Prahaladhan prayers to Narayanan namam and he blessed with narasimhan!

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Dear Swamy/Periyava,

Adiyen ramanuja dasan,

For dhruvan : Naradar and his Antharyami perumal blessed him and educated him about Narayanan roopam and gunam.

But prahaladhan was keep thinking and imaging and chanting and spreading Narayana namam. And he got beautiful and agressive Narasimha darshinam. How the child react moment he realised the Perumal agressive look with Nara+Simha roopam. Not even a stepback and how prahaldha reconciled Narayanan roopam and narasimha roopam. Also noone told before about narasimha avatar to prahaldha.

I love my narasimha perumal! But oru bayam epppayum avar kita irukum. Hence want to check kids reaction. I can understand prahaldha says Thunilum irupaan Thurimblum iruppan mindset brings the easiness.

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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah!

Namaskaram Swami,

“I love my narasimha perumal! But oru bayam epppayum avar kita irukum. Hence want to check kids reaction.” = A similar question was asked to Emperumanar about how could a small boy Prahalad approach the fearful Lord without any fear and what did he do. 

This incident is portrayed in Srimad Bhagavatham 7.9.5

sva-pāda-mūle patitaṁ tam arbhakaṁ
vilokya devaḥ kṛpayā pariplutaḥ
utthāpya tac-chīrṣṇy adadhāt karāmbujaṁ
kālāhi-vitrasta-dhiyāṁ kṛtābhayam

When Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva saw the small boy Prahlāda Mahārāja prostrated at the soles of His lotus feet, He became most ecstatic in affection toward His devotee. Raising Prahlāda, the Lord placed His lotus hand upon the boy’s head because His hand is always ready to create fearlessness in all of His devotees.

Emperumanar referred to Thiruvaimozhi 3.6.6


தோற்றம் கேடு அவை இல்லவன் உடையான்*
அவன் ஒரு மூர்த்தியாய்*
சீற்றத்தோடு அருள் பெற்றவன் அடிக்
கீழ்ப்* புக நின்ற செங்கண்மால் **
நாற்றம் தோற்றம் சுவை ஒலி* உறல்
ஆகி நின்ற* எம் வானவர்
ஏற்றையே அன்றி* மற்றொருவரை
யான் இலேன் எழுமைக்குமே (6)

உத்பத்தி அழிவு என்ற இரண்டும் இல்லாதவன் சமயங்களில் அவற்றையுடையவனும் அவன் ஒரு ஒப்பற்ற நரஸிம்மமூர்த்தியாய் சீற்றத்தோடு இரணியன் விஷயத்தில் அருளைப் பெற்ற பிரகலாதன் தன் திருவடிகளின் கீழ் நிற்கப் பெற்றவனும் சிவந்த கண்களையுடைய பெருமானும் கந்தம் ரூபம் ரஸம் சப்தம் ஸ்பர்சம் ஆகியவைகளாய் நிற்பவனுமான எம்பெருமானையே துதித்து வணங்குவேனே அன்றி மற்றொருவரை எக்காலமும் அடியேன் வணங்கமாட்டேன்


for the explanation of this verse as documented by vadakkuth thiruvIdhip piLLai in nampiLLai‘s vyAkyAnam. (Ref. koyilorg)

The key is  “சீற்றத்தோடு அருள் பெற்றவன்“. 

  • sIRRaththOdu aruL peRRavan – Having anger and mercy at the same time is even more amazing than a unique form with a mixture of narathvam (being a human) and simhathvam (being a lion).
  • sIRRAm … – While he is manifesting anger towards hiraNya, he stood so that SrI prahlAdhAzhwAn who is the target of his mercy can take shelter of his divine feet. It means prahlAdha received bhagavAn’s mercy, while bhagavAn was angry. Like hiraNya was the target of bhagavAn’s hatred, prahlAdha was the target of his mercy. It is also explained as “avan oru mUrththiyAych chIRRaththodu” (emperumAn in a distinguished form, with anger).
  • adik kIzhp puga ninRa sem kaN mAl – When emperumAnAr was questioned by some “While emperumAn was angry towards hiraNya, how was he approachable for SrI prahlAdhAzhwAn?”, he mercifully explained “though a lioness would be angry towards an elephant, it will still be nursing its cubs at the same time [similarly emperumAn showing anger and mercy at the same time towards different individuals]”. He also explained “If bhagavAn out of motherly affection towards his devotees, became angry towards the enemies of his devotees, would he show that anger towards his devotees themselves?”.
  • sem kaN mAl – [reddish eyes] is due to both reasons [anger and mercy]. It will be reddish due to anger towards hiraNya and also due to motherly affection towards SrI prahlAdhAzhwAn.
  • mAl – [two meanings – greatness, affection] Explaining the supremacy of bhagavAn which makes him unapproachable for hiraNya as said in narasimha manthram “… mahAvishNum …” (The supreme lord – mahAvishNu); it also explains his mad affection towards SrI prahlAdhazhwAn who can easily approach him.

In Periya thirumozhi 3.10.4, azhwar says very similar to this. 

1241 ஓடாத ஆள் அரியின் உருவம்-அது கொண்டு * அன்று 
  உலப்பில் மிகு பெரு வரத்த இரணியனைப் பற்றி *
 வாடாத வள் உகிரால் பிளந்து அவன்-தன் மகனுக்கு *
  அருள்செய்தான் வாழும் இடம்-மல்லிகை செங்கழுநீர்  **
 சேடு ஏறு மலர்ச் செருந்தி செழுங் கமுகம் பாளை *
  செண்பகங்கள் மணம் நாறும் வண் பொழிலின் ஊடே *
 ஆடு ஏறு வயல் ஆலைப் புகை கமழும் நாங்கூர் *
  அரிமேயவிண்ணகரம்-வணங்கு மட நெஞ்சே-4

Hope this helps now not only kids but anyone can easily approach the beautiful and lovely form of Narashimadev! 

adiyen dasanudasan! 

on November 19, 2022

Also, our Velukkudi Swami has explained in another context that this is “அகடிதகடனா சாமர்த்தியம்” of the Lord where he can display anger and love at the same time to different people. For how he expresses anger to the demon Hiranyakashibu and displays love to His devotee Prahalad at the same time! 

on November 20, 2022

Many thanks swami ! Arputhamaana vilakam. Jai Narasimha !

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0 on November 22, 2022

Srimathe Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Varaha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy Thiruvadigaley Sharanam

“How prahlad was without fear”?

This is what adiyen asked how to get emotional attachment with PerumAl as we have with our Earthly parents

AcharyAs used to say “Why lion 🦁 cub is afraid of lion mother”?


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1 on November 22, 2022

This is called “sa jaathi” priyam.

AcharyAs used to say, when Sri Bhu VarAhar took avatar all Earthly pigs thought, VarAhar as pig family and started playing and considering as pig species.

If we think as Perumal’s son we also can sit on Narasimhar’s lap.


on November 25, 2022

Kandipa avar dhan namaku ellam

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