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Perumal and humans

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Namaskaram swami

If humans are part of Sriman Narayan, they are born from is body then why each human being is different.

When Bhagavan doesn’t undergo any changes, he is Anantan Sarvam Brahman why humans from him are totally different. One is good and other is opposite of it. One is rich another is poor.

Why there is difference. Kindly explain and bring upon light on this topic.

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Janani-amma, namaskaram.

In our original state all souls are pure and we devoted serve Perumal. In our pure state as a soul, none of the souls have a material body as we have now. In that sense we all are identical and have qualities that are pure like our original source – Perumal.

It is because of our contaminating desires and qualities we have to take material bodies that are suited for our contaminating desires and qualities. Since our desires keep changing, we do so many things to try and seek happiness; all such efforts only accumulates karma and gives us newer and newer bodies of various types, birth after birth…. but not happiness! Only service to Perumal and His devotees gives genuine, lasting happiness.

By acharyan anugraham, we somehow receive spiritual knowledge as revealed through scriptures (eg. through regular hearing of en pani and other upanyasam by our Swamy). This helps us get rid of the contaminations and karma accumulated over millions of births, and we can go back to our original pure state as soul without material body.

The easiest process to reach this state is to submit ourselves in Saranagathi to one of the of acharyas in the lineage formed by Ramanujacharya.

Please continue to hear EnPani and other basic upanyasams by our swamy. That will help you understand the fundamentals clearly. You may find past enpani audios on youtube (velukkudi discourses).

adiyen dasan.


4 days ago

Namaskaram Janani Swamy

This is analogy –
Lets start with this scenario

Your sitting in the lap of Peruman in Sri Vaikundam
Peruman is asking the question

obviously you will answer

Peruman is asking what do you mean by that – lets say you don’t know answer ( please don’t mistake adiyen just to speak metaphorically not meant to tell anything about Devareer)

So Peruman wants to make you answer
Peruman makes you to sleep over his lap – your in complete Peace over Peruman lap
So you slept

Now you started to dream

In the dream your somebody called Mythili
That is Devi Janani is now Mythili a 10 years old girl in Janani’s dream

Mythili is in an island where there is a tiger sitting before her

Mythili became afraid and started running and the tiger started to chase

Suddenly somebody called Raman came and killed the Tiger and Mythili became safe and happy

So from Mythili’s point of view
Tiger is bad
Tiger kills – violence by bad
Being Afraid
Running to save her life – Fear
Raman helped her – Goodness
Killing the tiger – violence for good and act of courage
Tiger is killed – happiness and peace
Love over Raman

So there is Good bad fear courage violence
Happiness enemity love in that dream for Mythili

Now Janani Swamy wakes up to see her over the lap of Peruman

She realises that All the difference was only for Mythili not for Janani Swamy and
Everything in the dream – that is

Fear happiness

was made of only Janani Swamy that is Janani’s Consciousness

and she realizes that Mythili cannot understand this

So for Dreamer there is nothing
For dreamed character there is everything

Whether you are a dreamer or dreamed character makes the difference

And if your the dreamed character in a dreamed world with many other dreamed characters look for the dreamer who is the real you

And the dreamer doesn’t need anything


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It will be nice if your explanations are based on the fundamentals of Ramanuja darshanam. In orther words, explanations based on what we have heard from our Velukkudi swamy.

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Namaskaram to All,
Of relevance, is our Swamy’s talk: 224 to 226 En Pani:

En PaNi 201-250

Adiyen Ramanujadasan.

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