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I wrote a similar question before but the doubt still persists in my brain so pls help me with the following doubts-:
Are Kabir panthi scriptures like Bijak (spoken by Sant Kabir to Sant Dharmadasji) , Kabir Sagar and other Kabir panthi scriptures interpolated as they insult Vaishnavas and also call Sant Kabir supreme and that he created Kaal Niranjan who is not good that is who traps people in birth and death and he only created Trimurti. Many Kabir panthis claim Vishnu or Shiva are not real Gods but Kaal only and one can’t get salvation by worshipping them and Kabir Panthis also insult them and tell Bhagavad Gita was told by Kaal and only by satnam can one get salvation. They also say that these Gods are Maya and only Sat Purush Sant Kabir ji is supreme rest all paths and religions lead to hell.Kabir panthis also said that many Vaishnavas like Sant Mirabai and even Lord Hanuman became devotee of Sat Purush after meeting Sant Kabir in disguise of a sage they also say that Vaishnavas like Sant Tukaram , Sant Namadev and Sant Jayadeva became surat shabd yogis(satnaam) later in their lives I used to think that Sant Kabir was a Vaishnava but they seem to tell some other story.
Q) So are the Kabir Panthi scriptures interpolated and claims made by them about the Vaishnava sants bogus, fraudulent and sectarian. And if Sant Kabir really told all this then why ? Pls help me in this regard with evidence and suggestions so I could free my mind from this clutter and feel better and my faith on Vaishnavas and Lord Vishnu increases as I am a beginner and still novice in spirituality

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Hare Krishna,
Sri mathe Raamnujaya Namaha,

Namaskaaram, your question already answers your questions.
Probably you are not convinced.
OK as per your logic if Hanumaan Ji has taken this path, then he should be able to clarify can recite any of your favorite Hanumaan stotra or sloka for a month or 40 days and he can clarify you the right path for you.

Vedavyasar s books and Bhagavat geeta is considered the final last word in determining the correct you can safely accept that and follow that..if you are not convinced to place faith in this fact, you can try the earlier stated above approach.


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