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Prapatti favourable age

Updated on October 9, 2021 in General
11 on October 3, 2021


adiyen understood from Prapanna parijata, a work by Nadadoor Ammal, that the most favourable age for samasrayanam is sixteen years, the older the less favourable. What does favourable means here?, Is that anything to do with efficacy?. (I strongly believe it won’t be efficacy). Would be happy to get  clarification.


SriVaishnava dasan

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10 on October 7, 2021

adiyen Ramanuja dasan
Namaskaram Swamy

To go by prapatti margam

Your not doing anything
You choose Bhagwan to help you reach Bhagwan

In other routes you choose you to reach Bhagwan
Namely karma yoga, gnana yoga, bhakti yoga etc

But if you search deeper the literature , people who have practiced these yogas eventually surrender themselves because of Grace from Brahmam

So the direct path is only surrendering

What is you?

You ( subject) are Atman or peace or happiness or consciousness (Nitya vibudhi) which has manifested as mind or angankaram or ego ( object) because of karma in the form of body space and time – Leela vibudhi

Source of your Atman is Paramatma

So if you see
Paramatma out of love and grace form Atman or consciousness
Consciousness because of karma or vasanas
Gets objectified as mind or angankaram or ego
Mind creates the body then space and time

Because of the Maya created by the mind you start believing you as the body and mind and you believe you are separate independent entity separate from this world

Because of this wrong understanding you as the mind you start to feel insecure and frustrated – and start seeking peace ( which is already the real you or Atman or consciousness in reality)

So your looking for a lost necklace ( Nitya vibudhi) which is already in your neck and which you forgot to feel because of your natural tendency ( karma or vasanas) to look outward ( Leela vibudhi). After a long search in the Leela vibudhi ( material world) for peace (Nitya vibudhi)
You ( as the mind) cannot get it and get frustrated
and finally start your incredible journey back to your true nature ( permanent peace or happiness or Nitya vibudhi or consciousness or Paramatma or Brahmam)

The routes are many – but if you see in all the routes except prapatti margam you use your mind or ego or angankaram ( the thief) to reach your real nature ( permanent happiness or Nitya vibudhi)

That is you make the thief the police man to catch himself – it will never catch and you will further get entangled in your mind

But in prapatti margam
the real police ( Brahmam) will catch the thief (mind) which is always possible

And only that real police will make you ( mind) to surrender to him .

So your not doing anything

Making you surrender is Brahmam will

Now you if you see the more number of years you are in the clutches of your mind and Maya – your mind will make you to get into more commitments like family education work assets etc to protect itself due to insecure feeling

So it will be difficult to make the old mind surrender completely than the young mind

So it is all in the hands of Bhagwan

Bhagwan will make you surrender when it is your turn

You as the mind dont do anything and cannot do anything to reach Bhagwan

Only Bhagwan makes you surrender to reach Bhagwan

Teachings of adiyen Acharya

on October 8, 2021

In another thread initiated by you, there was discussion for acharya’s guidance. Now, it appears, you are blessed with an acharya. Can you mention from whom you have underwent samsrayanam, if so.

on October 8, 2021

adiyen Ramanuja dasan

Namaskaram Swamy

adiyen underwent shamashrayam 1 year before

adiyen can call me after 7 PM if interested to know about adiyen Acharya

adiyen Ramanuja dasan

on October 8, 2021

I understand your professional to be radiologist. If you do not mind, may I ask you some medical details, if you can share. Otherwise also it is ok. Or even any reference can be shared.

The bone scan report “sacro iliac joint Inflammation”, if it is not bone related, what can it be?. I am not enquiring on bone side inflammation, such as ankylosing spondylitis or bone TB etc., Can bone scan reveal any information muscle in the region of sacro iliac joint. If so, what are they and what are the possible diagnosis, when all blood reports and MRI (including muscle at SI joint) are normal. I would like know to the details, since the diagnosis is still eluding.

Alternatively, if you prefer, with your consent, I can send details to your e_mail ID mentioned in your other thread.

on October 8, 2021

adiyen Ramanuja dasan
Swamy please send the details
To adiyen email id

on October 8, 2021


Thank you for your consent.

on October 8, 2021

Sent test mail. Kindly confirm.

On confirmation, I will send the details.

on October 9, 2021

Received confirmation mail.

Will be sending the details.

Thank you.

on October 9, 2021

Sent the details.

Request confirm the receipt here for my satisfaction.

on October 9, 2021

adiyen Ramanuja dasan
Namaskaram Swamy
Got it

on October 9, 2021

Ok. Thank you.

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