Mahakali Loka/Kaligram and Manidveepa

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Namaskaram Swamy
In many scriptures like Srimad Devi Bhagwata and Sri Kalika Purana it is said that Manidveepa and Mahakali Loka are even higher that Vaikuntha Loka. It is also mentioned that even Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu also don’t know about Mahakali Loka and only Lord Shiva knows about it after lot of penance. It is also said after killing Vrttasura Indra Dev had done the sin of Brahma Hatya and to get mukti he paid a visit to Mahakali Loka with the Tridev but he was stopped and only Tridev were allowed inside.There Lord Brahma Vishnu and Lord Shiva saw many Brahmas,Vishnus,Maha Vishnus,Krishnas and I think even many Rudras were meditating and performing austerities. In Mahakali Loka or Kaligram there were innumerable such Gods but the supreme deity was Mahakali and Mahakal. It is said that this Mahakali Loka is very secretive. It is also said in the Purana that there are innumerable Vaikunthas and other lokas

So pls explain this aspect as Lord Maha Vishnu and Vaikuntha Loka are supreme so how come in there are so many of them and how come Mahakali and Mahakal in Kaligram are supreme ? Pls explain this has it created very much confusion


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Namaskaram Deb.

You seem to be a erudite person. Nice.

Those of us who have come to the conclusion

<“the Vedas, Puranas, and scriptures are vast; it is practically impossible for me to access and assimilate all the knowledge contained in them and arrive at a conclusion myself. But I am confident in Ramanujacharya’s conclusion based on his vast learning and assimilation of all scriptures. His life and the life of those who follow his teachings (both historical and the contemporary personalities), inspire me to follow their footsteps. When I follow their principles and guidelines I experience the same progressive self-realisation they themselves have exemplified. This personal experience further strengthens my faith that the philosophy propounded by and the path shown by Ramanujacharya is indeed the ultimate.”>

identify ourselves as “Sri Vaishnavas” or “Vishishta-adwaithis”.


There are others who adhere to other philosophies which gives them the satisfaction they are looking for. I wish you all the best in your search for the ultimate philosophy. May you too find progressive self-realisation in the near future.

best wishes.


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