Prayaschittam for Bagavata Apacharam

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Shri Velukkudi Swamigalukku Adiyenin Aneka Koti Namaskaarangal

Swamy. Two people ‘X’ and ‘Y’ presents scriptures to Bagavatas.

‘X’ considers that he puts lot of efforts in collecting materials and presenting to people. He expects appreciation and feedback. He wants everyone to acknowledge his expertise.

‘Y’ is very younger in age than ‘X’. ‘Y’ says ‘X’ that no one is an expert here. We are just reading something from books and presenting. The real experts are our Acharyas and they also say “Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum”. Even if we have expertise, the Upanishads say all senses, mind, prana etc functions by Brahmam. So, we have no rights to take credit of anything as we are not capable of functioning without God. So, the real expert is God alone and our objective should be to please God.

This truth is very bitter to ‘X’. This results in hot argument and ‘X’ leaves the group.

‘Y’ soon realized that this could have been conveyed politely and as the truth was told face to face with strong words and hot debates, ‘X’ was hurt.

In first place, if we convey the truth told in scriptures directly and if some one is hurt because of that, is it a Bagavata Apacharam?

‘Y’ pleaded for forgiveness several times and is even ready to fall at the feet of ‘X’ but ‘X’ is not ready to forgive. In this case, if a Baghavathan is hurt but he is not ready to forgive even after apologies, what would be the Pariharam? How to please God in this case?

Adiyen request Swamy to save ‘Y’ from the sin occurred due to an Apacharam.

Sarvam Shri Krishnaarpanamastu!

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Shri Velukkudi Swamigalin Porpadhangalukku Adiyenin Aneka Koti Namaskaarangal!

From the Enpani audio (which may be for some other question also), Adiyen got Devarir’s response to the above.

That ‘Y’ is none other than Adiyen. Apacharam done this time and prayaschittam sought is like first time chemotheraphy.

May Lord Shriman Narayana and Devarir bless Adiyen that this should not happen second time in future. Hence forth, Adiyen will try to convey scriptural truths politely and in a manner that the listener’s ego is not hurt.

Adiyen is responsible for all Apacharam. Lord is responsible for all credits and goods. May Lord save me from Apacharam.

Sarvam Shri Krishnaarpanamastu!

Adiyen Daasan Srinivasan.

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