataksham, then visit Sri Venkatesware Swamy Sanctum for offering/Kainkaryam/Moksham.


Following 1) will make Bhagavtas In-laws/husband happy (Perumal visit first), and following 3) will make Bhagavata self happy (Thayar visit first).

Following 1), 2) & 3) in sequence makes all Alwars and Acharyas Happy.


If Bhagavata is already following 1) & 2), then please forgive adiyen for refreshing it. Sorry for adiyen’s errors, if any.


Sri Velukkudi Swami ThiruvAdiyil, Kainkaryame ParmaPurusharttham.


Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,

Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,

Appanukku Shanghu-Aazhi Alittha Perumaan Swami Ramanuja Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sarvam SriKrishnarpanam Asthu

on September 13, 2018


Dhanyosmi all Bhagawathas!!

Whatever Adiyean learned is all from Swamigal’s pravachanams(if errors or deviations are spotted then it could be adiyean’s own perceptions). As adiyean mentioned in one of the post here earlier, Swamigal is like “Divine Kolavi” and adiyargal (like me) are Puzhu (smallest  insect). Epaadi, Kolavi kotti kotti Puzhuvai Kolavi aakkidomo appadiye listening to Swamigal’s pravachanam make us Bhaghawathas. How a Neechan (eEenappiravi) become a Bhaghavatha (not sure whether already turned or not??) – adiyean is one example. Constantly listening to Swamigal’s pravachanams diligently make you a good SriVaishnava scholar (yes, it is very true.) Aacharya’s krubai is the one that can turn dramatically a small insect (AgGhana)into Bhaghawatha.


Adiyean Ramanuja Dhasan.

on September 13, 2018


Kongil Pirati Bhaghavatha, adiyean just adding few steps here – normally what adiyean try to do:

  1. Have Dharshan of Thayar (Aalrmel Mangai Thayar) the previous day (say evening) at Alarmel Manga Puram.
  2. After Thayar dharshan, proceed to Tirumala
  3. Stay one night at Tirumala (Say at Jeeyar Math)
  4. Wake up early morning and proceed to Sri Varagha Pushkarani (Kulam) and take full bath (immerse few times)
  5. Have Dharshan of SriVaragha Perumal and Bhoomi Thayar
  6. Sri Hayagreevar sannathi/temple visit (if possible)
  7. Proceed to Perumal Sevai (whether it be with Jeeyar(early morning) or individual/ different ways); after Perumal Sevai, proceed to our Jhagat Aacharyaas – Emberumaanar, Manavala Maamunigal and Vedantha Desikar.
  8. On return proceed to Sri Govindarajar and other perumal Sannathis. If possible (whoever can) visit Akasa Ganga Theertham in Tirumala.
  9. Thayar Sevai again (according to one’s schedule)

Adiyean is not a Trip advisor!! 

Shammikkanum for any errors.

Ramajuja Dhasan.


on September 13, 2018

Adiyen, a small addition in your above step swamy. In one of the upanyasam of Sri u ve Velukkudi Krishnan swamy he told to visit Nammazhwar sannidhi near kapila theertham after padmavathi thayar and then proceed to tirumala.
If any mistake forgive me.

on September 18, 2018

Dhanyosmi Swamy Venkatesh.
Adiyean Ramanuja Dhasan.

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1 on September 13, 2018


As far as Tirumala is concerned, we have to first visit Thayaar, then Varahaswamy and then Lord Srinivasa. We have to visit Thayaar once again while returning. This is what Adiyen’s Guru advised.

However, in case of time constraints, please visit Thayaar first, which is better.

Please plan to visit Thiruchuganoor (Alarmel Manga Puram) between 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm and ask for Kumkumarchana Seva. You can sit few minutes in front of Thayaar and see Kumkumarchana and Harathi.

Daasanu Daasan

on September 13, 2018

Namaskaram Swamy,

Shammikkanum for interference…

It is not only for Tirumala but for all Perumal Temples that Thayar Dharshan to be  prior to Perumal Dharshan for our benefits.

