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12 on September 3, 2020

Resp. Velukkudi Krishnan swamy,


I am a mumukshu. I understand about the importance of Pancha samskara for getting motcham. I have given serious thought about getting initiated. Myself & my wife have health issues. Hence, I have some apprehension in adhering to the stringent procedure to be followed after the Pancha samskara and thus any apacharam due to violation (knowingly or unknowingly). I can not predict about the situation in future.

I listened to your discourse on “Ramanujar Vaibhavam”. In that, 18 ways of getting Ramanujar sambandham is mentioned. One of them is Pancha samskara. It was also stated in that discourse that if one follow “any one of those 18 ways”, one can attain motcham. Considering my situation, I would prefer one of those 17 ways with an aim of motcham. I would like to take your opinion on this. This will help me to take my further course of action.

Request your valuable response.


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1 on September 3, 2020

Swamy, you just say ” Adiyen ramanuja dasan” and say “Srimathe ramanujaya namaha” . These two mantras will make a big change in you. Always think of ramanuja naamam .Surrender yourself to ramanujar.
Also do external and internal sevas to ramanujar.

on September 3, 2020


Thank you for your suggestion. I am mentally telling ashtakshara mantra and trying to remember Lord Narayanan. Can I say additionally these two mantras?.

Waiting for Velukkudi Swamy’s opinion.


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9 on September 3, 2020

Srimate Ramanujaye Namaha,

Jayram swamy, happy to hear that  finally you found the other ways.. in which video parts did you hear them? Can you list the 17 ways if possible for reference. 




on September 3, 2020

enpanifan swamy,

It was in part 5 of 6 in “Ramanujar Vaibhavam”. Ref from 0.51 hours. This should have been actually, part 6 of 6. But uploaded wrongly as part 5 of 6. Actually it is 18 ways and not 15 ways as posted earlier by another member and the Post made by me referring to that.

It is better to listen. If you want listing, I will take some time.


on September 4, 2020


on September 5, 2020

அடியேன் நமஸ்காரம்
சுந்தர ராமானுஜ தாசன் சுவாமி கூறியது போல் ராமானுஜர்ஐ சரன்அடைந்துவிட்டாலே போதுமானது,தேவரிர் பஞ்சஸ
ம்ஸ்காரம் செய்வதில் சில சந்தேகம் இருக்குமாயின் வேளுக்குடி ஸ்வாமியை நேரில் அனுகி ஆலோசனை பெறலாம்
மேலும் 18 வழியில் மோட்சம் பெறுவதல்ல அது மந்திரத்தை பெற 18 தகுதி அது
திருமழிசை ஆழ்வார் பாசுரம்
திறம்பேல்மின் கண்டிர் திருவடிதன் நாமம்
மறந்தும் புறந்தொழா மாந்தர் இறைஞ்சியும்
சாதுவராய்ப் போதுமின்க ளென்றான் ந
தூதுவரைக் கூவிச் செவிக்கு

” Do not ever fail to carry out this command of
mine. You must salute and be gentle as Sadhus
towards all people who despite forgetting the Lord’s
name do not worship other devas”, thus said Yama
calling his close attendants and speaking into their
In this verse, Azhwar brings home the point that only thing that
can give strength is the association with the Lord. He illustrates
this by narrating an incident which is referred to in Sri Vishnu
Puranam. The particular incident refered to here is the
conversation that Yama, the deva (deity) of justice has with his

Those who have taken refuge at the
lotus feet of Madhusoodana will not go after the other devas. This
will be their nature. That is what Azhwar stresses here. Sri
PeriyaVaacchaan Pillai explains further by drawing an analogy of
a married lady who is faithful to her husband although may not
have developed great love yet towards her husband for love may
develop over time slowly.
புறந்தொழா இதுதான் முக்கியம் ,பெருமாள் திருநாமத்தை மறந்தாலும், வேறு தேவதைகளை வணங்காத மனிதர்களைக் கண்டால் நீங்கள் வணங்குங்கள் ,உங்கள் கொடுமையைத் தவிர்த்து சாதுக்களாய் நடக்க கடவீர் என்று எமன் தூதர்களிடேத்தே காதில்
இதே கருத்தை பொய்கை ஆழ்வார் முதல் திருவந்தாதியில்
அவன் தமர் எவ் வினையார் ஆகிலூம் எம் கோன்
அவன் தமரே என்று ஒழிவது அல்லால்
நமன் தமரால் ஆரயபட்டு அறியார் கண்டிர்
அரவு அணை மேல்
பேர் ஆயற்கு ஆட்பட்டோர் பேர்

அரவணையில் துயின்று ஆயனாக தோன்றிய பெருமானின் அடியார்கள் பேரையும் யமபடர் நினையார் ஒரு மாலடியான் பெயரை மற்றொரு வன் கொண்டாலூம் அவரையும் நினையார்
அதாவது மாலடியான் பெயரான ராமானுஜதாசன் என்ற நாமம் மோட்சம் வாங்கிகொடுக்கும்
பெருமாள் சுலபன் வைனவத்தில் மோட்சம் எளிது ஆச்சாரியர்கள் மற்றும் பெருமாள் இடத்தில் திருட விசுவாசம் முக்கியம்

on September 5, 2020

I am waiting for the reply from Velukkudi swamy. I hope to get the reply.


on September 5, 2020

Thank you for your response.


Jayaram swamy namaskaram.

Your question is a valid question. But it would be difficult for our swamy to answer this in a public forum like this. Because, your question is pertaining to your specific situation (health related etc.). So, a suitable answer may be provided in a personal interaction. But if the same answer is provided in a public forum like this where everything stays on record for a long time, years later someone may misinterpret and misapply to their situation. Therefore I will not be surprised if our swamy is not in a position to give you an answer in this forum.

As suggested by Velukkudidasan-swamy in the above response, kindly present your question to our Swamy in a personal meeting. Or, you may approach the acharyan swamy in the same line from whom your grandmother received pancasamskaram, present your health conditions and constraints to him, and seek his guidance on how to proceed.

adiyen dasan.

on September 7, 2020

Kambandasan swamy,


Thank you for your suggestion.

My main query is ONLY the opinion on selection of “one of those 17 ways with an aim of motcham” instead of taking pancha samskara. Apart from that I stated health as the restricting reason to take up the conventional pancha samskara. Ofcourse, these personal difficulties are to be discussed in person in detail. I do not know the protocol to meet Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy in person.

I have put up the post since discourse on “Ramanujar Vaibhavam” is in public domain mentioning about 18 ways (which I could not find in any other sites in my limited google search) and there are only a few learned person who can reply. I do not intend to put Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy in an embarrassing position in anyway. He is doing a great service.

If I get the reply it is my “bhakhyam”. Even if I don’t get the reply, I will think it is His will and will not mistake Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy since he is the better judge and it is his prerogative to respond.

I do not have any detail about the acharyan swamy who performed pancasamskaram to my grandmother. I believe it would have happened before I was born. One of my relative mentioned that he can take me to an acharyan swamy who can perform pancasamskaram. I am keeping the options open. I am studying and analysing. So far He guided me and believe He will continue to guide. Hope days are not far for me to take a decision which suits me.

Two days back, a thought had crossed my mind to visit Sriperumbudur.


Pls send a mail to

on September 8, 2020

Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy,

Thank you for your reply.

I have sent the email.


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