Position of Sri Siva Peruman

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Namaskaram Swami!

One of the recent discussion threads make adiyen pose this doubt or query. It could be a foolish question also.

The position of ‘Siva Peruman’ in Sri Vaishnavism is indeed confusing for me, at times.

We say ‘sri paada teertham’ of a bhagavata is a sin remover. I have heard that there are pramAnams to support that ‘Siva Peruman’ is a bhagavatan to bhagawan ‘Sriman Narayana’.

Yet, we don’t seem to pay our reverence to him unlike the way we treat rest of the bhagavatas, rather we treat it as ‘devatAntaram’ (something which will take us away from the moksha maargam).

How do we understand this conflict; at least it appears so for adiyen?

Kshamikka praarthikkiren!


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