Adiyean’s understanding about the sequence of dharshan is:

  • Perform “Sashtanga” Namaskaram at(in front of ) Temple Dwajasthambam (Kodi maram)
  • Dharshan of Patshi Rajan or Garudalwar – Request permission/seek blessings to have satisfied dharshan of Thayar and Perumal and Aacharyas.
  • Proceed to Thayar Sannathi (Sri Maha Lakshmi) on the left side of Temple. There, you have to seek permission from the Dwarapalakas (women) to have dharshan of Thayar. 


     – – – – –Fun part (imaginary)- – – –  They may want to make fun of you – they smile at you; they may say – we cannot allow you.. Then you have to plead with them to see your Amma. They may ask for something in return. You may say” I will give whatever I get from my Amma or ask Her to give some thing for you” etc., etc., If they still make fun of you then you will start crying… (because you are a small child..)Thayar will ask these Dwarapalakas “What is happening there?? She would have already known your presence (of course, she is your mother, she will know for sure.) On hearing Thayar’s voice, immediately Dwarapalakas would allow you to enter inside. Then You will run fast to see your mother and start crying in joy. You will tell her all tales and the problems you are facing etc., etc., as if SHE is not aware of all these issues(??!!). She will be much happy the moment she spot you-HER baby . After a while(Kadatsham), SHE will advise you to see your father (Perumal). After mom’s dharshan, you will proceed to Perumal Sannathi.

  • En route, you will see another Thayar Sannathi. Here,  you may not encounter the same steps as for Mahalakshmi Thayar’s entrance. The difference is that you don’t need to rush inside because this Bhumi Thayar is eagerly waiting for you at the entrance itself. Because, she has more love, paasam and Karunai for you. After HER dharshan you will now proceed to Perumal Sannathi without being aware of that you have now TWO STRONG/POWERFUL Recommendations to visit Perumal.
  • At the Perumal Sannathi, you will seek permission from the Two Dwarabalakas for Perumal’s dharshan. On seeing Thayar’s recommendation letters (tagged on you, invisible) they immediately take away their weapons and pave way for your entry. Along the way, you will have Alwars, Aachaaryas’ Kadatshams. Now, you are the most POWERFUL VVIP that visit Perumal. On reaching out to  HIM, again you start pouring in all the problems, requests, etc., etc., asif HE is not aware of any of these(??!!). Also, you may do Archanai with Sankalpam. You will tell the Archakar about your name, kulam, Gothrams etc.,etc., as if Perumal does not know any thing about you. HE will laugh himself- you are introducing to HIM about you (meaning, a son is introducing to his father about who is he)- Have you come from an Alien world?? – Where is the question of “ANOTHER WORLD”. HE will ask you jokingly… You will stand blank. You will ask HIM to grant you the desired wishes without knowing that Perumal ALREADY granted your wishes the moment you started from your home. YES, Perumal was eagerly waiting for your presence FROM the moment you thought about planning the trip to visit HIM. So, it DOESN’T MATTER HOW LONG YOU HAD DHARSHAN OF HIM- whether it is just a glimpse (fraction of second) or minutes or hours….  all are have SAME EFFECT. But What MATTERS  most is (you have to know) that HE is patiently, eagerly watching all your steps- walking towards HIM.  Hope, you now have had your Parent’s dharshan satisfactorily.

Shammikkanum for such a long winded phrases..


Adiyean Ramanuja Dhasan,


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0 on September 13, 2018

Sri Ramanuja Munaye Namaha,
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami Guruvae Namaha,

Beautiful added steps by both Srinivasan bhagavatas and Venkatesh bhagavata from Swamis pravachanams and Guru’s guidance.


Adiyargal Thuruvadikku pallaandu.

In general, All Adiyars standard protocol of visting sanctums while visiting any Perumal temple is: 1) All Acharyas/Swami Ramanujar sanctum, 2) All Alwars/ NamAlwar sanctum, 3) Thayar sanctum, 4) Perumal sanctum.

