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Presence – Physical and antharyami

Updated on November 19, 2021 in General
2 on November 19, 2021


He is present in our heart as Antharyami. Upanishad say that the upper and the lower worlds (various lokas, stars, sun, moon and the earth) are present in our heart. It says that whatever one can find outside, are present inside the heart also.

This mean, besides the physical presence (only one) of upper and the lower worlds, they can be found innumerable number of times, considering their presence in everyone’s heart. More specifically, it amounts to innumerable upper world, whereas we know that it is physically present only in one location. Similarly, any one who is physically present on earth, will also be present in his heart and present in other’s heart too. That is, he can be found innumerable number of times, considering his presence in everyone’s heart.

Is this understanding correct?.

What is link of the physical presence and the presence of them in one’s heart, to overcome this paradox?.

Is this because of His sareeram in everyone’s heart?.

adiyen would like to get the views on my understanding and possibly correction, if any.



SriVaishnava dasan

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1 on November 19, 2021

Namaskaram Swamy
what does the word heart mean here?

and if we assume that there are infinite number of same person as Devareer told like Devareer’s Physical presence and presence in other’s hearts
How can Devareer identify whether Swamy’s current presence is Swamy’s own physical presence or presence in some one’s heart

Or is that there is only one heart with infinite possibilities


on November 19, 2021

Swamy just try to answer these questions

Answers will lead to answer Devareer’s question

Shamikkanum for asking questions just an approach Swamy

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