Performing Yagnas as a matter of Prescribed duty

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Lord Krishna while speaking to Arjuna conveys to him that Grains that we eat is born out of Rains, and Rain is born out of Yagnas, and Yagnas were born out of prescribed duties. PerumAl also says that one who only enjoys the benefits ( example: Rain) arising out of Sacrifice and who doesn’t offer sacrifice to Demigods is considered a miser, and living a life full of Sin. AdiyEn would like to know as a devotee of Lord , and a Vaishnava, what are the yagnas and rituals one has to perform as part of our prescribed duty, and how frequent it needs to be.


AdiyEN Raghunathan


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Pancha Maha yajnya – brahma Deva pitru manushya and bhuta yajnyas are the necessary ones. Besides these daily aradhanam is an effective yajnya. The root “yaj” means “Deva puja”

on August 29, 2016

Swamy, Thanks very much for clarifying. 

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