Adiyen completely agree that sometimes there could be constraints to follow sequence, and what BhagavAn looks is “do we have the Sneha Bhaava MIND-SET”, even if some sequence is missed unknowingly. Swami has said SriKrishna is Sulabhar, Elimaiyaanavar and Inimmaiyaanavar.


Adiyen would also like to share adiyens own experience in Srirangam temple, when adiyen couldnt follow the standard sequence due to some unknown factors.


Case 1:
Adiyen’s timing was odd in the afternoon when adiyen entered Srirangam temple. As usual adiyen went to Swami Ramanujar sanctum and got Swami’s dharsan “ThaanAana Thirumeni”, but other sannidhis were closed including Thayar and Ranganathan sannidhis.

So referring to Swami’s pravachanams, adiyen went again to Swami Ramanujar sannidhi and looked at Swami’s Thirumudi/Masthakam (Head), which is Swami NamAlwar “MastakahA Sri Shatarardhihi” based on ‘Ramanuja Avayava prabhavam’ stotram, and then adiyen looked at Swami’s ThiruUllam HEART where Thayar-Perumal was residing happily and got their Dharshan as well, based on ‘Ramanuja NoorthAndhadhi’ paasuram “Iruppidam Vaikuntham Venkatam,………..Indru Avan vandhu iruppudam yendhan IDHAYAthulle……” and drove back home where adiyens GuruParamparai parivaar resides, which is where adiyen does kainkaryam mostly.


Case 2:
Another time, when adiyen went to Srirangam temple, Sri Rangatha Perumal did play game with adiyen.

Swami Ramanujar sannudhi and Thayar sannidhi, both were closed. Now adiyen had a dilemma, since adiyen couldn’t follow the sequence. Adiyen thought for a moment to drive back home skipping dharshan of SriRanganatha, since adiyen didnit get dharshan of Acharya Ramanuja and then Thayar as per sequence. At the same time, aditen was thinking that, it was not ideal to leave SriRangam without visiting Azhagiya Manavala Ranganatha Perumal. So adiyen chanted adiyens Acharya Thaniyan to give a solution. Acharyan gave a beautiful solution in adiyens mind. Based on that, adiyen went to Ranaganthan Swami Moola Murthi sanctum, then adiyen prayed at 1) bottom side of Shatari first, which is Swami Ramanujar (NamAlwar ThiruvAdi), then 2) prayed at whole Shatari which is Swami NamAlwar itself, then 3) prayed at Ranganathan Perumal’s ‘Vakshathalam (ThiruMaarbhu/Chest)’ where Sri RangaNayagi Thayar ALWAYS resides, then 4) prayed Ranganatha Perumal Thirumugam and the whole Thirumeni.


In normal times, if every sannidhi is open and there are no obstructions (natural or man-made), adiyen follow the standard procedure: 1) All Acharyas/Swami Ramanujar sanctum, 2) All Alwars/ NamAlwar sanctum, 3) Thayar sanctum, 4) finally Perumal sanctum. If not, case1 and case2 soultions help adiyen.


Janani bhagavata,
So adiyen believe, if bhagavata has constraints and if In-laws and bhagavatas Husband want to visit Petumal Shrine first, explain them once about the sequence, but if they still want to follow their routine, then dont push them to do the normal sequence, instead Bhagavata self to follow Case2 ehile going to Perumal Sanjidhi by looking at Perumal ThuruvAdi (Swami NamAlwar/Swami Ramanujar) and pray,  then look at Alarmel Mangai Thayar in SriVenkateswara Swami’s Vakshathalam (Chest) first and pray, then look at BhagavAn Thirumugam and Thirumeni itself and pray. Later when everyone goes to Thayar sanctum, pray Thayar. ALL IS FINE.


Adiyen Sri Velukkudi Krishna Dasan,
Uyya Oraey Vazhi UdayavAr ThiruvAdi,
Sarvam SriKrishna Kudumbham.

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